#OOTD: Shifting Into 2016 (Feat. SheIn)

Close friends coming together, popping the champagne, noise makers and resolutions galore, you guessed it, the new year is upon us. Now that all the festivities are over and we are all still in resolution mode, I thought I would not only share my dress from New Year's Eve, but also a look at one of my first style resolutions of this year (if you want to see all of them, click here)! 

My Grandmother's Vintage Fur

As I've mentioned in a past post, after my grandmother passed away in 2013, she left my two gorgeous silver fox fur coats. The one in this post is obviously the long one, however if you'd like to take a look at the short one, feel free to click here!

Now, I have to admit that this coat was the perfect choice to pair with my little shift dress while taking on the cold, for a night of gallivanting around down town!

The lush fur and silky lining of this coat literally feels like heaven to wear when it is winter time here in the 'Burgh. When I had this gorgeous piece on there was literally no shivering going on while I was walking through the busy heart of downtown. It also attracts so many complements, even if that means people ask if they can pet it, still totally worth it!

The SheIn Shift Dress

This adorably patterned shift dress is my most recent piece I received form my collaborators over at SheIn! My mother always told me that what you do on New Year's Eve/New Year's day is supposed to be a reflection of what the rest of your year will be like. This being said, the reason why I decided to wear this darling little dress for New Year's Eve is because I want this year to be fun, so I figured why not kick it off with a fun dress! Love this dress? You can get it here.

Style Resolution No. 3: Bold Colored Bag

Though this isn't the exact bag I mentioned in my style resolutions post, it is one of my few bold bags that has unfortunately just been sitting in my closet. So for the New Year I decided that it would be a good thing to get an early jump on my resolution by carrying my gorgeous pebbled leather London Fog purse.

One Last Look

What did you wear to ring in the new year? Tell me all about it in the comments below or tweet me about it at @StarkRavingChic, or if you're more visual tag me on Instagram @StarkRavingChic!

Later babes, keep it chic!

Xx, Bree