#OOTD: Seductively Simple (Feat. Swim Classy)

BUUUUUUUUR! That was my first thought when returning from the sunshine state Sunday night. Needless to say I'm already jonsing to head back to Delray Beach not only to see John but to enjoy the lovely weather. However while I was down in Florida over the holiday, John and I took some time to just have a nice relaxing day at the beach, and that meant I had the perfect opportunity to style and show off my new swimsuit from my sponsor and affiliate Swim Classy!

Swim Classy

Firstly, if you haven't heard of Swim Classy, it's about time you have! The company is a small business owned by Milly Carmona and is based in New Jersey. Though the one thing that sets Swim Classy apart from other swim shops is their gorgeous designs, the other thing that sets them apart is the fact that they promote body positivity. So much so that all of the models on their site are their customers as well as their Swim Classy promoters which are bloggers like me! Which leads me to my next announcement, I am now also a part of the Swim Classy family which means my readers can receive 25% off their order when they use my special promo code "starkravingchic25" at check out with Swim Classy.

Soaking Up The Sun  

As I'm sure most of my readers know from my last Travel Essentials post, I spent my Thanksgiving holiday with my beau down in Delray Beach. And as I stated earlier, hitting the beach was the perfect opportunity for me to show off my new gorgeous Mika swimsuit from Swim Classy

The reason I loved this suit so much was due to its unique design. I just adored the plunging neckline and strappy details. To me, these little details added just the right amount of sexiness to this simple one piece, but kept it looking very stylish. And though I normally prefer bikinis I thought this cute one piece was perfect for a different look on the beach.  

The suit itself is very well made and is quite comfortable. Also the design of it is perfect in the respect that it works so well as a stylish swimsuit, but can also double as a bodysuit (which you'll see later). The only negative thing I have to say about this suit is due to its design, it's not super practical to do any heavy swimming in. The reason this is, is just because of the plunging neckline which makes movement a bit limited because (at least for me) if you are a little more busty, you may have a wardrobe malfunction on your hands. However this is still a great piece just to wade in the waves, or chill by the pool in, and again it also doubles perfectly as a cute bodysuit, as you'll see up next!

Sand & Style

To style this chic one piece a different way, after the beach I decided to pair my swim suit with my pink striped blouse from Ann Taylor and just a basic pair of cut offs from Target. To show off this one piece, I chose to keep the blouse unbuttoned so you could see the stylish neckline of my swimsuit underneath it. This gave my outfit a fun beach bunny feel as well as a sweet and flirty vibe, which was the perfect combination for John and I's post beach lunch date. 

One Last Look

So babes, are any of you beach bums? If so what are some of your favorite ways to style your swimwear for after beach activities? Let's chat about it in the comments below or you can tweet me about it at @StarkRavingChic. Have a photo you want to show off? Just tag me on Instagram at @StarkRavingChic! Also remember that if you love my Swim Classy swimsuit as much as I do, you can order it for yourself (or any of their other gorgeous pieces) and receive 25% off your order when you use my special promo code "starkravingchic25" at check out.

Xx, Bree