Wishes Granted + Exciting Life Update!

Hey babes, in light of the recent holiday I just wanted to share some of my "granted wishes" from previous wish-lists throughout this year that I received as Christmas gifts (along with a gift of the furry variety)! Let's just say Santa really nailed it this year, and I just thought this would be a fun little post-holiday topic. Ready to take a look?

New Makeup & Brushes

My mum took the time to read my blog and found out that I had my eye on those awesome (and adorable!) makeup brushes from BH Cosmetics! And of course she couldn't just stop there: She bought me a whole new Bare Minerals foundation kit along with they're gorgeous eyes kit. Both of these gifts are truly amazing and I highly recommend them.

The brushes (currently still on sale I believe!) are professional quality and work so well. They are very soft, not causing any irritation to the skin and making blending makeup a bit easier. And as pictured above they come with a nifty little case to make them easy to travel with (this is seriously a life saver for my trip to the U.K. next October!).

And I have to admit, I am a bit biased because I have always been a fan of Bare Minerals products due to my sensitive skin but they really do have amazing products! Their eye makeup colors are just so rich and pretty they became a fast favorite of mine. And as for their foundations, they're absolutely perfect for sensitive skin and are so light and airy they never appear cakey! It's as if you're not even wearing makeup.

New Perfume, Undies, and Workout Gear

Ahhh, this time someone must've taken a peek at my Influenster lists to find the Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet. But none the less I was thrilled to find this light, feminine, and floral scent in my stocking yesterday morning! I really can't wait to wear it all year long.

I also was surprised (well not really because my mum gets my pretty things from Vicky's every time they have their sale!) to find some nice new undies from Victoria Secret, I don't know about you but I'm a sucker for useful gifts!

I also received a nice and warm pair of Nike Men's Joggers (judge me the men's ones are way comfier!) and the reason I'm so excited about them is because next year I plan on becoming much more fit and healthy in preparation for my trip to Jersey, there for I'll be using my gym membership more than once a week! And I might actually be living in these sweats after work hours (and who knows with the athletic trend on the rise maybe a possible #OOTD soon?!).

Last but not least, my exciting life update: I would like to introduce everyone to Rollie!

So for anyone who has been following me here, or on social media, you know I'm a crazy animal lady (no shame)! Well since November I have been looking for a new a furbaby to add to my family. Unfortunately the search wasn't going so well due to bad timing and unreliable shelters. Well finally, on December 22, I went to the local humane society to look at a pit bull pup, but instead found an adult dog named Rollie, who I instantly bonded with!

Rollie is a Tree Hound/Blue Tick Hound mix that had been at the shelter for nearly three months before I rescued him. What's even more sad his he is six years old and had never lived as an inside dog (except for in the shelter of course) until I brought him home. So needless to say his reaction to having a bed was adorable:

Rollie is adjusting well to his new home (he's such a good boy, he picked up potty training very quickly though he never had to be house trained before!) he loves my other dog, Moses, and even gets along with my dads old gal, Onyx. Rollie even likes my cat, Lola, though she's a bit disdainful towards him (I tell him it's just because she's a cat and not to take it personally!). 

So needless to say, my favorite Christmas gift of all, was the gift of giving this little wiggle butt his forever home!

What did everyone else get for Christmas? And do any of you have a favorite gift you gave? Please tell me about it in the comment section below! And until next time, I'm wishing you all a happy New Year!