Merry #BLOGMAS: Fun, Fashionable, & Useful Stocking Stuffers (Oh yeah, did I mention affordable?)

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! So here's the deal, throughout the month of December I will be posting on a holiday related topic every 5 days until Christmas! These of course will involve some wish-lists, some OOTD's, holiday gift ideas, and of course in the spirit of the giving season I will be offering a giveaway!

So as the title implies, today's holiday topic is stocking stuffers! I've been doing some research with the holiday coming up and have comprised a list of 16 great items perfect for your girl squad, or your very fashionable aunt. And of course, though it is the thought that counts, I can't stand giving useless gifts! So the unique thing about these stocking stuffers is, they are all 100% useful and/or wearable. Now, let's get to it!

1. A Cute Pair of Sunnies


The reason sunnies have made this list is because I feel everyone can use a cool fashionable pair of sunglasses! I mean they can be fun, mysterious, and even iconic. And if there is one thing we learned from Jackie O. it's fabulous sunglasses are a must.

Love the ones you see above for the Jackie O. you know? You can get them here for $9.99 at Versona

2. Amika Spoil My Hair Kit


One of my all time favorite hair kits, and honestly the only hair care products I use! The reason the Amika Spoil My Hair Kit is such a great gift is because this shampoo, conditioner, leave in cream, and oil quartet do wonders for your hair! It's also sulfate free meaning it is also safe for color treated hair. Have that cousin in your family with blue hair? You can get the kit for them here for $39 at Birchbox.

3. Clinique 3 Step Facial Cleanse


I'm pretty sure we all have to agree that the gift of clear, glowing, and healthy skin is a gift we would all like to recieve. That's why I've put Clinique's 3 step skin care routine on this list. This treatment is perfect for ALL skin types making it a perfect little present for someone's stocking.  Want to give the gift of a good skin care line? You can pick up the three step kit for $45.50 at Sephora.

4. Nice Is Just A Place In France


Witty, funny and charming? That's the only way to describe this satirical novel by The Betches. This is a perfect gift for anyone who has a good sense of humor. Is your bestie a bookworm? Pick them up Nice Is Just A Place In France over at Amazon for $16!

5. Guess Midi Rings


Ahh the midi ring craze! This gift is perfect for anyone who loves jewelry and is up on the latest ring trend. This set of five Guess midi rings is just so charming and has the perfect mixture of sparkle and shine. Know someone who would love these? You can snag them for $25 over at Zappos!

6. Harper & Blake (formerly Iconemesis) Phone Case


Recently (post coming soon) I had the opportunity to work with two of my favorite U.K. bloggers and designers of Harper & Blake! Formerly known as Iconemesis, these ladies are known for designing fashionable phone cases! I have one myself that I will be doing a post on later, and am really considering getting the London themed one pictured above because though it's nearly a year away, I'm very excited for my trip to the U.K. next year! Wanna get your girls some super stylish phone cases? Click over to Harper & Blake and check out what they have to offer for about $15 each!

7. Lip Balm


Lip balm is obviously a winter essential and themefragrance on Etsy is literally the place to go for it! With awesome flavors, luscious feeling balms, and adorably decorated tubes you can't go wrong. Most products are $4.

8. Jeweled Earbuds


If you're anything like me, regular ear buds just don't cut it and you want something with a little more feminine flare when shopping for your girls. Well you're in luck because these Juicy Couture earbuds are stylish, pretty, and have great sound quality. Love these ones for the music lover in your group? I found them at Kohls for $18 (originally $30!)

9. Lint Roller


I know this seems like an odd gift, but if you have a friend with furbabies you know how pet hair can stick to outfits. So getting your dog or cat mum friend this adorable pattern lint roller is definitely giving them a gift that keeps on giving by helping keep their wardrobe pet fur free! Love this adorable little lint roller? You can find this oone and tons of other cute ones for $1.90 at Forever21.

10. Monogrammed Hair Brush


A good handmade brush is always a good gift for a girl who loves their locks, and a personalized, colorful, monogrammed one is even better! You can check out the Etsy shop to get one of these cute brushes here for $15. 

11. Pretty Gloves


I think a gift anyone can appreciate is the gift of warm hands! And what better way to do that than an adorable new set of gloves? You can find these pretty pink ones and many more over at Amazon prices may vary but these specific ones are $30.

12. Compact Mirror


Nothing beats having a compact mirror when having to do your makeup in the go. (The struggle of being a busy blogger is real isn't it?)  It's even better when the compact's message tells you what to need to hear! That's why I chose this wise little mirror by Kate Spade as one of my stocking stuffers. You can get this compact mirror for $30 as a treat for yourself over at Kate Spade.

13. Makeup Brushes


Firstly, mum--I mean Santa, if you're reading this I've been a real good girl this year, and this BH Cosmetics brush kit is at the top of my list! And the cute little case it comes in makes it perfect for placing in a stocking! Love it or know someone who will? You can get it here for $15.50 (Originally $29). 

14. Hanging Jewelry Organizer 


This gift is perfect for the girl who keeps way too many of her Rocks Box sets. It's a nifty jewelry organizer that you can hang just about anywhere for easy access to your necklaces, bracelets, and rings! Love it? You can find one for as low at $7 at Walmart.

15. Cute Coin Purse


Whether you use it as a change purse, wallet, or small makeup bag, these cute little bags on Etsy are just a hands down versatile gift. Check them out here! (Prices vary from $10-$20)

16. Pen/Pencil Holder


I think this is simply something anyone with an office or desk can use. This gorgeously crafted case by Anthropology is a perfect piece for that working girl you know. Love it? Click it. ($48)


Have a great stocking stuffer idea you want to share?  Tell me about it in the comment section below or tweet me at @StarkRavingChic. Snapped a pic for those who are more visual? Tag me on Instagram, @StarkRavingChic! Thanks for reading dolls, be sure to stay tuned for my next #Blogmas post coming December 10th because it involves a pretty big giveaway! Until next time, keep it chic.

Xx, Bree