Wish-list Wednesday Special: All About Bijoux

Hello everyone, I can't believe it's already the first of July! In honor of my recent giveaway I decided to share with you what I myself will be getting from Bijoux and our recent partnership! This being said I think I'm going to need a bigger jewelry box...

Please note, that this wish-list is a special edition therefore I will not be listing prices along with the item description. However if you want to check it out for yourself a Bijoux USA membership is absolutely free! And these people know what they're doing between great prices and fast shipping you can't go wrong!!


  • Two Row Flat Square Statement Necklace
    • The reason why I chose this piece is because generally with my corporate just my wardrobe is very monotone, so I figured this gorgeous statement piece could make any outfit a head turner.
  • Semi Precious Tip Cuff Bracelet *Giveaway Item
    • The reason why I fell in love with this dainty little cuff is because it can literally go with almost anything! I also chose it for the giveaway for this reason as well.
  • Natural Stone Wire Bangle Bracelet
    • This piece is just so fun and bubbly like my personality I just couldn't say no!
  • Scratched Metal Tribal Necklace
    • This piece is simply a must for me because I just know it will just look awesome with a LBD of mine that I've been wanting to dress up for sometime now and eureka! Bijoux is a life saver.
  • Three Stud Bangle
    • I liked this bangle because it's feminine with an edge. 
  • The Wide Hinged Cuff
    • I love cuffs especially ones that make a glimmering statement such as this one! I just had the urge to embrace my inner Ellaria Martell (Are any of my readers fellow GoT fans as well?!) with this chic piece.
  • Orange Oval Stone Bracelet
    • I just loved the color of this burnt orange stone. I always think orange is the best for giving a pop of color to an outfit, even if just a tiny one.
  • Silver & Gold Spike and Crystal Cuff *Giveaway Item
    • Ah, yet another simple but totally rockin' piece. I love this piece because it's so dainty yet gives off a not to be reckoned with vibe, I thought my readers would agree. (Also I thought they'd be super cute stacked!)
  • Uneven Quartz Necklace Set
    • I liked this because much like in clothing, I adore layers in jewelry pieces.
  • Round Filigree Necklace Set
    • I love this because of how charming and feminine it is! Simply elegant.