#OOTD: Bold Brushstrokes (Feat. SheIn)

Well, we went from blustery to gorgeous weather at the drop of hat this weekend here in Pittsburgh. I can't help but wonder if this means we will be having another winter like last year where it was barely cold, or if this just means we are due for another snowmageddon. However, I'm not dwelling on it until it happens, so this weekend I enjoyed what I'm guessing was one of our last nice days this year and decided to style my newest dress from my sponsor SheIn!

Perfectly Painted

One classic look that has never grown old for me is the pencil dress. The reason this is, is because I love the bold silhouette of them. And no matter what color, length, or material they are, they show off my slender build as well as compliment the curves that I do have! 

The other reason why I like this dress so much though, is because of the length of its sleeves. The reason the sleeve length is great is because it makes this piece easy to wear in both the fall and spring. It also makes this dress perfect for both the office and just going out with friends or a dinner date.

I also have to mention that the print on this dress is just lovely. I mean I think that speaks for itself, it's just so fun and bright what's not to love? And the fun pattern is quite the conversation piece around the office as well as if you're out for happy hour. (Let's be honest, it's always great to hear people exclaim "where did you get that?!" about any piece of clothing or accessory.) 

Lastly, to style this piece, I honestly went a little low key on the accessories. Due to the bold and busy print on the dress itself, I didn't want to pair it with anything too extravagant, so I went with my deep blue Kendra Scott earrings, and some black simple pumps.

One Last Look

What are some of your favorite ways to dress for your body shape? Tell me about it in the comment section below or tweet me at @StarkRavingChic! Wanna show off a picture? Just tag me on Instagram @StarkRavingChic. Later babes!

Xx, Bree