Wish-list Wednesday

Hello every one and thanks for tuning in! It's that wish-list time of week again and I hope you all enjoy it. As usual, there are some of my must have jewelry items, some fun tops (yes of course one of them is wine related!), as well as Smashbox make-up, and some awesome smelling perfume. Let's get to it shall we?

The List:

  • Guilty by Gucci ($43.99)
    • This stuff smells amazing. Enough said. Overstock
  • Cadeau Chaine Necklace by Mr. Kate ($145)
    • I love this statement piece I feel it would really dress up any outfit. Mr. Kate
  • Feather Cuff Ring by Mr. Kate ($48)
    • If you're anything like me you love rings of all shapes and sizes. Wanna put a ring on it? Mr. Kate  
  • You Had Me At Merlot Sweatshirt by Bow and Drape $62
    • Ahhh another wine themed item (I swear I'm not a lush I just really like wine)! You can purchase that exact shirt on the Spring app or make your own here at Bow and Drape
  • Rub 2 Black by Ilse Jacobsen ($169)
    • I love to hike meaning with the mostly soggy Pittsburgh weather rain boots are a necessity! Zappos 
  • Super-cali-swagilistic-sexy-hella-dopeness Tank by Look Human ($20)
    • So I love this shirt because who doesn't love a practically perfect tribute to Mary Poppins?! Look Human
  • Lipstik Burgundy by STIKS ($20)
    • What can I say, much like the wine, this color suites me. STIKS
  • Full Exposure Pallet by SmashBox ($52)
  • Dokument Pencil Cup from Ikea ($2.99)
    • Just a little thing I'd love for my desk! Ikea

See anything you like?? Let me know and comment below!