#OOTD: A Day in Dots & Denim (Feat. Fascino)

With the weather we've been having recently here in the Burgh I really cannot believe in a few short weeks Fall will be upon us (though I cannot wait for those low-fat pumpkin spice lattes!). However due to the fact the heat has been so high here, I haven't brought myself to retire my entire summer wardrobe into storage just yet but have been just putting things away here and there and using others as transitional outfits. And the outfit featured in this article today is in fact what I would describe as one of these "transitional outfits". I also have to point out that it is also from one of my favorite (online) Pittsburgh based boutiques, A.K.A. Fascino . Now that we have all the chit-chat out of the way let's get on to this nifty outfit:

What's On Top?

This top is the Sara Polka Dot tank by Fascino. The reason why I love this top it because it is so loose and comfy that it's easy to wear for any occasion, whether that is a busy day running errands around the city or just kicking back and having a brew with your pals at a bonfire, this top is perfect for either scenario. I also really liked the feminine flare that the lace trim gives this piece.

So why do I consider this a transitional top? The main reason why is because for me personally, I always related darker/richer colors with Fall and light and bright ones with Summer/Spring. Therefore being that this top is navy it falls (Get it? Yeah, I know, I'm lame.) under the richer and dark category. Also this piece also pairs well with a cream colored sweater, which comes in very handy once the sun goes down and it inevitably gets cooler out. Love the top? Snag it here .

Celine Paris Studded Bag

The reason why I love this creme colored bag is because it is wonderfully suited for both summer and fall! Along side helping me keep up my girly but edgy  look, it also helps keep me organized due to the different and easy to get to compartments with in the bag.


Not Your Boyfriend's Jeans

These jeans (also from Fascino) are a wonderful buy because they are so unbelievably soft and comfortable, and they also look absolutely great on! For me these jeans are a year-round piece (okay maybe not so much in the winter due to the cold but hey sometimes we get an Indian summer!) simply because the boyfriend jean is just so classic and go well with most of my dress-down wardrobe.

Another reason why I like these jeans in particular and chose to pair them with this top, is because I love the light wash of them and feel it pairs very well with the navy top. Need these jeans? Click it.

Frye Company Flats

Ah, yes. My forever reliable Frye Company Flats, so much so I have four pairs in various colors! The reason I love these shoes as well as this company is because of how comfortable and extremely well made an durable they are, I mean I've had all these shoes since my freshman year of college back in 2011, and they still look great! Another reason to love them is because they double as both a casual shoe and a work shoe for those days you just can't wear heels!

One Last Look:

What are some of your favorite fall transitional pieces? Dish about it in the comment section below!