Caress Skin Care (Compliments of Influenster)

Ah, Influenster you know me too well. First you send me some pretty lipstick, then an awesome hair care routine, followed by some great perfume, and now some wonderfully scented body wash?! You spoil me.


To my readers, you're probably wondering who/what my sponsor "Influenster" is. I know I've mentioned them a few times but it slipped my mind to share the deets with all of you! So this being said, before I dive into my Caress Skin Care review, I'll give you a quick overview of what Influenster is and how it works. 

Firstly Influenster is a website that allows it's users to discover, review, and share different products that they are interested in. The reason Influenster is so great for bloggers is because it enables you to connect with brands as well as get awesome full sized products to review 100% free. These free samples are called VoxBoxes, and all you need to do to recieve one is make an account, specify your interests, and fill out a quick survey, it's that easy! After that Influenster will send you surveys to see if you're a good fit, and if you are,  Influenster will add you to that specific campaign. So once you're part of a campaign, Influenster will send you the products that you were interested in. And all you need to do in return is write a review and mark it as a sponsored post, so everybody wins!

Caress Pure Embrace Body Wash

The first thing I noticed about my Caress Pure Embrace Body Wash, was the incredible smell. This body wash is incredibly fragrant, as soon as I popped open the lid all I could smell were aromas of jasmine, wisteria, and just a little hit of roses. Honestly, it was heavenly. This body wash also lathered very nicely and felt great on my skin. It had a soothing feel to it and moisturized my skin as it cleasned it. After I washed off and dried, Caress' Pure Embrace scent still lingered and left my skin feeling very soft to the touch.

Final Thoughts

Since this was my first time trying a Caress product (I'm normally a Dove kinda girl) I have to say I was pleasantly surprised and would definitely recommend this product to a friend and would be apt to purchase it too, mainly just because I absolutely loved the smell. 

Have you ever tried any of Caress' body washes? If so, what's your fave? Tell me about it in the comments below or tweet at @StarkRavingChic. Later dolls! 

Xx, Bree

P.S. Also note, that though I prefer cruelty free skin, hair, and makeup products, Caress is NOT cruelty free. Caress is owned by Unilever, who claims to no longer test on animals, but they still sell in China where animal testing is required by law. So though I love this particular body wash, it unfortunately cannot be considered cruelty free.