Impromptu #OOTD: Beautiful Bows

This past week I had a little case of the blues. I don't know if it's just because I have been so busy at work or if it's just because I'm needy and impatiently waiting to visit John in a few days (And now due to the hurricane hitting Florida I have to wait a whole other week to visit.), but either way I was impossibly melancholy. So to remedy my mopyness I clocked out of work a little early on Friday, embraced my inner Blair Waldorf, threw on a fabulous dress, and headed downtown for some afternoon shopping as well as dinner with my mum.

Sunshine and Shopping

Firstly, I have to say being out in the city with the sun shining on a beautiful (but very windy) fall day really boosted my mood. It was so nice to see the city transitioning for fall. It was great to check out the farmers market downtown and shop locally for some good eats, as well as seeing some of the shops in South Side switching their windows to Halloween themed displays! But really what did it for me was strolling around in my gorgeous Kate Spade dress.


Firstly I have to note that this dress is very well made, as expected. It is made from 100% silk chiffon and it flows so nicely when walking in it. It's also the right amount of breezy which is great for staying cool while trekking around the city, but due to it's length it also helps keep your legs warm once the temperature goes down in the evening. (Once it gets good and cold, I can definitely see myself pairing this dress with one of my grandmother's furs for a day of shopping in downtown or Ross Park Mall.)


As I stated in a past post, sometimes the outfit  just really makes the woman. And this dress just makes me feel amazing when I'm wearing it. I don't know if it's because of the how this beautiful dress flows due to it's flattering empire waist, or because of the feminine bow at the neckline, but I just feel like a super model when I'm wearing it. 


Then to add the finishing touches to my outfit I decided to pair this dress with my round toed, black leather heels by Bandolino. And to keep up with the super model appearance, I decided to wear my over sized baroque sunnies that I got from Amazon. And lastly, I wore some lovely Gorjana earrings as well as a Gorjana bracelet, compliments of Rocksbox, as well as my Movado Bold watch.

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One Last Look


What are some things you do to help yourself get out of a funk? Tell me about it in the comments below! 

Xx, Bree