Maniac Magazine: Blogger of the Week

Hi everybody! How are we all doing this Friday the 13th?! Personally, mine has been filled with nothing but good fortune and fabulous news! So forget those nasty superstitions, go walk under a ladder and pet a black cat!

All jokes aside, for those of you who have been following me for at least a couple months, I had announced that I had a big collaboration coming up with a rather large publication in the Pittsburgh area. Well this is the one! I am ever so happy to announce that Maniac Magazine has chosen me as their blogger of the week! Cara Hessler gave me a lovely write up and there is an extensive interview about myself and my fashion background. Here's just an outtake photo from the article (also featured in my impromptu OOTD post!):


Wanna learn more about me? Check it out here at Maniac Magazine  

Xx,  Bree