Marvelous Makeup (Feat. Makeup by Bailey Waterbury)

If you know me, you know that I know nothing about makeup. Sure, sure, I know enough to keep myself from going out in public looking like Mimi from The Drew Carey Show, but other than some simple techniques, I am by no means a makeup artist. However, that is not the issue for my friend Bailey, in fact she has been working as both a freelance and retail makeup artist since 2015, and let me tell you, this girl knows her stuff. Recently, I was fortunate enough to not only sit down with Bailey and interview her about her craft for this collaboration, but also had the opportunity for her to style my makeup look for the latter half of this post!

Bailey Waterbury: Makeup Artist

So by now, you're all probably wondering how I know Bailey. Is she a makeup artist I met at one of the runway shows I've attended? A stylist for one of my many photo shoots? Well, not exactly anything that glamorous, Bailey and I actually met in our freshman year of college at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Both her and I were there studying photography, and though we initially got off to a rocky start, by our junior year we became friends and began working on a handful of photography projects together. The one thing I always noticed about Bailey in her photography work was her precision and he attention to detail, which also shows in her makeup artistry. So needless to say, I was thrilled that when I reached out to her she was more than happy to do yet another collaboration with me, and as always, I was absolutely amazed by her work.

Bree Fesh: To start off this interview, when did you begin practicing makeup artistry?

Bailey Waterbury: Well, I was always very interested in makeup, especially being a photographer and wanting to work in runway or editorial fashion. So, I'd have to say that I began practicing and experimenting with makeup my sophomore year of college. And in 2014 I became completely immersed in the makeup artistry world when I began working as a cashier at Sephora, and then went on to become a makeup artist in 2015.

BF: I know you were living in Arizona for a while back in 2015, did you continue working as a makeup artist for Sephora while you were there? If so, which part, and was working as a makeup artist in a more heavily populated area much different than working here in Pittsburgh?

BW: Yes! I continued working as a makeup artist for Sephora while I was living in Arizona, and I was in the Scottsdale location. I have to say that it was quite a bit different just because Scottsdale is such a travel destination so you are constantly meeting new clients and trying different things, I must say I did like that challenge though. Personally, though I love the Sephora I am working at here in South Hills Village, I feel as though I am not being pushed enough. I really love trying new looks and techniques and unfortunately here, it seems many people just like simpler, classic makeup.

BF: Since I know you also have great photography skills, I'm curious to know if photography is still your greatest passion, or has makeup artistry surpassed it?

BW: Originally, I wanted my photography and makeup artistry to go hand in hand so I could both style and photograph my models, however as I grew more skilled with makeup, I began to really fall in love with being a makeup artist. So though I still love photography, and honestly wish I could do more with it than I have been lately, I do think that it is safe to say makeup artistry is my main passion. 

BF: Recently you've started your own makeup artistry Instagram page titled "bayyylien", what are your goals with it, and do you ever see yourself expanding outside of Instagram and potentially starting a blog of your own?

BW: The reason I started my page, bayyylien, is because I really wanted my art to stand on its own, opposed to constantly posting selfies to my personal Instagram *laughs*. However what I would like to achieve through bayyylien is to grow, and work with other artists. The types of people I would like to connect with are those who are either interested in conceptual art or even couture fashion. As for starting a blog i haven't even thought about that yet! I could see some potential in doing so, however before I decide on it, I would like to grown my Instagram's following first as well as start a YouTube channel that features makeup tutorials. 

Plum Seduction

As I mentioned earlier (and as you can see above), Bailey was kind enough to actually do my makeup on top of letting me interview her for this collaboration! However, you're probably wondering how exactly we decided on these colors, so let me give you a little run down before I dive in to the complete look and outfit.

First of all, I have to be honest, not knowing anything about makeup and being an artist myself, I gave Bailey full reign of this makeup look. To plan it though, Bailey had asked me to simply pick out an outfit that I would like to model, give her the color scheme, and she'd work from there. So the night before our meeting I simply sent her some quick snapshots of my outfit so she could get her pallet ready, and needless to say she couldn't have done a better job at pairing!

For starters, I just have to say that Bailey's clients are in for an absolute treat when working with her. Bailey isn't only incredibly talented, but she is also highly personable and fun to work with as well! Before starting the process, Bailey made sure I was comfortable and walked me through the steps as she was doing them. She also has the patience of a saint and gave (much needed on my part) direction well as to what she needed me to do. So for this look, Bailey chose to style me using the following products:

Skin Care:

  1. Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream Moisturizer
  2. Tatcha Indigo Soothing Triple Recovery Eye Cream


  1. Smashbox Iconic Photo Finish Foundation Primer
  2. Becca Backlight Targeted Colour Corrector in Peach
  3. Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer in Fair Neutral
  4. Make Up For Ever Water Blend Face & Body Foundation in R250

  5. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Luminous Light

  6. Kat Von D Shade and Light Face Refillable Contour Palette

  7. NARS blush in Orgasm

  8. Make Up For Ever Pro Light Fusion Highlighter in 01

  9. Kat Von D Holographic Alchemist Palette in Pink Opal

  10. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo in Taupe

  11. Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel

  12. Too Faced 24 HR Shadow Insurance

  13. The Estée Edit Metallishadow Crème + Powder in Cyberella

  14. Sephora Collection Colorful Wink-It Felt Liner Waterproof in Bone White

  15. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

  16. Ardell Lashes in Natural

  17. NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Vintage

  18. Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss in Kristen

  19. Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

Lastly, about the outfit I chose to style for this collaboration. For this post I decided it would only make sense to style clothing from two Pittsburgh boutiques since I was working with a Pittsburgh based makeup artist, so I chose to style this sweater from ModCloth as well as this gorgeous skirt from Terry Jolo Brand. The reason I chose these pieces is because I like their cool winter look. The white sweater and purple skirt complement each other perfectly and create a nice contrast. To add the finishing touches to this look, I chose to pair these items with my Jenny Bird Flagstaff Earrings, my Hermes Pop H necklace layered with this Kendra Scott pendant, black tights, and a pair of high heeled booties, making this look casual yet sophisticated.

One Last Look

What are some of your favorite makeup looks? Let's chat about it in the comments below or you can tweet me at @StarkRavingChic! Have a marvelous makeup look of your own that you'd love to show off? Feel free to tag me in a post or on your Instagram story at @StarkRavingChic.

Also remember, if you want to see more of Bailey's awesome skills, be to follow her Instagram account @bayyylien! Later, dolls.

Xx, Bree

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Fashion Alley: My Night as a Runway Model

For those of you who have been reading my blog for sometime, you know that earlier this year I attended Pittsburgh's "Fashion Week Downtown" as well as the "Complex Runway Show". At both of these events, I attended as a member of the press and got to sit in the front row and snap photographs of gorgeous clothing and beautiful models. At the former show though, I'm sure many of you remember that I met fashion designer, Brian David, and collaborated with him for this section of my portfolio, as well as bought one of his gorgeous dresses. 

Well, at the beginning of this month, I had the opportunity to once again work with Brian and attend another runway show, however this one was with a bit of a twist: I would be attending this show as a model. The reason Brian invited me to walk in this show was due to the fact the dress I purchased from him was one of the dresses that he wanted to showcase. The show itself, titled "Fashion Alley", took place at Hollywood Lanes in Dormont and also doubled as a benefit to help raise money for Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. Naturally, the show was focused on clothing reminiscent of old Hollywood with hints of rock n' roll, and I have to say that I was honored to have the opportunity to dress up as one of my favorite Hollywood starlets, Marilyn Monroe.

Pre Show Primping 

Prior to the show, as every model would, I was granted the opportunity to have my hair and makeup done by the incredibly talented stylists at La Pomponnee, located in Mt. Lebanon. The atmosphere of the salon was sophisticated and fun, and the staff was incredibly nice and easy to work with. The makeup artist I was scheduled with, Lauren, did an excellent job transforming me into Ms. Monroe and was very patient with me due the fact I had never had makeup done for a runway show before.

If you follow me on  Instagram  you may recognize this photo from my story.

If you follow me on Instagram you may recognize this photo from my story.

After my makeup was completed, I switched over to the hair salon side of the shop and actually had my hair styled by the owner of La Pomponnee, Kristen. While Kristen was styling my hair, her and I got to chatting about La Pomponnee and it's 25 year anniversary approaching next year. Of course this is a huge mile stone for any business, so (spoiler alert) I will actually be interviewing Kristen and doing a story on the salon early next year. 

Want to see my full transformation? Check it out  here ,  here , and  here !

Want to see my full transformation? Check it out here, here, and here!

The My Experience on the Runway  

Lastly, I have to talk about my wonderful experience both backstage as well as walking in my first runway show. To be quite honest, the whole affair from start to finish was incredibly surreal to me. Though I am a confident person, I have never been one to think of myself as overly attractive, let alone attractive enough to be a model. However, due to the styling of the ladies at La Pomponnee and Brian's gorgeous dress, I felt absolutely radiant.

Divauna Taravella and I backstage prior to the show.

Divauna Taravella and I backstage prior to the show.

Before show selfies.

Before show selfies.

But don't think those are the only two things that gave me a bit more confidence that evening at Fashion Alley. It was also the support I received and time I got to spend with the lovely women (and men that are not pictured with us backstage, sorry Brian and Dallas!) in the photos above. Though I have worked with (mostly) all of these ladies before, I was always behind the camera when I did. However, each and every one of them was so kind and welcoming to me, that it made an already dazzling evening even more enjoyable! And now the moment I'm sure most of you have been anticipating throughout this article, here are some photos caught of myself and the other lovely ladies that walked for Brian David in the Fashion Alley show!

Images courtesy of  Robert Gorda

Images courtesy of Robert Gorda

Images courtesy of   Robert Gorda

Images courtesy of Robert Gorda

Images courtesy of   Robert Gorda

Images courtesy of Robert Gorda

Image courtesy of  Penn Live , Photographer,  Lisa Wardle

Image courtesy of Penn Live, Photographer, Lisa Wardle

Image courtesy of   Penn Live  , Photographer,   Lisa Wardle

Image courtesy of Penn Live, Photographer, Lisa Wardle

Image courtesy of  William Pittman Photography

Image courtesy of William Pittman Photography

Image courtesy of   Penn Live  , Photographer,   Lisa Wardle

Image courtesy of Penn Live, Photographer, Lisa Wardle

Final Thoughts

In closing, I have to say that my experience as a model in a runway show was incredibly enjoyable and exciting! If I ever had the opportunity to participate as a model again I definitely would, what can I say I loved being pampered at La Pomponnee and all the cameras flashing at me while on the runway was quite thrilling as well. However, this experience also gave me a greater appreciation for what the models do to prep for a show and in some ways has given me a whole new prospective on how I personally will photograph runway shows from here on out. 

Which dress by Brian is your favorite? Tell me about it in the comments below or tweet me at @StarkRavingChic!

Xx, Bree

Brian David: Designer

In my post about Fashion Week Downtown last month, I had mentioned that designer Brian David and I were planning a collaboration. Well, I'm so excited to say that is is that much anticipated collaboration! Earlier this month I had the wonderful opportunity sit down and chat with Brian about his work, as well as work with models April, Cheryl, Joanna, and Malori who modeled Brian's gorgeous clothing. 

The entire set consisted of fifteen different designs ranging from couture gowns to beautiful suits. Though I have my top four favorites shown throughout this article, in case you missed it, I now actually have a new section at the top of my page titled "PORTFOLO", which when you drop down and click Brian's name, will take you to the rest of his beautiful designs! (See I did make good on that New Year's Resolution to focus more on personal photography projects--I forgot how much I enjoyed Photoshop!)

About the Designer

Like I said at the beginning of this post, I actually had the chance to sit down with Brian and interview him about his work, inspirations, and some of his future plans. I also got to pick his brain about his thought on ways to strengthen the fashion community here in Pittsburgh, all while photographing his beautiful gowns in his Venetia home. Before I dive into the interview though, I just want to take this chance to say along with his impeccable craftsmanship of his gowns and extreme talent with fashion design, my favorite part of working with Brian was he was incredibly down to earth. Which made him an absolute blast to work with for both me and the models!

Model:   Cheryl Mills

The Interview  

Bree Fesh: So firstly, are you originally from Pittsburgh and if not where are you from originally and how did you end up here?

Brian David: I am from the Pittsburgh area. I was actually born and raised here in Venetia, PA!

BF: When did you start to take an interest in fashion design and what made you take interest in it?

BD: Clothing design is something I’ve always had an interest in. I’ve always known that this is what I wanted to do. As a small child, the first time I saw my mom sew a button on to a shirt,  I took an interest in making clothing. Like I said I just always knew!

BF: Did you attend school for fashion design, if so where?

BD: I am actually self taught, but I give so much credit to my boss Marianne Krostyne. She owns a Costume studio located in North Shore called Krostyne Studio. There we make costumes for brodway shows, Caribbean cruises etc.. My job there is to create 2D renderings and turn them into the 3d product. What happens is we make bid for the designer, and if approved designers send us the fabrics and necessities needed to create the product.

BF: Did you work under any other designers before working on your own?

BD: No, I actually  got my start making garments for people in high school for prom. By my senior year I had 4 dresses made and four alterations. I’ve now even had two of those girls come back and have me make their wedding gowns.

Model:   April Gildea     Psssssst ! I actually ended up falling in love with this dress that April is modeling so I ended up buying it!! An #OOTD will be coming soon. 

Model: April Gildea

Psssssst! I actually ended up falling in love with this dress that April is modeling so I ended up buying it!! An #OOTD will be coming soon. 

BF: Since your designs are so unique, what designers are some of your biggest inspirations?

BD: I get a lot of inspiration from old hollywood. I just love the classy and sophisticated looks of the Golden Age in Hollywood. Generally I don’t watch what other designers are doing because I feel it hurts the creative process. I want my designs to look like my designs. I wouldn’t want some one to tell me my work looked like any other designers because that’s what makes my garments stand out. This being said, a lot of my inspiration actually comes from the fabrics I work with.  Much like how Michelangelo looked at sculpting is how I look at designing clothing, I will just see the fabric and just instantly know what it sound be, it’s just my job to turn it into that particular garment.

BF: Do you have a favorite fabric to work with?

BD: No, not really. That's just  because they all have their pros and cons. Every fabric is unique to itself. 

BF: What do you find to be the most challenging part of designing clothes?

BD: Drag queens. *laughs* But in all seriousness, the biggest challenge for me is getting everything someone wants in a garment but keeping it in the clients price range. Simply because a garment is only worth as much as the client is willing to pay for it.

 BF: Where do you see yourself five years from now and where would you like to be?

BD: Well my  big ultimate goal is to show at NYFW, but on a smaller scale, in 5 years I would like to be financially independent and not have to rely on my 9-5 job. I would love just to be able to work from home on designing my garments.

Model:  Malori Bailes

 BF: How do you see the fashion industry growing in Pittsburgh and what would you like to see more of?

BD: I’d like to see the return of Pittsburgh Fashion Week or a repeat of Fashion Week Downtown. Mainly because it brings more exposure to the community and would make us more notable. There are just so many incrediblytalented designers here, but I feel like they are more of a hidden gem in Pittsburgh.

BF: What is the best piece of advice that you can give to fashion designers just starting out?

BD: Get organized. Lack of organization will be anybody's down fall. And don’t let people push you around. Know your plan, go in with that plan of attack, and don’t waver from it.

Final Thoughts

So to my fellow members of the Pittsburgh fashion community, what would you like to see more of? Tell me about it in the comments below! Also, if you'd like to get in touch with Brian about any of his dresses from this article or my portfolio, you can reach him on both Instagram and Facebook. You can also see more of his work on YouTube.

Ilana Harkavy & The Just, Girl. Project.

As I stated in a past post, with my blog's 2 year anniversary coming up I want to start covering some more serious topics here. And with that being said, when I came across Ilana Harkavy on Instagram and began reading about her Just, Girl. Project I knew that this was a story I absolutely needed to talk about.


Photography by Keith Weidner

Normally, this is the part where I would dive in and begin telling you about Ilana and her project however, I'm going to let her tell you about it herself because she was kind enough to let me interview her!  So let's get to it.

The Just, Girl. Project.

Bree Fesh: Though I have read a bit about you andThe Just, Girl. Project, to start off this interview tell me a little about yourself! How long have you been a musician and what made you decide to start this project?

 Ilana Harkavy: Hi! My name is Ilana and I am an LA based musician. I have been singing and songwriting for my entire life! I had an exciting career in electronic dance music and was able to collaborate and tour with some amazing artists worldwide. I also worked on music that was featured on TV and in films. I had a blast! I feel so grateful for those opportunities! But to be honest, I never felt truly satisfied. I decided I wanted to get back to my first love, my roots—Pop music. So, I created my very first solo project, Just, Girl.

This body of work sheds light on the struggles I’ve faced as a young woman and the mottos I’ve adopted to overcome them. I’ve put my heart and soul into this project.

So… It is with glowing pride that I present to you The Just, Girl. Project.

 The Just, Girl. Project is a fiery art movement that empowers girls to embrace their passions, be blatantly honest, and to take ownership of their individual struggles. Through the power of music, this project relates to and empowers girls to be the utmost honest version of themselves, take responsibility for who they are, and go after what they are most passionate about.

I wanted to provide something functional and relatable that would spread positivity, inspiration, and happiness, and inspire my fellow girls to do the same with their own art. 


Photography by Keith Weidner

BF: I really like your positivity and thoughts (well I’d have to say truths) about people being able to create their own happiness. Have you always had this outlook? If not what was your turning point, and what issome advice you could give to young women who are trying to bring more positivity into their lives?

IH: I spent a large portion of my life blaming other people and “society/the media” for my depression, but I’ve come to realize that my happiness is dependent on my attitude and the way I decide to perceive myself.  Once I realized that I held that kind of power, I was able to train myself to get out of that cycle.  I still struggle--I have days where I feel so low that everyone can feel it, but I bounce back much quicker now, so that’s progress!

The truth is that if you decide to own how incredible, amazing, and unique you are, you’ll live a much happier life. You have the ability to shift your attitude, even when you feel miserable.  It’s important to talk about the things that make you uncomfortable, whether it’s with loved ones, a professional, or even yourself (I talk to myself all the time!). Once you open up and express yourself, you’ll start to work through the kinks, and you’ll see color again. I know that being okay with yourself and loving who you are is a CONSTANT cycle, but you can never truly be okay with yourself if you don’t allow yourself to be. 

BF: While reading about The Just, Girl. Project, I noticed you stated a big influence that prompted you to do this body of work was due to the promotion of eating disorders and lack of self-love on social media. Have these issues ever hit close to home for you, and if so, how? 

IH: As a teenager, I struggled with eating disorders, negative self-talk, bullying from my peers, and mental health diagnosis after diagnosis from doctors and teachers. Everyone had an opinion, and those opinions stuck with me and became my identity. But as I’ve grown, I’ve learned that the opinions of others, while important to me, cannot affect the way I feel about myself if I decide not to let them. I turn to music to express my frustrations. I create my art as an expression of my soul–my wants, my needs…my heart.

I still struggle with my body...  We have a love hate relationship. I’m not here to tell people that eating disorders can go away like that if you just love yourself, but it definitely helps. I’m a work in progress and I think that’s something that isn’t addressed enough.  It’s great to say “I love myself” but what about “I want to love myself”… to me that’s something I can relate to and it’s something I’ll stand by.

A couple of years ago I stumbled upon a startling subculture: social media accounts devoted to the promotion of anorexia, bulimia, and self-harm. It broke my heart because, not only did I feel saddened by these negative messages, but I also related to them, so I knew I had to stop avoiding my own insecurities, and start doing something to help myself, and the other girls who were going through the same things as me!


Photography by Keith Weidner

BF: Aside from promoting positivity and self-love, how else do you feel The Just, Girl. Project helps to empower young women?

IH: The Just, Girl. Project isn’t full-fledged yet, but it will be.  I want this movement to grow exponentially. I want to start The Just, Girl. Project mentorship program and a non-profit and foundation, a record label and management company where we can develop artists with strong social messages, and a global movement!

I’ve been a business owner for almost 7 years and it’s been a blessing, because it’s taught me to be self-sufficient. I want to teach girls the skills they need to feel independent, inspire them to pursue entrepreneurship, and not give up on their art. I want this project to provide as many girls as it can with the tools, resources, and support they need to do their thang.  Cause let’s face it, working for yourself is badass.

BF: Due to the name of this project, I would be willing to bet that you believe in feminism. So, I would like to know what feminism means to you, as well as why you feel it is important in today's society?

IH: The F word? Just kidding.

Feminism has turned into this bad word, hasn’t it? It’s a shame.  Feminism was founded on such an amazing ideology, but I think it’s portrayed by the media and organizations in so many different lights right now, that you sort of have to find your fit. The 1960’s Feminist Movement was meant to promote equality, and we should never forget that or take for granted how hard those women fought to bring us to this point.

I consider myself a feminist because I too believe in the equality of men and women. For me, feminism is about solidarity. Women have a bond that men will never understand (yes, men have their own bond), so I think we should embrace it and empower one another.  It’s that simple. I don’t believe women are superior to men or the same. We are different in many ways and that’s OK. But as long as this new wave of feminism embraces solidarity and avoids radical hatred towards men, I think it will continue to grow beautifully.


Photography by Keith Weidner

 BF: Though girl culture is going in a more positive direction in recent years, what are somethings you would like to see within the community to strengthen it even more?

IH: OMG, I’m in love with the #girlpower movement! I’m so grateful for social media’s influence to make it a thing.

But, I really think we need to stop with the name-calling. Terms like “mean girl”, “curvy girl”,“normal body type” are poisonous.  Like, can we just stop? We need to stress the importance of diversity!

And…the struggle! Not everything is sparkles and rainbows.  Life can flat out suck, especially for younger girls who experience emotions like a typhoon on steroids.  I think something as simple as influencing the music industry to address these uncomfortable issues will really change the game.  I hear a lot of self-love songs and I’m grateful to know they are there, but what about the struggle songs?  They are there, but I want more.

And we need to give girls the tools they need to get through it all!  Inspirational talks are great, but if there’s no solution or answers, are they going to do much beyond the surface?

I have way too many opinions about this and thoughts and ideas… but the ultimate thing I want to stress is…let’s stop sugar-coating and start getting real.

 BF: What has been the hardest part of putting this project together?

IH: Financially it’s been difficult.  It’s easy to avoid something that doesn’t provide you with monetary compensation, but knowing I get to do what I love (mentoring girls and learning from them), makes it utterly worthwhile… and I mean that. 

And I always compare myself and my success/lack of success to other women, but that’s just unproductive… It’s so easy to get discouraged, but…

The ultimate win for me has been that I discovered my purpose in life! This started as a music project, but it’s evolved in to so much more. The Just, Girl. Project is here to make waves and support/empower as many girls as possible. You can quote me on that.

 BF: Due to The Just, Girl. Project’s current success, where would you like to see this go within the next year? And do you happen to have anymore long term goals such as possible concerts or conferences?

 IH: We had a concert last year and it was amazing! I finally performed my solo music and it felt great.

And now, I'm SO excited because we are about to release the music video for "My Body" - a song I wrote about my relationship with my body.  The video is about eating disorders and the battle we face with loving our bodies and ourselves. This video is very near and dear to my heart. Plus, my cast and crew were absolutely inspiring to work with!

Th website is being made RIGHT NOW too!  And come Spring‘17 , I want to turn the movement into a 501c non-profit, and by summer, I hope to have it up and running (but I mean, life happens and so I’m going to take one calculated step at a time!). I want to participate in as many conferences and TEDx talks I can!  A lot is on the horizon and I’m really excited for the possibilities!


Photography by Keith Weidner

 BF: For people who want to get involved and help with this project, what can they do to pitch in?

IH: I would love for everyone to share the video, to help us get some more media coverage and plays, and to bring to light the importance of recognizing that eating disorders are very real and we need to talk about it!

I’m also hoping to bring on ambassadors, volunteers, and supporters, so contact me if interested!

And please,GIRLS, continue to “spread the love” amongst your community (it’s infectious!)

Remember: Your life IS full of beauty and magic, but like everything, you have to decide to see the good in the bad.  Your story is a movie…or a book, whichever you prefer… and while the plot isn’t for you to decide, your attitude is something you can control.  So speak to yourself with love, the way you would to your best friend. And don’t forget to express yourself!


Final Thoughts

How have body and self esteem affected you throughout your life? Feel free to talk about it in the comments below and remember if you want to help out this cause you can follow the @justgirlproject on Instagram and Twitter. Also feel free to check out Ilana's website The Just Girl Project as well as her SoundCloud to hear some great tunes!  


Hi everyone! Ilana's video for "My Body" is now live! You can watch it here!