Wish-list Wednesday

Hi everyone and happy Wednesday! Since I'm back to the blogging game, I figured why not do one of my all time favorite monthly sections and show you the few things I'm wishing for, for the upcoming fall season. Today's list includes loads of staple pieces (for both work and play) from my sponsor SheIn, as well as some really cute jewelry I've had my eye on from my other sponsor Rocksbox! Let's jump in shall we?

1. Giraffe Embroidered Blouse, SheIn ($10.99)

  • The reason I really would love this blouse in my fall ward robe is simply because of the fun detailing. Something I am trying to focus on more this coming season is more whimsical outfits for the office, because generally come fall my work attire becomes a little bland. 

2. Faux Suede Button Front Skirt, SheIn ($13.99)

  • I've been seeing button-front skirts popping up everywhere since early 2015, but I hadn't fully backed the '70s trend until recently. However after getting some major fashion inspiration from Who What Wear I've decided this retro piece is a must have for my fall wardrobe.

3. Trina Turk Geo Hinge Cuff, Rocksbox

  • Ever since I was young I had never really liked bracelets and always preferred statement necklaces. But this past year while working even more in my field as a photographer I've noticed those heavy pieces really bother my neck after a long day of shooting, so this fall I'm going to be opting for bracelets instead. The reason I liked this piece is because even though it is bold, it is also minimalistic enough to wear with just about anything.

4. Jill Michael Drop Hoop Earrings in Gold, Rocksbox

  • Something I have  been searching for are cute but plain pair of everyday earrings to go with my office attire. Because while I do love my colorful more colorful sets I've received from Rocksbox in the past, Sometimes it's just hard to match them up with the colors in my fall wardrobe. But I have to say these ones fit the description of what I'm looking for to a tee.

5. Perry Street Bella Choker, Rocksbox

  • Yeah, I know I just complained about how I can't really wear statement necklaces to work, however I have an adorable casual fall tunic that I know it would go perfectly with!

6. Gorjana Laguna Bar Bracelet, Rocksbox

  • Normally, if I'm looking at bracelets, I try and go for chunkier bangles, however this little gem caught my eye right away when I was browsing the new items on Rocksbox. I'm hoping for it to be in my next set because I don't know why but I really feel like this simple little bracelet would be very fun to style.

7.  Chevron Tweed Blazer, SheIn ($26.99)

  • Another thing I need more of in my fall wardrobe is hands down blazers. Firstly because if I wear any of my fall dresses to my office I tend to freeze, and sitting at your desk with a blanket wrapped around you is typically frowned upon. And secondly there are just so many fun looks you can achieve with them in the fall! Whether it be a professional look, or a fun look paired with a band tee and skinnies.  

8. Crane Print Pant, SheIn ($25.99)

  • Though I took a break this summer and hadn't shared this with you, my office did a fun little thing for our casual Friday's that has now been dubbed by my team as "fancy pants Fridays" (this is because I would show up in wildly patterned pants--Example Here) . So though summer is at an end, casual Friday's are not, and since I had so much fun participating I'm going to try and keep it up, but of course with more colors and patterns geared towards fall/winter.

9. White Cut Out Blouse, SheIn ($14.99)

  • Another trend I've been very wild about this year are mesh cut outs (See my style resolutions from last year here.) just due to their fun and flirty nature. Though I haven't saw many mesh cut out dress around the office, I have seen loads of peek-a-boo blouses which is an office trend I want to be in on!

10. Black Printed Skirt, SheIn ($23.42)

  • Though for the office I'm generally more for wearing dresses, I've decided maybe skirts are the way to go this fall. Mostly because I can pair them with cute blouses, blazers, and sweaters which would probably be the most effective way of keeping myself warm. (Aside from switching hot americanos instead of my preferred iced ones.)

11. Kendra Scott Blake Bangle Set in Gold, Rocksbox

  • Even though I pretty much love everything by Kendra Scott, this bangle set really grabbed my attention. I just really loved the slightly hammered look of the gold as well as the accents.

12. Black Printed Pant, SheIn ($21.99)

  • Another fun addition for casual Friday's at work. Plus they look extremely comfortable!

13. Dinosaur Sweatshirt, SheIn ($23.03)

  • So, I have to admit there are two reasons I adore this sweatshirt. One of them being the simple explanation of I've loved dinosaurs since I was a child. The second being that it honestly brings me a feeling of nostalgia because, a T-Rex sculpture from the Carnegie Museum's "DinoMite Days" actually was one of the many dinosaur sculptures throughout Pittsburgh and was sponsored my by college, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. (Which they would dress up accordingly depending on events downtown, you can take a look at some of his outfits here, but this one was a particular favorite of mine.) So for me this sweatshirt just gave me a laugh and I love it.

14. Kendra Scott Lyle Hand Bracelet, Rocksbox

  • The main reason I want this hand bracelet is because it matches a pair of Kendra Scott earrings I own. So I figured why not throw it on the list!

15. Grey Crop Top, SheIn ($15.39)

  • Another one of my style resolutions was to get more into the active wear trend this year. So this being said, I feel like this top is just the right amount of stylish to wear with jeans but would also look great paired with my joggers for a laid back look. 

16. Tie Waist Pants, SheIn ($14.99)

  • What can I say, I am a sucker for both ruffles and bows. I also couldn't help but think how nice these pants would look with a basic white blouse and nude pumps to wear to the office.

What are some trends you're trying to get into for the up coming fall season? Tell me about it in the comments below or tweet me at @StarkRavingChic

Xx, Bree

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