I never wanted to be a fashion photographer. Though I have always loved clothing and styling, I had zero interest in working in the fashion world.  When I was in college at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh for my first degree, my main field of study in photography was photojournalism and documentary, with a minor in psychology. The main thing I wanted to capture in my photographs was the beauty of humanity, even when our world today can be hideous. However, after graduating with my Bachelor's Degree, I began working as a photographer and photo editor in the sports fashion industry.  Before long, I decided I wanted more, which is why I started my blog, Stark Raving Chic, back in March 2015.

Flash forward: Now my blog has grown and is continuing to grow into more than I ever dreamed of. As a result, I have become fully immersed in the fashion industry. From working with some of my favorite brands to attending press events and fashion shows (sometimes even modeling in them) I cannot express how grateful I am. However, my favorite things that have come from all of this are not just the gorgeous photos I get to take of gowns and models, but are the bonds that I have formed with the people I have met on this journey.

Everyone I have worked with and photographed has been truly beautiful on the inside and out. In addition, while I have been able to capture moments of people doing what they truly love, I have learned nothing is more beautiful than passion

Whether it is the joy on the designer’s face while walking down the runway after a show, or the passion in the model's eyes while being photographed in studio, I’m going to focus my lens, and capture all the beauty I can.

I never wanted to be a fashion photographer; but if I’m being honest, now that I have become one, it is my true passion and I cannot imagine myself ever doing anything else.  

Xx, Bree