#OOTD: Ruffle Some Feathers (Feat. SheIn + Rocksbox)

After being stuck at home and in bed all week with an absolutely nasty cold, I was more than ready to get out of my house for a bit--even if that meant braving the officially back to normal Pittsburgh weather. Though this lunch outing meant trekking around in the 'Burgh's frigid cold, slushy, and gloomy climate, I didn't let that get me down, and made the best of my trip to South Side to grab a bite to eat yesterday with my mum. And aside from snagging a Fahrenheit 451 burger from The Library (a.k.a my favorite restaurant on East Carson Street) to lift my spirits, I also decided to dress up a little bit because quite frankly, I needed a break from my pajamas. 

Terrifically Tiered

Since I am still not feeling one hundred percent, I decided wearing a more comfortable outfit would be the best way to go, and admittedly after wearing slippers all week I wasn't quite ready to step back into my stilettos. So for this lunch date, I decided to pair this gorgeous pink blouse, from my sponsor SheIn, with my favorite (and most comfortable) light wash Levi skinnies, along with some nude flats and matching neutral accessories. The reasons these pieces mesh so well together is because this light pink blouse looks wonderful against the light wash jeans, and to top it off the jeans distressed look add balance to the blouse, giving it a much more casual feel. And due to this outfit's kicked back vibe, it was the perfect look for a relaxing afternoon, and also kept me looking stylish, even while being sick. 

The reason I chose this pink tiered sleeved blouse from my sponsor SheIn, was mainly because one of my style resolutions for this year was to wear more pink! So I figured why not start off strong and tackled a few of my style resolutions in one month? However, I also loved this blouse because of its tiered sleeves, which was (and still is) one of the hottest trends on the runway for the fall and winter seasons. I had been wanting to experiment with this look for sometime but hadn't gotten the opportunity to until now! I also have to say, this blouse is very well made and is actually a perfect piece for winter, and not only because it is a much needed pop of color, but because this blouse is actually made of a heavy material and is also lined, which make this piece a great choice during the cold months ahead.

Curious about my ring stack? Stay tuned to get the details on February 1st! (As well as a little a little treat for my readers.)

Curious about my ring stack? Stay tuned to get the details on February 1st! (As well as a little a little treat for my readers.)

Then to put the finishing touches on the fun, casual outfit, I decided to pair it with my brown, faux alligator skin clutch from SheIn, as well as some beautiful, gold earrings from A.V. Max, compliments of Rocksbox. The reason I chose this neutral bag is because it complimented the pink blouse nicely, much like the nude flats I chose to wear. Then due to this outfit's fun appeal, I felt that these lovely boho earrings by A.V. Max were simply the perfect finishing touch to this nice, laid back outfit. 

One Last Look  

What are some things you like to do to make yourself feel better when you're feeling under the weather? Let's talk about some tips and tricks in the comment section below or you can tweet me about it at @StarkRavingChic (home cold remedies are totally welcomed too)! Have a casual outfit that you just love styling? Feel free to snap a picture and either tag me on your Instagram post or in your Instagram Story at @StarkRavingChic. Later, babes!

Xx, Bree

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