Blogging Hiatus: 2017

Hi everybody! Though I really was not planning on taking a hiatus this year (And don't worry, I won't be gone for months on end like my last hiatus, I'll just be away for 10 days!)  but due to some recent emotional trauma, I feel that it is best to take a short break and regroup. Though this is a hard time for me, I assure you all that I will be okay, and am trying to remain positive though I am currently devastated and heartbroken. I just need sometime to heal and get my head back in the game. So I'll see you all in a little over a week. Later babes, I can't wait to get back on track!

Xx, Bree

#OOTD: Bunnies & Bows (Feat. SheIn)

As I have said time and time again, I am not an overly religious person. Though I was raised Russian Orthodox, my family rarely went to church or followed certain traditions (e.g. not eating red meat on Fridays, giving things up for lent, etc.) while I was growing up. Aside from all of this though, every year we go all out for Easter Sunday. As I have addressed in past posts, though we generally do not go to church (aside from Easter Sunday) we do have a huge family brunch after mass, and considering this is the one day we are actually coming from church, we are usually in our Sunday best. So today, in light of the holiday, I thought it would be fun to share my Easter Sunday outfit of the day with all of you!

Easter Sunday Best

Even though I enjoy dressing up for occasions, year after year, I always find it slightly challenging to pick the perfect outfit for Easter Sunday. I mean there are so many things to factor in for Easter, at least where my family is concerned. So in my case I generally have to find an outfit that I can wear for all of the activities that we partake in on Easter, from church, or brunch, to Easter egg hunts with my baby cousins, there is no chance that I will have time for a wardrobe change due to our jam packed holiday schedule. So this year, I chose to wear this adorably chic sheath dress which is from my long time sponsor, SheIn.

Before I get into how I styled this lovely piece, first I would like to take a minute to talk about this dress' darling details. Aside from this dress becoming one of my new spring favorites due to its perfect fit and shape, I also just adore the craftsmanship of this piece's details. As you can see in the photo above, the material itself has some adorable cross-stitching detail, but aside from that, I absolutely love the fringe detailing on the collar, sleeves, hem, and center seam. I just think that these details, along with the neat and tidy bow at the neckline, add some extra polish and depth to this piece.

To style this adorable, little number, I chose to keep my Easter Sunday look simple, sleek, and classically chic. In order to maintain this outfit's polished appearance I chose to pair it with some simple accessories. First, for my jewelry choices, I chose to style this dress with these gorgeous Kendra Scott earrings (compliments of Rocksbox), along with my plain gold cuff. The reason I chose these pieces is because they are plain but pretty, complementing the dress' sophisticated look. Lastly, I chose to wear some basic, matte black pumps, and pair them with my plain, black leather tote.

One Last Look

For those of you who celebrate the holiday, how are you styling for Easter? I'd love to hear about your holiday looks, so let's chat about it in the comments below or you can tweet me at @StarkRavingChic! Have an adorable Easter Sunday look that you just need to show off? Feel free to tag me in a post or on your Instagram story at @StarkRavingChic. Now if you excuse me, I am about to go eat my weight in lamb, kielbasa, and pierogies!! Later babes, and happy Easter to my Christian readers!

Xx, Bree

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#OOTD: From a Peasant Prospective (Feat. Metisu)

Though spring has been upon us for some time now, and we have had our fair share of beautiful weather here in the 'Burgh lately, this latest wave of warm weather has definitely got me in the mind set that spring is in fact here to stay. And of course, that means I will be breaking out all of my summer tops, shorts, and everything floral. Needless to say I am excited, because though I do own a lot of neutral clothing, I was beginning to find the winter weather, and my winter wardrobe quite dull. So, this past Monday (You know, when it was almost 80 degrees in Pittsburgh!) I decided to cut out a little early from work and enjoy the beautiful weather along with a late lunch in the court yard of the Sewickley Hotel.

Blossoming Beauty

Due to the absolutely, gorgeous weather we were graced with on Monday, I decided to change up my office attire a bit and decided to wear this gorgeous, peasant maxi dress that I received complimentary from the online retailer, Metisu. The reason I chose this lovely dress is because though it is a bit more casual compared to what I normally wear around the office, it just screams spring, and I felt that the pretty floral pattern was a nice way to add some much needed color to Dick's Sporting Goods corporate.

The dress itself is cool and flowy, and has a nice light weight for the spring and summer months. For the most part this dress was made well, and fit me like a glove; however, I was disappointed to find out, when I went to have it cleaned, that one of the grommets was not attached properly. And though this won't cause immediate damage, due to this issue, the dress will unfortunately not hold up for the long haul due to the fraying that will occur after prolonged wear and cleaning. However, since I do really like this piece, I will wear it, until I no longer can, throughout this season.

The other things I just adored about this dress (and adds to the list of reasons why I will be sad when it comes to its demise due to a semidetached grommet) are its mid-thigh slit in the skirt and its lacy back detailing. The reason why I like these two qualities is because I love the bohemian feel each of them give this dress. This piece definitely combines two of my favorite trends being bohemian chic with a 1970s feel.

To accessorize this look, I chose to pair it with one of my favorite purses. The reason why I loved this studded bohemian goddess with this dress is that it added just an extra touch of 70s flare, due to mixing of patterns via studs and florals. It added a nice over all contrast to this look, without the two of them competing with one another.

One Last Look

Have you ever shopped with Metisu? And how are your dressing to celebrate the warm weather finally coming to stay? Let's chat about it in the comments below or you can tweet me at @StarkRavingChic! Have a cute outfit from Metisu or just a fun spring look in general? I'd love to see it, so feel free to tag me in a post or in you Instagram story at @StarkRavingChic. Later, babes!

Xx, Bree

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Soufeel Jewelry: A Review

As you all know from past posts, I absolutely love jewelry. From my partnerships with Rocksbox and Boho Tribe Collection, to my beautiful collaboration with Ritani, I think it is safe to say I am all about things that sparkle. However, for those of you that has been reading my musings for sometime now (I'm talking clear back to the "Wish-list Wednesday" days.) I'm sure you can recall that my jewelry box was lacking in one department, and that was in bracelets. Sure, I have a few trusty cuffs that I can wear to more elaborate occasions, but I honestly did not have many, well really any, bracelets that I could wear for everyday life. That was up until now, at least, after John and I had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with my newest sponsor Soufeel!

Soufeel Jewelry

For those of you who have not heard of the online jewelry retailer, Soufeel, I'm just going to take a moment to tell you a little about the company and their products. To start off, Soufeel is a jewelry store that specializes in sterling silver jewelry ranging in products from necklaces, earrings, and bangles, but what Soufeel is most recognized for is their absolutely gorgeous charm bracelets. As i am sure many of you have noticed, Soufeel's bracelets look quite similar to the ever popular (but pricey) brand, Pandora, but that's what makes Soufeel so great is that you are getting the same quality jewelry (925 sterling silver) for about 2/3 of the cost, along with a year long, money back guarantee, warranty! And though Soufeel's bracelets are not exactly the same as Pandora's, they definitely hold their own against the jewelry giant, and in my opinion, their products are every bit as dazzling. 

Oh So Charming

As I mentioned earlier, I received the gorgeous charm bracelet above complimentary from Soufeel, however I also mentioned that John actually designed it. I'm sure many of you are wondering how we pulled that off, and simply put, we were able to because the Soufeel rep I have been working with, Walker, was kind enough to let me pass along the budget ($150) to John, so he could make me this gorgeous piece! And I have to say John did a fabulous job of capturing the little things that have to do with our relationship, and I can't wait to to add charms to this bracelet in the years to come. (And perhaps even adding an additional bracelet!)

Needless to say, aside from John being a good sport and helping me design this pretty piece, (Which worked out that it was just in time for my birthday that is coming up in a few days, pretty nifty timing right?) I am overjoyed with the quality and craftsmanship of Soufeel's jewelry. To kick off this review, I wanted to first talk about the bracelet itself. The first thing I want to say about the bracelet is, is that the latch is very sturdy--so sturdy that at first I wasn't quite sure how to unlatch it due to the fact I never owned a charm bracelet before! However, once I got used to its design (which is admittedly tricky at first) I now can take it on and off with ease as well as not having to worry about it coming unhooked and my charms falling everywhere! The other thing I loved about this bracelet, is its rose gold latch. Though I would have been happy with a plain silver one, I just feel that the rose gold adds a nice contrast to the bracelet over all.


Like I said earlier, I personally feel that Soufeel's jewelry is very comparable to Pandora's (and for my readers who already have Pandora sets or beads, the Soufeel charms and bracelets are compatible with Pandora too!), but for a fraction of the cost, so basically with Soufeel, you are getting more bang for your buck! But, I know many people feel things like this are too good to be true, and just to show that in this case it is not, I just wanted to show you that each of Soufeel's charms (as well as their other jewelry) are 100% sterling silver, and are each stamped with Soufeel's logo along with the sterling silver seal "S 925".

Wooh! Now that I've gotten all of the formal information out of the way, I'm sure you want to see the charms that John picked out for my bracelet!

The first charm on my bracelet, is this adorable little "heartbeat charm". The reason why I love this charm is due to its subtle detailing and its quaint design. I also love the color of this charm, due to its monochromatic reds, which gives the charm a nice contrast.

Next is this "locked heart charm". The first thing that I noticed about this sweet little charm is its excellent craftsmanship. As you can see, though this charm is dainty, it is incredibly detailed and crafted with outstanding precision.

My next bead is this "red lantern charm". The reason I love this charm is because it adds a whimsical flare to my bracelet, and it also reminds me not to sweat the small stuff, and as my long time readers know, John is forever my voice of reason when it comes to panicking over minute things.

Next, is this adorable "vintage camera charm". As I'm sure many of you know from my "portfolio" section on here, not only am I a writer, but I am also a photographer, and that is something that John loves about me. So, it only seemed natural to add this bead to the bunch! This is the bead that I was actually the most pleased with, and that is because of this design's attention to detail. I loved that this charm included all the little knobs found on a film camera (shutter, aperture, the release button, even the film winder!), and that is important to me because photography was after all my first love within the arts.

Last but not least, is this "infinite love bead". Though this bead isn't as showy as the others, it holds a special place in my heart because it reminds me that even though the distance between John and I is testing at times, eventually it will all work out, and we will always have each other. The reason I liked this simple bead, is due to its light and feminine details, and rich ruby red color.

Final Thoughts

After my rave review, I'm sure many of you have already figured out that I will most definitely recommend doing business with Soufeel! I felt that the rep I spoke with, Walker, Was highly professional and easy to talk too, and obviously, I feel that my product is outstanding. 

Have you ever shopped with Soufeel and love their jewelry as much as I do? Let's chat about it in the comments below, or you can tweet me at @StarkRavingChic! Have a Soufeel piece that you would just love to show off? Feel free to snap a picture and tag me in a post of on you Instagram story at @StarkRavingChic. Later, dolls!

Xx, Bree