#OOTD: Snuggled Up in a Sweater: A SheIn Review (Feat. Rocksbox Jenny Bird Frida Collar)

In my opinion, there is no better fall item to have in your wardrobe other than a sweater. I mean they're comfy, cozy, and can be worn with just about damn near anything. Hence, why with my latest collaboration with SheIn I decided why not add yet another sweater to my closet, like I stated earlier, you can't go wrong with it!

First things first: What is "SheIn"?

Okay, puns aside, SheIn is an online boutique based in Hong Kong, China, specializing in trendy women's clothing. Though their products are sold at wholesale prices, their clothes are made exceptionally well, lets just say I was pleasantly surprised. Also just think wholesale prices for awesome clothing? What's not to love!?

I also have to say that the shipping was incredibly speedy (only took a week!) and also a special thanks to their marketing agent, Ms. Merry Evans,  who reached out to me for this collaboration, SheIn was kind enough to give me this product for free just to give them some coverage, and needless to say I will now be shopping there for quite a bit of my wardrobe. 

Sweater Weather

Firstly I have to say this knit charcoal sweater is gorgeous and comfy! The silk and cashmere blend of this piece is just so soft and smooth to the touch as well as keeping you warm and cozy.

This piece is perfect for an autumn stroll through the park or a nice evening bonfire filled with s'mores and fun.

Jenny Bird Frida Collar in Gold & Lapis

Just to dress my sweater up a bit I decided to use one of my  freshly received pieces from my first ever Rocksbox set! I chose this necklace because the muted gold blends so nicely with the charcoal color of the sweater and the blue detailing gives this look just the right amount of color to make it pop (also it matches my mermaid hair, duh)!

Black Denim

I chose to pair my sweater with my black Juicy Couture skinnies  for a darker and more muted look. Lately I've been loving monochromatic outfits, simply because it leaves me more room to play with different colors in jewelry, make-up, or even my hair for instance. 

I Love My Chucks

One of my favorite shoe choices to wear in the fall are my classic black and white Converse. I don't know if it's because I miss the comfort of slipping on a nice pair of worn in sneakers after a summer full of open toed pumps and sandals, or if it's just the nostalgia of back when I was in high school and they were my one solid shoe choice to wear with everything (yes, even dresses--cringe). Either way I'm happy to have them on my feet once again.

One Last Look

Want to get a look similar to the one in this post? Just click the photo above for that exact sweater or if you want something different just click over to SheIn

Wanna tell me about your foolproof fall item? Either sound off in the comment section below, tweet me at @StarkRavingChic , or like my Facebook page Stark Raving Chic and even post to my wall. Until next time, keep it chic!