Wish-list Wednesday

Hey babes, happy Wednesday! I hope everyone's week is going great so far, though I for one cannot wait for the weekend. But if your week has been as busy as mine, hopefully this list will be a bit of a pick me up! I know it is for me while I'm working on my set, I'm just daydreaming about all of these pretty things I can buy once I get my overtime paycheck. Ready to have a look?


1. Rose Colored Sunnies, SheIn

  • As my long time readers know, I am obsessed with sunglasses. I personally feel they are the one accessory you can't have too many of! And when I spotted these ones I instantly wanted to snag a pair. From the unique design and pretty rose coloring, I just know these sunnies will become a fast favorite. 

2. Strappy Bralette, SheIn

  • The reason I've been digging the strappy bralette look these days is because they really add a subtle hint of sexiness when paired with active wear, not to mention they look great under a lace top opposed to a basic cami.

3. Studded Flats, SheIn

  • Unfortunately, my beloved Frye flats have seen better days leaving me to look for new ones for this season. And since I have been on a bit of a budget lately, I figured why not turn to my sponsor SheIn who's known for their affordable but fashionable clothing. Needless to say as always they delivered!

4. Short Bohemian Shift Dress, SheIn

  • I've had my eye on this dress for sometime now and considering I'll be visiting back and forth to the sunshine state, I figure why not get a cute dress or two for some nice date nights out in Delray Beach!

5. Red Velvet Ankle Booties, SheIn

  • An other huge fashion trend this fall are velvet ankle booties and these ones would simply go perfectly with an outfit of the day I have coming up featuring some of the new duds I got at ModCloth IRL!

6. Black Lace Jumpsuit, SheIn

  • I adore rompers, so why wouldn't I love a jumpsuit? Also I just adore the lace detailing on this one, it makes it a flirty yet sophisticated look.  

7. Nashelle Pinch Cuff in Silver, Rocksbox

  • Lately I've really been digging delicate bracelets and I just thought this would be a nice addition to my collection. 

8. A.V. Max Earrings, Rocksbox

  • I just loved the chunky retro vibe of these earrings. I am hoping to rock some more retro looks this season as well and I thought these would be a nice touch!

9. Sugar Body Scrub in Lemon Grass, Beautycounter

  • One of my readers, Deanna, commented on my Beautycounter post awhile back and told me she love this stuff! So needless to say I want to give it a try. 

10. Criss-cross Boho Dress, SheIn

  • I actually already bought this dress because as I was perusing SheIn to write this post I noticed there was only one left in my size. Total impulse buy and I regret nothing. 

11. Lip Sheer in Rose, Beautycounter

  • Another suggestion from one of my readers, Josey, on my beauty counter post! I'm not one to pass up lipstick, so I figured I should throw it one here. 

12. Burgundy Ladder Sleeve Blouse, SheIn

  • This blouse is just simply gorgeous and as always, I adore cut outs so naturally I'd love to add this to my wardrobe. 

13. Kendra Scott Lawson Cuff, Rocksbox

  • Another pretty cuff by Kendra Scott. Though this one is a little more dressy, I figured I could use it on those nights I wear my pretty Kate Spade dress. 

14. Purifying Charcoal Mask, Beautycounter

  • Ever since I tried Beautycounter's Nourishing Cleanser and their Night Time Moisturizer, I've been hooked! So I figure why not snag a skin prep product or two for my "treat yo' self Sunday's"? 

15. Kendra Scott Arianna Earrings, Rocksbox

  • Same as the A.V. Max earrings, I just am really digging the retro feel of these babies!  

Any fun fall trends you're wishing for this season? Let's chat about them in the comments below or tweet me them at @StarkRavingChic! Wanna show off a pic? Just tag me on Instagram at @StarkRavingChic. Later babes! 

Xx, Bree

P.S. Remember if you like the jewelry you see from Rocksbox, you can try them for a month FREE when you sign up using my code "starkravingchicxoxo", treat yourself dolls!