Once upon a time I loved to play dress-up, and when I turned twelve my mum subscribed me to Harper's BAZAAR for my birthday and I have not stopped playing ever since.  Here we are now, years later, and I am still learning more and more everyday about the fashion industry, along with growing my own personal style and am enjoying every minute of it. You see, I am a firm believer that knowledge is the key to everything and therefore, I feel I can never learn too much! Even if in this case it means totally overflowing my wardrobe, but with how diverse my style can be I can't help but have a fully stocked arsenal of clothes and shoes.

Bottom line: I feel you gotta mix it up. 

When I am not modeling, taking photographs, blogging, or burying my head in psychology textbooks while studying for my second degree at Point Park University (my first degree is actually in photography), I can generally be found wandering around The Andy Warhol Museum or enjoying a scotch neat at Winghart's in Market Square. The rest of my life consists of reading, loads of compulsive clothes shopping, and constantly jotting things down, because you can never have too many ideas right? And of course I can't forget to mention my love of coffee, tea, and espresso (Large Americano on ice please!) simply because, with the rapid pace my life moves at it is a requirement to be caffeinated.

Though on the rare occasion that I have some free time, I enjoy watching Netflix with my furbabies, drinking copious amounts of caffeine, and of course, dressing up!

Xx, Bree