New Orleans Travel Essentials

Though traveling is a blast, sometimes packing for big trips can be a bit nerve wracking. And as I'm sure many of you guessed by my post earlier this week, I'm heading down to New Orleans for one kick ass summer vacation before I head back to class at Point Park University! So, in light of getting ready for my vacation and packing (though I'm totally doing it at the last minute due to my crazy work schedule lately--yikes!) I figured I'd share all my travel essentials for my eight day trip with all of you. So let's pack our bags and get to exploring!

First Things First: What You Need at the Airport & For On Your Flight

Though most of these items are common sense, I personally am always a bit over prepared and always keep a check list of the important things I absolutely need to have handy when I arrive at the airport. So, think of this as your "traveling basics" check list, and make sure you definitely have ALL of these items before leaving your house!!

Checklist before departing:

-Plane ticket (duh, but you'd be surprised how many times I've had to turn around to grab my phone because I forgot it at my house)

-Liscense, I.D., or Passport

-Medical card (just in case!)


-iPad, tablet, laptop, and other electronics

-Chargers for all electronics

-Camera & battery charger (yeah, this could go under electronics, but I'm a photographer let me have this one)

-Glasses or contacts (for those of you who are like me and are blind without them!)


-Reading material

No, I Didn't Wake Up Like This: Beauty Travel Essentials  

Let's be honest, not even Beyoncé wakes up flawless . And for many of us (myself included) the stress of traveling increases when we start to think: "Oh my god, they don't have my hair care routine in travel size, or my face wash, or--wait, no, they don't even have any brands I like in travel size!" Well, don't fret, (because if you're anything like me you didn't just think of picking up travel size containers to pack your essentials--thanks mum.) because next up is the complete list of anything you could possibly need for beauty and personal care while on vacation!

Beauty & Personal Hygiene Checklist:

-Travel sized bottles (found at Walmart)

-Travel sized mouth wash

-Travel sized toothpaste


-Face wash

-Any other face care products (in my case, I use Differin Gel)

-Face Moisturizer


-Travel sized deodorant

-Travel sized sunscreen

-Travel sized body wash

-Shaving razor

-Travel sized body lotion

-Small bottle of perfume

-Pads, panty liners, and/or tampons

-Any medications (birth control, allergy medicine, etcetera)

-Hair dryer

-Hair straightener


-Hair ties

-Foundation (My go to is bareMinerals original)

-Versatile eye shadow palette (My go to is Maybelline's City Minis Palette

-Mascara (My go to is CoverGirl Plumpify

-Eye liner (My go to is Revlon's basic black eyeliner pencil) 

-Blush (My go to is "My Rose" by Dior)

-Blending sponge (check out this one from RealTechniques, I love mine!) need link to article + product

-1-3 different shades of lipstick

-Travel kit of makeup brushes (check out this one from RealTechniques, it is my go too!) 

 Last But Not Least: Clothes For Vacation 

Even though I pretty much covered my top favorite outfits for vacation in my last Style Guide post, I figured I would throw in a few extra suggestions along with the ones I already made Monday! And I mean, this is a style blog after all, so what would this post be with out some fashion essentials?

Clothes & Accessories:

-8 pairs of bras and underwear (two strapless bras included in this!)

-2 sets of pajamas

-2 sets of workout clothes (sports bra, tank, and shorts sets)

-2 tee shirts

-2 camis

-4 pairs of shorts

-2-3 nice dresses (e.g. For a date night or a girls night out)

-1 maxi dress

-4 pairs of socks

-2 pairs of sandals

-1 pair of versatile comfy shoes

-1 pair of heels

-1 pair of sneakers (in my case running shoes)

-Large purse to travel (for on the plane-- need one? Check out my go to travel bag here!) 

-Small clutch or bag for evenings out or out exploring the city you are visiting (Need one? This one is my favorite from my sponsor SheIn

-SmartWatch, Apple Watch, Fitbit, or other fitness tracker (Need one? This is the one I have, and though it was a cheap buy, it works great and I love it! You can get others like it here.) 

-1 Dress watch

-1-3 different pairs of earrings

-1-3 different bracelets

-1-3 different necklaces

So, what are some of your main travel essentials when packing for a big trip? Let's chat about it in the comments below or you can tweet me at @StarkRavingChic! Want updates on my vacation in The Big Easy? Be sure to follow me and check my story on Instagram at @StarkRavingChic. Later babes, see you on the 27th with an outfit of the day once I'm back from vacation!

Xx, Bree

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