Dior: The Backstage Makeup Show

Recently, thanks to Ms. Libby Wilson, I had the honor of being a guest to a Christian Dior backstage makeup show at the Ross Park Mall, and I have to say it was an absolutely amazing experience. At this event I got to mingle amongst Dior runway makeup artists, learn loads about the fashion house, as well as get a runway makeover! Let's talk:

Christian Dior: A Few Fun Facts

As I stated earlier while at the show I had the opportunity to chat with Cindy Randazzo, a Dior makeup counter manager and organizer of the event. Cindy has worked in the beauty and makeup industry for 40 years and she been with Dior since June of 2015. This being said, she was  incrediblely knowledgeable about the fashion house and though she gave me tons of history I thought it'd be more fun to share the lesser known info she bestowed upon me.

Did you know?

  1. All of Christian Dior's makeup has been a cruelty free line since the 1980s. And any product that was made prior and was tested on animals has not been included in the line ever since. I thought this was great because I am totally all about moving forward and finding a better way to test products without harming out furry friends big and small. [Edit: Since interviewing Cindy & Garrett and writing this article back in November, it has come to my attention that, unfortunately, Dior now sells their products in China, meaning they are not 100% cruelty free. And until China changes their mandatory animal testing laws, any cosmetic brand that sells their products in China is not considered cruelty-free.]
  2. Dior makeup is paraben free, meaning they contain no alcohol or acids in them, unlike some other cosmetics. Though it is not 100% guarantee, Dior cosmetics are less likely to cause skin irritation due to this fact. And take it from me, I have very sensitive skin and rarely used foundations but since the show I have been using Dior's AirFlash foundation my skin has actually shown improvement. Talk about nifty right?
  3. Doir's line is also gluten free as well. And I'm sure if you're anything like me you've probably never heard of such a thing other than in foods and beverages but apparently gluten free makeup can be just as good for your skin here's why: if you happen to have celiac disease, aka an allergy to gluten, these cosmetics will not irritate your allergy which I'm sure you've already guessed. However for those of us who don't have this allergy going gluten free in makeup is just another way to be more health focused.
  4. Dior products are 80% botanical and Dior has 10 gardens world wide that each employ exclusively local farmers in these communities.
  5. In the 1960s Dior invented and launched a new high grading facial cream, which today we just refer to as serum.
  6. Dior cosmetics has won not one, but  four Noble Prize awards in chemistry for their makeup technology.
  7. The majority of Dior's scientists are made up of graduates from Harvard and Stanford universities.
  8. Last but not least a little fact that Cindy shared with me about Dior himself that I just found to be really quirky and cool: Dior believed the flower lily of the valley to be incredibly lucky therefore on every garment he designed he had his seamstress embroider a small one on to the article of clothing and only he and seamstress knew where it was located on the garment.

Garrett Clabaut: Makeup Artist 

As I mentioned earlier while I was at this event I got to spend time with and talk to a few makeup artists but the one who I got to spend the most time with (and gave me an awesome makeover) was Garrett Clabaut. 

While doing my makeup up and chatting I learned that Garrett started his cosmetics career 12 years ago working at his friends Las Vegas boutique. And three of those years he has been working as a runway makeup artist for Christian Dior. How did he get this sweet gig you ask? Well Garrett entered and won Dior's yearly National Makeup Artists Contest. And the rest is history. Garrett now travels and works at Dior runway shows as well as backstage shows such as the one I attended. Garrett's favorite thing about being a make up artist? 

 "My favorite thing would have to be  taking something so simple to make someone feel amazing." -Garrett Clabaut, Dior Show Artist   

My Dior Makeover

Photographed by Dave Marmarelli

Photographed by Dave Marmarelli

My (new) Dior Products  

  • DiorSkin AirFlash Foundation  (200)
  • Dior Blush "My Rose" (943)
  • Dior Eyeshadow 5 color pallet "State of Gold" (886) 

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