Wish-list Wednesday

Hello everybody and happy hump day! I hope you are all having splendid weeks, but if not don't fret the weekend will be upon all of us soon and until then we always have wine to get us through the next few days! 

Anyhow, lets get down to business with this week's Wish-list Wednesday. I don't know if I'm just having a case of summer fever due to it being July (mid at that!) or if it's just because things have been going so great lately that it's just making me feel a little whimsical as well as hippie-chic with my current yearning for flowy boho styles. This being said, most (but not all I promise!) of my wish-list items this week are bright and flowing dresses alike along with some boho and earthy jewelry. Let's have a look see?


  • Beach Wear Gold Necklace by Fascino ($25)
    • Ah Fascino, you have made this list many times today! Ever since I attended your trunk show, I just can't resist wanting to buy everything in your shop. Love this necklace? Get it here at Fascino
  • Nicole Scarf Dress by Fascino ($45)
    • This reason I dig this dress so much is because of its uneven cut and slit up to the thigh. I also adore this print it makes for a chill summer vibe while strolling through the city on the hot summer days. You want one? Fascino
  • Navy Sidetail Dress by Bella Blue ($29.99)
    • This dress just looks absolutely comfy as well as darling! Check it out on Zulily
  • Red & Yellow Floral Shift Dress by Shoreline ($12.99)
    • I love this dress because of it's strict bohemian vibe. Love it too? Zulily
  • Dominique Maxi by Fascino ($47)
    • Ever since I laid eyes on this maxi I knew it would be soon residing in my closet! Fascino
  • Yes You Glam Necklace in Blush by ModCloth ($24.99)
    • I just love how simple and beachy this beaded beauty is! ModCloth
  • Black & Coral Chevron Strapless Maxi Dress by Speechless ($26.99)
    • The reasons I adore this dress are 1) Because of the darling pattern and 2) because of it's midi-maxi dress quality. You dig? Zulily
  • Just Astound the Riverbend Necklace by ModCloth ($19)
    • The reason I chose this piece to be on my wish-list is because it is just so dainty and earthy bundled into one! What more could a girl want? ModCloth
  • Charcoal Gem Ring by Fascino ($12)
    • Such a pretty little rock isn't it?? Fascino
  • Blue Floral Scarf Dress by Fascino ($45)
    • This dress literally makes me "heart eyes emoji" every time I look at it. I don't know if it's the colors, the cut, or the fact that the floral pattern on the front resembles the appearance of an owl, but you better believe it's going to become a staple in my wardrobe! Eyeing it up? Fascino
  • Pink Finch Chica Dress by Louche ($49.99)
    • Even though I'm slightly terrified of birds, I do love them in a pattern. Zulily
  • Feather Cluster Necklace by Fascino ($20)
    • Again with feathered things! But I love this necklace because though it is dainty and filagreed feathers, it packs a punch! Fascino 
  • Moon and Shake Ring by ModCloth ($12.99)
    • Maybe this piece is just speaking to my inner astrologist, but something about this ring has definitely aligned right with me. ModCloth
  • Cutout Dress by Fascino ($32)
    • Of course I love this dress because it is my absolute favorite color! But I also adore its girly lace accents. Fascino

So have you embraced your inner hippie yet? Dish about it in the comment section!