#OOTD: Denim Days (Feat. Versona)

Happy New Year's Eve everyone! Though today's outfit isn't what I'll be wearing to watch the ball drop (don't worry dolls, I'll have a post with my pretty dress coming soon!), it's definitely worthy of being shared because this relaxed, laid back outfit is perfect for running party errands while still keeping me warm and looking stylish! Also as the title suggests, most of this darling denim outfit is from one of my more recent collaborators Versona!

Dolled Up In Denim

The reason I chose to run party errands in this outfit today is because lets face it: Party hosting is crazy stressful! So why make it more so by being uncomfortable while running errands? This being said, as much as I enjoy being the hostess with the mostess, I can't bring myself to run around in a dress and heels all day just to pick up champagne, food, and party favors!

So by throwing on a basic white blouse, cute scarf, some cozy jeans, and a well tailored jacket, I felt comfy enough to shop, warm enough to face the brisk winter air, and stylish enough to be seen in public! Now lets get the deets on the outfit shall we?

What's On Top?

Love my blouse? You can get it at  Ralph Lauren

Love my blouse? You can get it at Ralph Lauren

I've said it before and I'll say it again, one accessory every woman should have in her closet is a basic white blouse. The reason why is this piece is so versatile it can be dressed up and dressed down so easily. And something about this piece just adds a bit of effortless class to any outfit (even a jean jacket!).

Lets Accessorize!

One thing I love about the fall and winter seasons is that they're the two seasons where it's most acceptable to wear cute scarves as accessories-- I mean you have to be warm right? Scarves are also perfect to use as statement pieces and really can dress up a simple outfit. For instance, the reason why I like this elephant print scarf by Versona is because of it's fun and upbeat pattern! The design also helps break up the outfit a bit, making it look much less plain.  It also just pairs beautifully with my playful denim ensemble.

The Jacket

Last but not least for the top half of this outfit is my rustic jean jacket! I'm not gonna lie, up until this year I had no interest in owning a jean jacket, they always just seemed a bit too '70s for me. But when I seen this beauty at -- you guessed it-- Versona and tried it on I decided it was time to embrace my inner Debbie Harry and just go for it!

Perfect Patches

Flats by Frye Company  

Flats by Frye Company

These adorable skinnies were the first thing I bought when I was at Versona because when it comes to unique looking jeans I just can't help myself! The reason I love these jeans is because they are soft, very well fitted, and the patch work on them is just absolutely perfect, giving them a carefree fun look.

One Last Look

What are you wearing before the big night? Do you prefer to dress down or do you like to be dressed up all day in preparation for the festivities? Tell me about it in the comments below or tweet me about it at @StarkRavingChic! And if you'd like to show me your outfit (I'd love to see it), tag me in your day before #OOTD on Instagram @StarkravingChic!

Until next time babes, keep it chic!

Xx, Bree