Winter Style Essentials 2018 (Feat. StyleWe + SheIn)

Even though the winter season has been upon us for a little over a month now (am I the only one who has had enough of this deep freeze business?), we, unfortunately, still have about 2 more months to go. And though I am sure many of us already have our favorite winter pieces out and ready to go, if you are anything like me and hate to be cold, I am sure there is always some room for a new coat or winter accessories in your closet. So to help everyone keep toasty warm and stylish through the rest of the winter, I decided to share my top style essentials for winter 2018, featuring fabulous looks and accessories from my sponsors StyleWe and SheIn!

Cozy Hats

Though I am sure hats are one of our must have favorite products in order to keep our ears and head warm, this year they are also much more stylish than years past. This season you can be expecting to see embroidered embellishments, fur accents, and lots of color which is great for giving your winter outfit a nice pop.

Items Left to Right: White Beanie With Fur Puff, Black & Grey Fur Hat, Black Beanie With Embroidered Bee, Brown Fur Cap, Classic Beanie.

Fuzzy & Fashionable Coats

It wouldn't be the winter season without snowy and cold weather, which means if you have to be outdoors for any reason, you're definitely going to need a warm coat. Though being warm should be everyone's main priority in this weather, many of us also focus on fashion and styling as well. So, this season's best looking coats have lots of patterns, color blocking, and fur! The other trend you'll be seeing more of is winter are three quarter coats opposed to shorter jackets that were more frequently styled in years past. The reason this is great is because the added length helps keep you warm.

Items Left to Right: Black, Red Print, Fur Hood, Down Coat, Tan Color Block Coat, Yellow Plaid Coat, Color Block Fur Coat, Grey Fleece Coat.

Snuggly Sweaters

Another winter style staple is no other than classic sweaters. Again, to keep warm in the winter is a must, and obviously you can do this through layering warm pieces with your sweaters or cardigans. This year, much like with coats, the sweater trends include pops of color, color blocking, and loads of embroidering. 

Items Left to Right: Pink Color Block Cardigan, Light Grey Sweater, White Embroidered Sweater, Tan Patchwork Sweater, White and Tan Cardigan.

Captivating Capes

Here is probably my favorite style trend of winter 2018: Capes. I have always loved capes ever since I was little just because they have such a pretty and sophisticated look to them, so I'm surprised it took this long for this trend to catch on! The trends you'll be seeing in capes will include pretty accents such as buttons and bows, along with fur and fur trim.

Items Left to Right: Black Double Breasted Cape, Long Black Cape with Fur Trim, Maroon Cape with Bow, Short Green Cape, Red Print Cape.

Gorgeous Gloves

Another important accessory that is a must are gloves! Though many of us just wear gloves as a extra precaution to keep us warm, they're also essential to keep your hands from getting chapped and cracked during the cold winter months. Big trends that you will be seeing in gloves this season will be fur trims and accents, along with deep lush colors.

Items Left to Right: Black Fur Cuff Gloves, Grey Puff Ball Mittens, Red Fur Puff Ball Gloves, Grey Fold Back Mittens, Grey Patchwork Gloves.

Wonderfully Warm Winter Dresses

Though I personally avoid wearing dresses at all costs during the winter, sometimes I have events that require me to be a little more dressed up than just jeans and a sweater. So, considering I'm sure most of my readers have a similar dilemma, I decided to include some of my favorite dress trends for winter 2018. The top trends you will be seeing are cowl neck or turtle neck sweater dresses, a lot of plaid, fur accents, bold colors, and velvet.

Items Left to Right: Long Tan Sweater Dress, Rose Calf Length Sweater Dress, Royal Blue Velvet Dress, Grey Dress With Fur Collar, Grey Wool Plaid Dress.

Statement Making Pants

In case you are really opposed to wearing dresses in the cold months, another route to go is to add some dress pants to your wardrobe. And actually, due to the cool styles and trends in pants we will be seeing this winter, there is really no better time to snag some! Much like with dresses, you'll see lots of bold colors and patterns, along with pretty velvet material this season. Another trend is actually wide leg pants, which is quite the switch from the tapered and skinny pants we've been accustom to seeing in past years.

Items Left to Right: Blue Velvet Pants, Tan and Green Plaid Pants, Olive Wool Pants, Velvet Multi Color Print Pants, Yellow Wide Leg Pants.

Bold Boots

Last but not least, one of the most important things to keep warm are our feet, which means in the winter season we definitely need to invest in some warm boots! The top boot trends in 2018 include patterned boots, bold colors, fur accents, along with suede accents. 

Items Left to Right: Purple Bow Boots, Black Suede Boots, Black Leather Boots, Brown Checkered Boots, Brown Knee High Boots.

What are some of you favorite style trends this winter season? Let's chat about it in the comments below or you can tweet me at @StarkRavingChic! Later, babes, try and stay warm!

Xx, Bree

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#BLOGMAS: Style Steals & Holiday Deals (Feat. SheIn + Company)

Happy December, everybody! Though technically the Christmas shopping season started a little over a week ago during Black Friday, I'm sure many of you are like me and probably still have quite a bit of shopping to do this holiday season for your loved ones, and potentially even treating yourself to something a little special too. So, to kick off my annual December #BLOGMAS posts, I decided to partner with my long time sponsor SheIn, along with a handful of my other sponsors, featuring some ongoing holiday steals and deals that everyone can jump on right now! So let's get to some yuletide deals, shall we?

Makeup & Accessories

Though not every girl is totally into beauty and makeup products (myself included in that category), I think it is safe to say most of us like to have at least a minimal supply of it for some occasions. I also think it is a safe bet to assume that during this time of year many of us ladies (beauty experts and all) are probably getting ready to clean out our makeup boxes for the year and make room for some new goodies. And if it's new goodies you're looking for, look no further because many of my cosmetic sponsors are having huge ongoing sales all throughout December and they'll be sure to give you bang for your buck! These include, but are not limited to, bareMinerals (who I recently did a post on their new product which you can check out here!), BH Cosmetics, SheIn, and Light In The Box

Items Left to Right: bareMinerals BarePro foundation, BH Cosmetics 42 Color Eye Shadow Palette, BH Cosmetics Matte Lipstick, Real Techniques Miracle Sponge, SheIn Brush Set, Light In The Box 32 Brush Set

Athleisure Apparel 

As we all know, Athleisure is a trend that began popping up early this year and my friends, I think it is here to stay, at the very least, through 2018. And though many of these outfits make for some killer styling, they can also double for gym wear on the go (yeah, I know, duh). But this is great because while you are looking great on the go, you can also gear up for a healthier you for the new year, and maybe get a jump start on some New Year's resolutions. Not to mention, Athleisure gear is totally comfy which makes it a great gift choice for any of the girls on your gift list!

Items Left to Right: Sports Bra, WTF Graphic Tee, Cat Graphic Tank Top, Red and Black Leggings, Strappy Leggings.

Sweaters & Such

Though I can't speak for all of the regions of the country (to my south and south west readers, I totally eyeing you with envy),I know here in the 'Burgh it sure gets cold this time of year and will stay frigid until about mid to late March. So, pretty much from now until my third blogiversary, I will be picking up sweaters left and right because I just can't stand to be cold. And of course, for my fellow north eastern readers, sweaters are most definitely a style staple for the winter season, because aside from keeping us nice and toasty, they are also versatile and can be worn in so many different ways. 

Items Left to Right: Charcoal Sweater, Wink Graphic Sweatshirt, Color Block Sweater, I Am Freaking Cold Sweatshirt, Olive Green Sweater.

Holiday Party Attire

Of course it wouldn't be the holiday season without holiday parties, and holiday parties also mean the perfect opportunity to dress up! And though designer party dresses tend to be a bit pricey, luckily many of my sponsors who sell them have their prices way down for the holiday shopping season meaning you can get the perfect dress for your company Christmas party without having to completely empty your wallet. So, you're saving money while looking like a million bucks, total win right?

Items Left to Right: Red Sequined Dress, Green Frilled Dress (you can see how I styled it here), White Cape Dress, Navy Lace Dress, High-low Red Dress.


Last but not least, who couldn't use a new pair boots for the winter season? Whether you need something serviceable for trekking around campus or if you're just looking for some cute new booties to style, my sponsors got you covered with these awesome choices and then some! So treat yourself (or your friends) by giving the gift of warm feet this year.

Items Left to Right: Black and Brown Fur Boot, Knee High Boot, Stiletto Bootie, Combat Boot.

What are some steals and deals that you've found so far this holiday season? Let's chat about it in the comments below or you can tweet me about it at @StarkRavingChic. And be sure to follow me on Instagram at @StarkRavingChic to stay updated on all the #BLOGMAS fun this holiday season as well as my regular posts. Later, babes. 

Xx, Bree

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Top 10 Style Picks: Summer 2017

Though summer is winding down (can you believe that it's already the end of July?!), I still think that it is totally fitting to share some of my favorite trends that have arose in summer 2017. From cool festival inspired looks, awesome athlesiure attire, and my personal favorite, the return of the crop top. Sure, this post is a little overdue, but as I always say, better late than never! And considering we still have over a month of summer left, there is still plenty of time for all of us to try out these fun and fearless trends for ourselves, not to mention start planning how to transition some of these cool looks for early fall. Now without any further to do, let's talk about my top ten style picks for summer 2017!

1. Sheer Delight

Shop these looks from my sponsor,  SheIn . (And, a quick note to save you some cash:  SheIn  will be providing  FREE  shipping this weekend no matter the price of your order! So if you want to snag any of these looks, be sure to grab them this weekend, July 29th & July 30th!)

Shop these looks from my sponsor, SheIn. (And, a quick note to save you some cash: SheIn will be providing FREE shipping this weekend no matter the price of your order! So if you want to snag any of these looks, be sure to grab them this weekend, July 29th & July 30th!)

As I'm sure many of you can remember from a few of my past "outfit of the day" posts, I've been digging the sheer trend for quite some time now. So needless to say, I was ecstatic to see this this sweet spring look has stuck around for the summer. The reason I love this style trend is because it adds a subtle, but playful, sexiness to any look. Whether it be a simple sheer tee or a gorgeous summer dress, this trend is definitely for the girl with a more daring side.  

(Looks Left to Right: Graphic Patch Sheer Tee, Red Sheer Tee, Sheer Peacock Feather Patterned Dress, Green Sheer & Lace Dress.)

2. Think Pink

Shop these looks from my sponsor,  Make Me Chic .

Shop these looks from my sponsor, Make Me Chic.

The next hot fashion trend this season is literally fifty shades of pink. Whether it be a dusty rose, pretty pastel, or shocking, I'm sure you've probably been seeing it in all forms where ever you may be shopping! The reason this trend is one of my top picks is though it is as simple as a color, I love that this trend embraces an airy romantic feel for the summer, as well as upholding a very feminine feel. This trend is absolutely perfect for the traditional "girly-girl".

(Looks Left to Right: Off the Shoulder Asymmetrical Blouse, Pleated Pink Pants, Pleated Pink Maxi Skirt, Hot Pink Shift Dress.)

3. Flower Power

Shop these looks from my sponsor,  StyleWe .

Shop these looks from my sponsor, StyleWe.

Yes I know, in the words of Miranda Priestly, "Florals? Ground breaking." However, unlike the traditional florals we see around this time of year (think pinks, reds, and yellows), this summer the floral trend has become a bit more abstract. How so? Well as you can see above, summer of 2017 seems to be the year of more organic floral patterns instead of the cookie cutter patterns we've seen in years past, and I don't know about you but I think it is a very welcomed change. The other update I like to this traditional trend is the use of nontraditional colors as well as incorporating the trend into lace patterns, giving this classic look more depth than in the past.

(Looks Left to Right: Green & Blue Floral Blouse, Black & White Floral Shorts, Olive Floral Jumpsuit, Pink & Blue Floral Mini Dress.)

4. Awesome Accessories

Shop these jewelry pieces from my sponsor,  Rocksbox . And you can find these sunglasses and more over at  Make Me Chic .

Shop these jewelry pieces from my sponsor, Rocksbox. And you can find these sunglasses and more over at Make Me Chic.

Of course this list couldn't be completed with out accessories! And I have to say I'm thrilled by this years summer accessories due to their laid back nature and boho vibes. As you can see above, one huge trend this year is rose gold everything. From sunnies to bracelets you better believe you'll be seeing this color everywhere. Another cool trend is lots of beading and tassels, which is perfect for any girl who embraces her inner bohemian goddess. One last fun thing about 2017 summer accessories: The wrap bracelet is a huge must have this year, and the neat thing about this trend is not only can you style these babies as a traditional bracelet, you can also totally mix it up and wear it as an anklet, hooray of versatility, am I right? 

(Looks Left to Right: Red Tassel Earrings, Rose Gold Sunglasses, Layered Necklace, Wrap Bracelet.)

5. Just Swimmingly

Shop these looks from my sponsor,  Light In The Box .

Shop these looks from my sponsor, Light In The Box.

I don't know about you guys, but one of my favorite things about summer is swimming! Which by default means I love swimsuit shopping. And I have to say, the swim trends this year are pretty awesome. This year when you hit the beach (or the local pool) you'll be seeing lost of straps, plunging necklines, illusive patterns, along with sporty looks. So, I think it's safe to say with all of these sweet swimwear trends in one season, everyone will be happy!

(Looks Left to Right: Royal Blue Bikini, Black & Nude Bikini, Floral Swimsuit, High waisted Bralette Bikini.)

6. Captivating Cover-Ups

Shop these looks from my sponsors,  Make Me Chic ,  Light In The Box ,  SheIn , and  StyleWe .

Shop these looks from my sponsors, Make Me Chic, Light In The Box, SheIn, and StyleWe.

Though this next category totally goes hand in hand with swimwear, I felt that it was only necessary to talk about cover-ups, simply because much like the robe trend we saw in the spring as well as the on going sheer trend, cover-ups are a must for your beach excursions. The reason I'm digging cover ups so much this year is because much like the swim trends this year, cover-ups pretty much have every type of girl's style in mind. From boho, to girly, to sporty, and classic, I'm sure all of you can agree that there's no losing here! And with so many options, it can even help us step out of our comfort zone, I personally am trying to hop on the sporty bandwagon this season. 

(Looks Left to Right: White Mesh Cover-Up, Black Lace Kimono Cover-Up, White Knit Cover-Up, Pink Lace Cover-Up.)

7. Easy, Breezy, Maxis

Shop these looks from my sponsors,  SheIn  and  Make Me Chic . (Love the last look? Check out how I styled it,  here !)

Shop these looks from my sponsors, SheIn and Make Me Chic. (Love the last look? Check out how I styled it, here!)

Ahhh, maxi dresses, A.K.A. my favorite type of dress. Though maxi dresses have been around the fashion scene for ages, they always seem to get lost in the background, however this year has changed all of that! Though I'm not sure why people have decided to trade in their traditional short length garments for longer lengths this season, I'm certainly not complaining about it. The best reason I can come up with is that much like myself, people have fallen in love with the feminine, bohemian vibe that these dresses have, not to mention, though they're long they are surprisingly cool, meaning they're the perfect choice for hot summer days. 

(Looks Left to Right: Blue Off The Shoulder Maxi Dress, Floral Maxi Dress, Orange Maxi Dress, Brown Tie-Dyed Maxi Dress.)

8. Crop Tops

Shop these looks from my sponsors,  SheIn  and  Make Me Chic .

Shop these looks from my sponsors, SheIn and Make Me Chic.

Though it is a pretty simple look, this next trend is my favorite: the return of the crop top. I don't know if I love this look so much due to my 90s nostalgia or just because I genuinely think that crop tops are cute, but for the purpose of this article, we are going to go with my latter argument. The reason I love this summer trend so much is because crop tops are great casual wear and are a good way of keeping cool. They also have a laid back sexy vibe to them which makes them perfect for all kinds of summer activities ranging from heading to the amusement park or just spending a day exploring your favorite city.

(Looks Left to Right: Black Tie back Crop Top, Blue Bandanna Crop Top, Pink Cactus Print Crop Top, Red V-Neck Crop Top.) 

9. Just for Frills

Shop these looks from my sponsors,  SheIn  and  Make Me Chic .

Shop these looks from my sponsors, SheIn and Make Me Chic.

This is yet another awesome spring trend that I was thrilled stuck around for the summer, because I absolutely loved styling it last spring. The reason why I love ruffled detailing  is because it has such a feminine and sweet look to it, and is perfect for so may occasions. For instance any of the pieces above would be suitable for the office and could also be dressed down for school or weekend activities, making these looks very versatile as well as a necessity in any girls closet. 

(Looks Left to Right: White Frilled Blouse, Mustard Tie Back Ruffled Blouse, Blue Ruffled Dress, Tan Ruffled Shorts.)

10. Kaleidoscope Colors

Shop these looks from my sponsor,  StyleWe .

Shop these looks from my sponsor, StyleWe.

The last trend to close out the list is none other than the clashing of colors. Yes, that's right, clashing colors. Kind of sounds like a fashion "don't" right? Well surprisingly, this trend hit, and hit hard this year with some surprisingly pleasing results. The reason why I love this trend is because it brings something new to the table. Sure, we've mixed and matched colors and patterns in the past, but this year has taken that to a whole new level. This look is perfect for the girl who is bold and artistic. 

(Looks Left to Right: Floral Color Block Dress, White Patterned A-Line Dress, Pink Pineapple Dress, Geometric Print Dress.)


What are some of your favorite style trends this summer? I'd love to hear about them! So, let's chat in the comments below or you can tweet me at @StarkRavingChic. Rocking one of these awesome trends and just have to show it off? Feel free to tag me on Instagram or in your Instagram Story at @StarkRavingChic. Later, babes!

Xx, Bree

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Also, In case you haven't heard, I am a proud member of rewardStyle and! Meaning you can shop straight from my Instagram feed when you click here or here. Don't know what is all about? Learn more, here!

Soufeel Jewelry: A Review

As you all know from past posts, I absolutely love jewelry. From my partnerships with Rocksbox and Boho Tribe Collection, to my beautiful collaboration with Ritani, I think it is safe to say I am all about things that sparkle. However, for those of you that has been reading my musings for sometime now (I'm talking clear back to the "Wish-list Wednesday" days.) I'm sure you can recall that my jewelry box was lacking in one department, and that was in bracelets. Sure, I have a few trusty cuffs that I can wear to more elaborate occasions, but I honestly did not have many, well really any, bracelets that I could wear for everyday life. That was up until now, at least, after John and I had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with my newest sponsor Soufeel!

Soufeel Jewelry

For those of you who have not heard of the online jewelry retailer, Soufeel, I'm just going to take a moment to tell you a little about the company and their products. To start off, Soufeel is a jewelry store that specializes in sterling silver jewelry ranging in products from necklaces, earrings, and bangles, but what Soufeel is most recognized for is their absolutely gorgeous charm bracelets. As i am sure many of you have noticed, Soufeel's bracelets look quite similar to the ever popular (but pricey) brand, Pandora, but that's what makes Soufeel so great is that you are getting the same quality jewelry (925 sterling silver) for about 2/3 of the cost, along with a year long, money back guarantee, warranty! And though Soufeel's bracelets are not exactly the same as Pandora's, they definitely hold their own against the jewelry giant, and in my opinion, their products are every bit as dazzling. 

Oh So Charming

As I mentioned earlier, I received the gorgeous charm bracelet above complimentary from Soufeel, however I also mentioned that John actually designed it. I'm sure many of you are wondering how we pulled that off, and simply put, we were able to because the Soufeel rep I have been working with, Walker, was kind enough to let me pass along the budget ($150) to John, so he could make me this gorgeous piece! And I have to say John did a fabulous job of capturing the little things that have to do with our relationship, and I can't wait to to add charms to this bracelet in the years to come. (And perhaps even adding an additional bracelet!)

Needless to say, aside from John being a good sport and helping me design this pretty piece, (Which worked out that it was just in time for my birthday that is coming up in a few days, pretty nifty timing right?) I am overjoyed with the quality and craftsmanship of Soufeel's jewelry. To kick off this review, I wanted to first talk about the bracelet itself. The first thing I want to say about the bracelet is, is that the latch is very sturdy--so sturdy that at first I wasn't quite sure how to unlatch it due to the fact I never owned a charm bracelet before! However, once I got used to its design (which is admittedly tricky at first) I now can take it on and off with ease as well as not having to worry about it coming unhooked and my charms falling everywhere! The other thing I loved about this bracelet, is its rose gold latch. Though I would have been happy with a plain silver one, I just feel that the rose gold adds a nice contrast to the bracelet over all.


Like I said earlier, I personally feel that Soufeel's jewelry is very comparable to Pandora's (and for my readers who already have Pandora sets or beads, the Soufeel charms and bracelets are compatible with Pandora too!), but for a fraction of the cost, so basically with Soufeel, you are getting more bang for your buck! But, I know many people feel things like this are too good to be true, and just to show that in this case it is not, I just wanted to show you that each of Soufeel's charms (as well as their other jewelry) are 100% sterling silver, and are each stamped with Soufeel's logo along with the sterling silver seal "S 925".

Wooh! Now that I've gotten all of the formal information out of the way, I'm sure you want to see the charms that John picked out for my bracelet!

The first charm on my bracelet, is this adorable little "heartbeat charm". The reason why I love this charm is due to its subtle detailing and its quaint design. I also love the color of this charm, due to its monochromatic reds, which gives the charm a nice contrast.

Next is this "locked heart charm". The first thing that I noticed about this sweet little charm is its excellent craftsmanship. As you can see, though this charm is dainty, it is incredibly detailed and crafted with outstanding precision.

My next bead is this "red lantern charm". The reason I love this charm is because it adds a whimsical flare to my bracelet, and it also reminds me not to sweat the small stuff, and as my long time readers know, John is forever my voice of reason when it comes to panicking over minute things.

Next, is this adorable "vintage camera charm". As I'm sure many of you know from my "portfolio" section on here, not only am I a writer, but I am also a photographer, and that is something that John loves about me. So, it only seemed natural to add this bead to the bunch! This is the bead that I was actually the most pleased with, and that is because of this design's attention to detail. I loved that this charm included all the little knobs found on a film camera (shutter, aperture, the release button, even the film winder!), and that is important to me because photography was after all my first love within the arts.

Last but not least, is this "infinite love bead". Though this bead isn't as showy as the others, it holds a special place in my heart because it reminds me that even though the distance between John and I is testing at times, eventually it will all work out, and we will always have each other. The reason I liked this simple bead, is due to its light and feminine details, and rich ruby red color.

Final Thoughts

After my rave review, I'm sure many of you have already figured out that I will most definitely recommend doing business with Soufeel! I felt that the rep I spoke with, Walker, Was highly professional and easy to talk too, and obviously, I feel that my product is outstanding. 

Have you ever shopped with Soufeel and love their jewelry as much as I do? Let's chat about it in the comments below, or you can tweet me at @StarkRavingChic! Have a Soufeel piece that you would just love to show off? Feel free to snap a picture and tag me in a post of on you Instagram story at @StarkRavingChic. Later, dolls!

Xx, Bree