#OOTD: Attractively Active (Feat. Terry Jolo Brand + Calia)

If you've been reading my blog for awhile (or follow me on Instagram and Twitter) you probably know that I absolutely hate going to the gym. Now don't get me wrong, I do enjoy exercise in the form of going on walks, hiking, and dancing but the gym, eh not so much. Ironically enough, my visual merchandising job at Dick's Sporting Goods requires me to edit photos of active wear as well as wear it on the occasions that I have to help with a set at a store, and with that being said I actually own a ton of active wear, even though I hardly ever style it when I'm not on location for work. However, in the light of trying new things this year, I decided to give the athleisure trend a whirl and decided to style some of my pieces from Calia for this post. (And I gotta admit, I really did enjoy styling my yoga pants--cute and comfy? Yes please!)

Perfectly Plum

For this look, I decided to once again try a monochromatic outfit, only instead of this outfit being all black, I decided to pair up different shades of purple. The reason I am particularly digging this trend so much is because there are just so many ways to experiment with it! For instance, come warmer weather, I would love to play around with some pastels and tights (under shorts particularly). However, for this more winter weather compatible look, I chose to style my workout top and moto tights by Calia along with my ever trusty furry purple vest from one of my favorite South Side boutiques, Terry Jolo Brand.

My longtime readers may remember one of my first collaborations was with the local shop Terry Jolo Brand, back in 2015. (Woah, it's been that long already?!) However, during that collaboration, Terry, was kind enough to give me this vest and ever since it has been one of my favorite pieces in my closet. The cool thing about this vest, and all of Terry's clothing for that matter, is that they are made in house at her South Side boutique, and each garment is a limited addition, with no more than one in each size made. The reason I decided to style this vest with my active wear is because I felt the vest dressed them up a bit and really gave this outfit an athleisure feel, I just adored how perfectly this vest matched the rest of my outfit as well!

Speaking of the rest of my outfit, I'm sure you're curious where I got this kick-ass workout apparel right? Well my answer to that is Chelsea Collective! Now, I have to admit that even though I work for the company (In case you didn't know, Chelsea Collective is owned by Dick's Sporting Goods, and is actually the apparel that I work the most with for the merchandising team.) I still have to say that Chelsea is a great store for women who have an active live but still want to look chic, even at the gym. Chelsea Collective specializes in athleisure, meaning all of their pieces transition well from the gym to whatever it may be that you are doing after (or before) your work out. The core part of my outfit (aka, my top and moto tights) are by Calia. This essential Calia top is so incredibly comfortable and very soft. The material is also quite flexible so I could see where it would be a great workout piece. Then my pieced moto tights are just so incredibly chic! They seriously blend two of my favorite things: the moto style pant and comfort. Whats not to love? (And I gotta say, these tights look killer with my booties from SheIn!)

Lastly, the finishing touches I added to this outfit were a simple pair of gold earrings and a gold cuff from Victoria's Secret, along with my gold cat eye sunnies from Forever 21. The reason I chose the earrings and the modern cuff, is because I wanted to keep this look laid back and did not want to over power it with overly bulky jewelry. And as for the sunglasses, I just felt their rose gold tinted lenses were the perfect piece to completely this monochromatic, purple ensemble.

One Last Look

What are your thoughts on the athleisure trend? Let's chat about it in the comments below or you can tweet me your thoughts at @StarkRavingChic! Have an active wear outfit you just would love to show off? Feel free to tag me in your an Instagram post or your Insta Story at @StarkRavingChic. Later, dolls!

Xx, Bree

P.S. If you would like to learn more about Terry Jolo Brand, you can read my article on the boutique here. And if you've never been to Chelsea Collective and want to check it out, their Pittsburgh Location is at the Ross Park Mall right by Nordstrom, and you can click here to see some of their cool up coming events.