Wish-list Wednesday

Good morning everyone and happy Wish-list Wednesday! Today's however may be a little different than just my normal "wish-list" items simply because with how hectic my life has been lately I've decided I need to get better organized. So though there will be a few things that have caught my eye on Tradesy, most of this weeks items will be productivity based. Let's get organized shall we?


The List:

  • "She Is" 17 month agenda in green by Kate Spade ($36)

    • The reason I have decided I need an agenda is because every since I was young I have been an avid "to-do lister". Therefore I have noticed with my crazy schedule my iPhone planner just isn't cutting it anymore! Also, I've always remembered things better when I write them down so there is that factor too. Love it? Kate Spade

  • The Affinity Pen by Cross ($32)

    • Okay, yes I know a $32 pen is a bit silly however, if you're like me and prefer writing out posts the good old fashioned way, then a cross pen is the way to go they are simply smooth and exceptional to write with. I had one up until my move and ever since I have seemed to have misplaced it! Therefore prompting me to buy a replacement. Wanna find a cross pen of your own? Check it! Cross

  • Post It Notes from Staples ($5.00)

    • Again, being a note taker, post-it notes are my best tool for remembering important tasks that need to get done. And it's all the better when they're in bright colors, this adds some color to my refrigerator as well as grabs my attention to stay on task. You can get these at Staples

  • Polka Dot Laptop Bag by Kate Spade ($216.10 Tradsey)

    • Unfortunately my beloved Banana Republic laptop bag from college is on its last leg, therefor I need a new laptop bag so I can travel too and from work with mine again. I liked this one simply because I think the polka-dots arejust darling. Love it? Tradesy

  • Colorful Magnates from Amazon ($11.65)

    • The reason I need magnates is to be sure that all my notes are securely tacked to my fridge. I also just liked these ones in particular because they are colorful! Amazon

  • Sheer Silk Top by Diane Von Furstenberg ($38.29)

    • This blouse caught my eye simply because with summer coming to an end I'm beginning to think about revamping my fall wardrobe and I just thought this blouse was darling. I also really liked the high neckline.

  • Black Mule Shoes by Jeffery Campbell ($44.50 Tradesy)

    • Ah how I wish these shoes were in my size! But I just fell in love with them when I seen them on Tradesy and just couldn't help but post them! However if any of my readers are interested in these they are a size 8.5 and you can get them here at Tradesy

Have any tips on how you stay organized and productive? Tell me all about it in the comments below!