#OOTD: Crazy About Daisies (Feat. Ann Taylor, Marc Jacobs Beauty + Rocksbox)

Whew! Has anyone else's wardrobe gone from zero to summer real quick this season? Though I have to admit, I have not mourned packing away my heavy sweaters and winter coats in the least, and I am fully ready to embrace the sunshine and warm weather. I am also more than ready to style some sweet summer looks after an incredibly long, cold, and very layered, winter here in the 'Burgh.


I have to admit, though my favorite season is actually fall due to the perfect climate and all the fun you can have with layers, summer is a close second for me. The reason this is, is because firstly, summer is the season in which my favorite flowers bloom, the colors of the season are my favorites, and the clothing for this season often mirrors both of these characteristics. So, in today's outfit of the day, I'm talking about how I styled my first look of the summer featuring pieces from my sponsor and affiliate, Ann Taylor, along with some of my favorite summer beauty products. Plus, I'm featuring these adorable thrifted shorts that I personally got a little bit crafty with! 

Scents of the Season


As I mentioned earlier, summertime brings about the blooming of some of my favorite posies, one of those actually being white daisies (my other favorites include tiger lilies, hydrangea, and tulips). I love these flowers not only because they are beautiful to look at, but also because their scents are absolutely amazing. With this being said, I was thrilled to have receive a complimentary gift set of Marc Jacobs "Daisy" featuring a full bottle of this magical scent, a perfume roller, and body lotion. 

This perfume has been a summertime favorite of mine since I was seventeen. And though Marc Jacobs Daisy actually doesn't smell like daisies at all, it is still a light and whimsical scent that is perfect for summer. Daisy, transports the wearer to a place that is optimistic, beautiful, and pure. To me, Daisy, is reminiscent of my youth and gives me a comforting feeling of nostalgia each and every time I wear it.  Not to mention this perfume's scent embodies romance, starting with the scent of wild berries and violets, and ending with jasmine and a sensual sandalwood for a sultry and irresistibly feminine finish.

Summer Blooms


After applying my favorite summer scent and makeup, I decided to enjoy the beautiful weather by taking a stroll in Ambridge's historical district of Old Economy as well as checking out a handful of the antique shops and historical sites in the area. Much like Marc Jacobs Daisy, Old Economy will always hold a special place in my heart and gives me feelings of nostalgia because I grew up spending time there and actually worked as a "Young Harmonist" tour guide from the time I was in eighth grade through my senior year in high school. The scenery of this place is actually quite beautiful, and in my opinion is a hidden gem of Ambridge. So, since this was a leisurely casual day dedicated to strolling down memory lane, I chose to keep my look simple and sweet.


Along with wanting a casual look without sacrificing any style, I also wanted to remain comfortable, and as many of my fellow Pittsburghers know, sometimes trying to keep cool in our humid summer weather can be a bummer. However, the pieces that I chose for this casual summer look are perfect for our warm and slightly sticky weather due to the fact I kept my clothes light (in color and weight) as well as wearing lightweight accessories and makeup.


The top I chose to style for this look is this adorable ruffle-bib blouse from my sponsor and affiliate Ann Taylor. The reason why I was so attracted to this blouse is because I loved the the colors and floral pattern. I also loved the ruffle-bib detailing of the top half of the blouse, which gives this top a sweet and feminine look. This blouse is made of raw silk, meaning that its very lightweight, and though silk isn't the most breathable fabric, it's still a great choice for summer outings, second to linen in my opinion. I also like the cut of this blouse, since it is not form fitting it makes for a perfect top to tuck in for a change of pace in styling, giving this look a retro '70s vibe. 

 Love these shorts I made? Though you can't get these exact ones,  click here  or  here  to see some similar looks!

Love these shorts I made? Though you can't get these exact ones, click here or here to see some similar looks!

Now, I have to admit, I'm pretty proud of the bottom half of this outfit. If you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen these adorable embroidered shorts pop up in your feed a couple time this past week, and the reason I am am so proud of them is because I actually made them myself! Though I don't go clothes shopping often, I recently decided to hit up my local Goodwill in search of some new jean shorts for summer. While I was on this excursion, I initially found this pair of plain cutoffs that fit me perfectly (which is sometimes challenging to find being 5'7" and a size 00). However, on my way out of the store, I saw another pair of shorts in the kids section, with these adorable daises on them. of course, I couldn't fit in them however, I had been looking for a new project and snagged them anyways, and once I got home, I simply detached the floral pattern from the kids shorts, put my sewing skills to work, and attached them to my new cutoffs!   

Aside from making these adorable shorts myself and them being completely unique, I also love them because they are perfect for summer and are just so incredibly playful, which is exactly the feeling I want to exude in the summertime. 


To further style this look, I chose to use some new jewelry I received from my longtime sponsor Rocksbox. Both the pieces I chose to style with this outfit are also floral themed, because I wanted to keep the pattern going. The first pieces pictured are some gorgeous daisy chandelier earrings by Perry Street. Though they are chandelier earrings, the great thing about these earrings is they are lightweight despite their size, making them great for all day wear.  


Much like the chandelier earrings, this gorgeous Kendra Scott cuff is a lot lighter than it looks. This piece has been on my wish-list for quite some time, almost a year to be exact, so needless to say I was stoked to finally style it! Though this piece looks like it would be heavy, it is actually quite lightweight and comfortable. I also love this cuff because it goes with just about everything due to its pretty pattern and its dual silver and gold color.  


Last but not least, to complete this casual summertime look, I chose to keep it simple with some of my favorite makeup brands. First, I used some Julep Matifying Primer followed by bareMinerals original powder foundation. I chose this opposed to my BarePro foundation because due to the humidity, I wanted to have a very light foundation. To complete my makeup look, I used Julep's Feels Like Velvet in Auburn Shimmer & Mushroom Shimmer, Dior's My Rose blush, and then for my lips, I paired Maybelline's Oh Sugar lipstick with Marc Jacobs Fawn Over Me lip liner for a dewy, natural look.

One Last Look


Are you and your wardrobe more than ready for the warm and sunny summer weather this season? Let's chat about summertime style in the comments below or you can tweet me about it at @StarkRavingChic! Have an adorable summer outfit you just need to show off? I'd love to see it, so feel free to tag me in your Instagram Story at @StarkRavingChic. Later, babes!

Xx, Bree

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Back on the [Green] Scene (Feat. FashionMia + Phipps Conservatory)

Hello, everyone! It sure has been awhile hasn't it? Though I had yet another unplanned hiatus (I don't know why but they always seem to happen in early spring, what's up with that?), however, I'm thrilled to say that this most recent 2018 hiatus was for a much brighter reason than last years. This time, and there will be more on this below, my hiatus had a HUGE focus on self-care and as a result has left me feeling happier, healthier, and more motivated than ever to get back on to the blogging scene!


And of course, aside from being happy to be back to writing and styling (which are just a few of my favorite things), I am also thrilled to be back because I also have some very exciting collaborations coming up this summer and will also be working with some really awesome people. But most of all, I am excited to be back because I have missed all of you, which as always I am forever appreciative of all of your on going support! Now, let's get to the good stuff, plus my brand new #OOTD.

Life/Blog Updates + What I've Been Up To

So, I am sure many of you are wondering why I have been away (especially without warning) for so long. The short answer to this is back in late February, I unfortunately caught that nasty flu and bronchitis that had been going around this year, and was in and out of the hospital for weeks. That in itself was rough, however, what made it worse was due to being ill I fell behind in my classes at Point Park University. The latter was originally the main reason for my hiatus because I take my schooling very seriously (good news is, though I'm not thrilled my GPA didn't stay at a 4.0, I did come out of this semester with a 3.6 all things considered), I also started focusing on getting healthier and taking better care of myself.

In order to do this, I began making time to do things that I enjoy again. These activities include yoga, running, ballet, singing, and of course photography. I also made strides in my personal health by making sure I made time for myself (because like many of us do, I occasionally forget that I am in fact important too) to relax and do things that I love, in order to keep my mental health in tip-top shape. I also have been eating better and have been sure to avoid pulling all-nighters at all costs, considering I know my sleep habits were an issue.

As for updates on the blog front, for one, my blogiversary was back on March 20, 2018, and Stark Raving Chic turned three years old! And though I didn’t get a proper post done about it, I’m still so happy to have had this success over three years. I was also thrilled to find that I haven't only not lost any followers, but I gained a significant amount, and actually hit 25K on Instagram! So along with some more exciting interviews (similar to the kick-ass one with Terra McBride back in February), as well as awesome upcoming collaborations with a few major companies, I will also be hosting a 25K giveaway sometime this summer, so be sure to stay tuned!

New Photography Work

As mentioned above, along with practicing self-care through being sure to make time for myself, I also really got back to my artistic roots and began photographing nature again. Though my focus was in photojournalism, and I love fashion photography, another thing I always loved focusing my lens on was nature, and honestly hadn't shot anything new until recently. However, it was so uplifting and I am so excited about the photos that I have decided I might have found a new passion in nature macro photography. If you head to my "Portfolio, Nature: 2018" section you can see all the photos I've been working on, but I picked a few of my favorites to show here (also note, all photographs can be printed and framed for purchase, pricing is available upon request via email):


Gorgeous Greenery 

Last but not least, though this portion won't be as extensive as my other "Outfit of the Day" posts, I did want to share one of my new favorite early spring dresses from my affiliate and sponsor, FashionMia, along with some gorgeous jewelry from my favorite South Side boutique, Terry Jolo.


The reason I love this dress is due to its lush green color, which in my opinion, is absolutely gorgeous for spring. It reflects the new greenery we get this time of year as well as everything coming into bloom. I also like this dress’ flowy, a-line, cut, which gives this dress a soft and feminine appearance—adding to the soft look, and touch, of the velvet. 


To style this look, I chose to keep it classic with some gorgeous gold jewelry from Terry Jolo. The reason this necklace and earring (see below) duo work so well for this look is due to the fact that they make a a statement without overwhelming the dress. 


Lastly, to complete this soft and feminine look, I chose to keep it simple with my makeup and opted for bareMinerals BarePro in Aspen, Maybelline’s Bronze Rooftops City Minis pallet for my eyes, Dior’s My Rose Blush, and Kat Von D’s Studded Kiss lipstick in Lovecraft. 

One Last Look


What have you been up too for the past three months, and what are some of your favorite ways to practice self-care? Let’s chat about them in the comments below or you can tweet me at @StarkRavingChic! Have any fabulous photography or spring looks that you have just been dying to show off? I’d love to see them, so feel free to tag me in you Instagram Story at @StarkRavingChic. Later, babes!

Xx, Bree

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Terra McBride: Love Nothing More

As many of my longtime readers know, ever since I started my blog I try and squeeze in a few interviews with my fellow bloggers and creatives each year. Well, this year, I am trying something a little different and am trying to have a new face on here each month! I have decided to do this because I feel it is incredibly important to stay connected in the community and feel that it is a great way to meet other bloggers and artists, as well as provide my readers with some new content to check out!

 Photograph by  Wellesley & King

Photograph by Wellesley & King

This month, my first interview of 2018, I'm thrilled that I had the opportunity to interview a fellow blogger and Pittsburgher, Terra McBride. For those of you who do know know Terra, she is the face behind the fashion and lifestyle blog, Love Nothing More, and she is honestly one of my personal favorite bloggers. For one, her writing style is open, relaxed and incredibly welcoming, and of course like any fashion blogger, she has killer style. But that's enough of me talking about her, so let's get to the interview and you can see all of these things for yourself!

Terra McBride: Love Nothing More

 Photograph by  Wellesley & King

Photograph by Wellesley & King

Bree Fesh: When did you first develop a love of style and an interest in the fashion world?

Terra McBride: Fashion has been a huge interest of mine since I was quite young. I would spend countless hours pouring over my Sassy and YM magazines, trying to figure out how to copy the fashions and hairstyles on display. I distinctly remember watching every episode of MTV’s House of Style with Cindy Crawford and Fashion Television on VH1 with Jeanne Beker. That’s how I first discovered André Leon Talley, as a matter of fact. He was often interviewed for Fashion TV after shows.   

 Photograph by  Wellesley & King

Photograph by Wellesley & King

I started sewing when I was six years old. But I never considered fashion as a career path. I’ve never thought of myself as very creative and when I was younger, I thought I’d grow up to be a psychologist. So I kept fashion at arms length. Until a friend shared a style blog with me. The blogger was based in NYC. I searched for something similar in Pittsburgh. There wasn’t anything like that at the time, so I decided someone needed to show off our beautiful city and feature the boutiques we had available. And my first blog was born!

 Photograph by  Wellesley & King

Photograph by Wellesley & King

BF: When did you first start your blog, Love Nothing More, and what made you decide to start it?

TM: I’ve been blogging since 2009. But I took a hiatus between 2013-2015 when I changed jobs and I was asked to quit. To be honest, I was burned out. With my old blog, I carried my camera with me and took my own pictures with a tripod and a remote every single day. After I had my daughter, I just wasn’t loving it anymore. The break was a great opportunity to reset my priorities and figure out exactly how I wanted to approach things the second time around.  

 Photograph by  Wellesley & King

Photograph by Wellesley & King

I started Love Nothing More in December 2015 because I missed the community and the outlet. It’s so exciting to see how fashion and personal style blogging has changed. Hopefully my voice adds a unique perspective to the conversations happening!

 Photograph by  Wellesley & King

Photograph by Wellesley & King

BF: You mention in your "About Section" that you moved to Pittsburgh, at first just as a pit stop, back in 2006. So I'm curious, where are you originally from, where were you initially headed, and what made you decide to stay here in the 'Burgh?

TM: My hometown isn’t so far from Pittsburgh. I’m originally from Meadville, PA, straight up I-79 and just south of Erie. I always felt like a big city girl stuck in a small town though, so I knew I’d leave at some point. And I did. I lived in Washington D.C. for a couple years working for the Pennsylvania governor as part of the lobbying office down there. Eventually, I moved back to Meadville for graduate school. I always told myself that move back would be temporary. So my intent was to head back to D.C. after grad school to be with my friends there, but I bumped into an old high school classmate who stole my heart.

 Photograph by  Wellesley & King

Photograph by Wellesley & King

His company had plans to open an office in the Pittsburgh region and they wanted him to spearhead that initiative. I figured Pittsburgh was a step in the right direction. So when the time was right, I started searching for jobs. I landed at the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership and, because my work was deeply involved with the rejuvenation of downtown, I convinced CJ to get an apartment in Downtown Pittsburgh. We were entrenched in the city experience from the beginning. We took full advantage of our central access to everything Pittsburgh had to offer. We could feel that something special was happening here. When our friends from Chicago and Philly would visit, their reactions were always shock, because they thought Pittsburgh was dirty and boring. But it was quite the opposite. It didn’t take long for me to get over myself and recognize that Pittsburgh suited us quite well. It was just big enough and just far enough from my hometown to satisfy my need for city life. And it was just small enough and close enough that we could stay connected to family and build an amazing life for ourselves. Eventually, CJ asked me to marry him on the rooftop deck of our apartment building with the city rising up on one side and the river flowing on the other. Saying yes to him and Pittsburgh are my two best life decisions!

 Photograph by  Wellesley & King

Photograph by Wellesley & King

BF: Also in your about section, you mention if we were to meet in a pub, one thing you would want to talk about is the best vegan meal each of us have ever had. So, I'm curious, are you vegan? And if so, what is one of your favorite dishes, because about the only vegan thing I can make is a salad!

TM: The best way to describe my choice is that since 2009, I’ve followed a strict, vegan-inspired diet. I still wear silk, wool and leather though. I have a few favorite vegan dishes but two of my go-tos are Oh She Glow’s Mushroom Risotto with Caramelized Onions and Protein Power Goddess Bowl. Both are hearty and flavorful, which makes them incredibly satisfying. Plus anytime I hear the word caramelized or goddess, I tend to get on board.  

 Photograph by  Wellesley & King

Photograph by Wellesley & King

BF: Though your blog's focus is primarily on fashion, it also covers topics ranging from health and lifestyle as well. This being said, what is your favorite topic (or favorite topics) to write about?

TM: This is a difficult question to answer because it really depends on my mood and what I’m experiencing in my life at the time. I guess my favorite thing to write about is my honest life. What am I wearing? What is life with my daughter like? How am I trying to be my best self? How am I succeeding? How am I failing? I hope that what I write resonates with people but in the end, all that matters is I put my real self out there.

 Photograph by  Wellesley & King

Photograph by Wellesley & King

BF: I love that you have a list of some of your favorite blogs on your page, it’s quite refreshing to see bloggers support one another with how competitive our field can sometimes be. So, in your opinion, why do you feel it is important for bloggers to build one another up within the community?

 Photograph by  Wellesley & King

Photograph by Wellesley & King

TM: Well, that’s how things were when the fashion blogger community started. When you made the decision to blog, you did it because you wanted an outlet for your thoughts, a place to be creative and to meet like-minded people. Not because you wanted to be a professional blogger. Having a blogroll was a way to say, “I enjoy how these people present their perspectives and I think you should know them.”

 Photograph by  Wellesley & King

Photograph by Wellesley & King

We need to lift each other up for lots of reasons, not the least of which is because it’s the right thing to do. I believe it’s important to embrace the full spectrum of perspectives on fashion, culture and style. It enriches our broader community. And you know what? There are lots of points of view that I appreciate even though they’re not my own. I think it’s rather arrogant to believe I could offer everything my readers could ever want on my blog. Sharing other blogs means I get to serve up a richer experience for my own little Love Nothing More community! Plus, I love the idea of amplifying the voices of other people.

 Photograph by  Wellesley & King

Photograph by Wellesley & King

BF: With the last question in mind, do you have any advice for bloggers that are just starting out? If so, what is it?

TM: My advice has always been the same: BE YOURSELF. Authenticity has been and always will be the secret to long-term success. If you wouldn’t enjoy something as a reader, then don’t do it to yours. Don’t work with brands that you wouldn’t use your own dollars to support. And don’t be afraid to say no when something isn’t a good fit.

 Photograph by  Wellesley & King

Photograph by Wellesley & King

BF: Considering you run a style blog, you obviously have killer fashion sense (and I admittedly stalk your Instagram and get a slight case of wardrobe envy every time), so who are some of your biggest style inspirations?

TM: You flatter me! Thank you :)

My answer to this question seems to morph daily. I’m such a Gemini. Ok, soooo… my biggest style inspirations right now include but are not limited to Michelle Williams (that hair!), Jacey Duprie, Geri Hirsch, Nicole Richie, Blaire Eadie and Krystal Bick.

 Photograph by  Wellesley & King

Photograph by Wellesley & King

BF:  From reading your blog, I noticed that you also love Stranger Things, being a huge fan of the show myself, I just have to ask, who is your favorite character?! (Mine is Hopper!)

TM: Best question ever. Yeah, I love Hopper! And before I rewatched the entire series I probably would have agreed with you. But when I went back to the beginning, knowing where Joyce Byers ends up, her character arc is the one I appreciate the most. On the surface she seems like a quivering, helpless mom. But she was fighting, alone, to keep people focused on what she knew to be true. She always believed her son was alive. When she told Hopper kids bullied him and called him gay, Hopper says, “Is he?” And her response without pause is, “HE’S MISSING.” She never gave up on him. She hovers over him in Season 2 but come on! Of course she does. She kept communication with Will open and got him to explain what he was seeing so that she could help him. I see myself in Joyce as a mom and as a strong woman. JOYCE BYERS 2020!

 Photograph by  Wellesley & King

Photograph by Wellesley & King

BF: Recently, you wrote a guide on how to shop for luxury items at discounted prices online, which was super helpful by the way, and I urge those reading this to check it out here. So, if you have one, what is your favorite luxury steal that you're styling right now? (Personally, I'm super envious of the Helmut Lang blazer.)

TM: Oh, thank you so much! That blazer just won’t quit. It’s got to be my most valuable piece in my closet, especially when you consider price per wear. Second to that is probably my red Céline sunglasses that I snagged from eBay. They always make me feel sophisticated, even in jeans and a t-shirt.  

 Photograph by  Wellesley & King

Photograph by Wellesley & King

BF: Last but not least, since I know you're a music lover, what are the top five bands you think everyone should give a listen to right now?

TM: AWESOME question!

My Top Five Bands RN…

  1. Post Animal - Since we’re talking about Stranger Things, Joe Keery (Steve) used to be in this band. He had to quit because he couldn’t dedicate the time to touring. Boo. Start with “When I Get Home.”

  2. Faces On Film - Start with “Daytime Nowhere”

  3. Night Moves - Start with “Only To Live In Your Memories” and move on to “Carl Sagan”

  4. Cool Ghouls - Start with “The Mile”

  5. Natural Child - Start with “DTV”

What do you think of Terra's advice, and which look of her's here is your favorite? Let's chat about it in the comments below or you can tweet me at @StarkRavingChic!

Can't get enough of Terra's style? Be sure to subscribe to her blog Love Nothing More and follow her on Instagram at @spicymeatball! Later, babes.

Xx, Bree

Impromptu #OOTD: Playing With Plaid (Feat. SheIn)

If I had to pick one pattern that I was an absolute sucker for, the pattern I would have to choose is plaid. I don’t know why, but something about the look of overlapping tartan squares has always been appealing to me. Perhaps this is just due to nostalgia, because while I was growing up, all through elementary and middle school, the skirts for my school uniforms were plaid. Whatever the reason though, plaid always seems to be the most dominant pattern in my wardrobe and I continue to have so much fun styling these pieces. Recently, I had the chance to add yet another fabulously checkered piece to my closet, and this new piece would be the latest dress I received from my longtime sponsor, SheIn.

The Casual Cowl Neck


Though normally I try to avoid styling dresses in the winter due to the cold and snowy weather (here in the ‘Burgh we’ve gotten about a foot of snow in just a matter of hours— my classes at Point Park were actually cancelled yesterday due to the poor weather conditions), I was honestly a bit overly eager to style this adorable shift dress, and jumped on the first opportunity I had! So, on Monday I decided to step out in this pretty dress for a casual lunch date at Dominico’s after my morning classes, and I have to say the reactions I got from this darling piece did not disappoint.


Firstly, as mentioned earlier, the plaid pattern of this dress is honestly my favorite thing about it, but along with the pattern, I also adore the color combinations. Though I am normally not a fan of blue and yellow together, in this particular instance these two colors really work together to create a very visually pleasing color palette. This is due to the fact that the yellows and blues work transitionally through out the dress, making the shift from warm to cool colors less harsh. I also love how these colors play off of one another and how natural and earthy all of the colors are, making this piece great for both the fall and winter seasons.


The dress itself is honestly just an overall great piece. I would recommend this piece to anyone looking for a nice, casual, fall or winter dress to add to their wardrobe. Aside from having great colors for each of these seasons, this dress is also made of wool, meaning it is a thicker as well as heavier material which is perfect for winter because it will surely keep you warm. Personally, that was the biggest “win” for me with this dress. I also adore its cozy cowl neck design, which is great for a laid back look either on campus or just a relaxing, low key day out. This dress’ loose fit and high-low cut also adds to its casual chic appeal, because these qualities give the dress a fun and flowy look. Lastly, like every piece of clothing I have received from SheIn, this dress is incredibly well made and fits true to size.


To style this dress for my lunch date (as well as for this impromptu outfit of the day post) I chose to keep it simple and leave my accessories at a minimum. First I chose to pair this dress with these adorable Nova Fringe Earrings by Perry Street, and this dainty, gold, choker by Rudiment. The reason I chose these earrings to style with this look is because I felt they added a whimsical and fun feel to this cute cowl neck dress, and I chose such a dainty necklace because I felt a more prominent necklace would be to overpowering. I then chose to carry my market bag with this dress simply because the colors just matched perfectly and the bag itself also has a relaxed vibe to it. And to complete this look, I topped it off with my absolute favorite booties, which are also from SheIn. The reason I felt these were the best choice to complete my outfit is due to the fact their tan color plays well off of the dress’ earth tones.


Lastly, I want to talk about my makeup for this kicked back look. As always, I used my go to Mattifying primer by Julep (you can read more about it here!) and bareMinerals BarePro Liquid Foundation. But I also got some new goodies from Julep that I took the opportunity to use and those would be Julep’s Eyeshadow 101 in Shimmering Orchid and Julep’s Skip The Brush Blush Stick in Passionfruit. And though these products will be appearing in a later post, I have to say these products work great and I absolutely adore them! The colors have great pigment and they’re long lasting which is great for all day wear. I finished off my makeup look with NARS Fast Ride lipstick. The reason I chose these colors for this look is I felt their deep and earthy tones complemented my over all look.

One Last Look


What are some of your favorite patterns to style? Let’s chat about them in the comments below or you can tweet me at @StarkRavingChic! Have a fabulous plaid dress that you have just been dying to show off? I’d love to see it so feel free to tag me in you Instagram Story at @StarkRavingChic. Later, babes!

Xx, Bree

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