#BLOGMAS: My Cozy Winter Essentials

Seasons greetings everybody! Wow, I can't believe it's already December 15th, meaning only ten more days until CHRISTMAS!!! Considering this is my second favorite time of the year,  I'm very excited to be gearing up for the holiday festivities. Though the holiday season is super fun, it can also be super stressful. Between last minute gift shopping, making the "family visits" game plan, and all the other Yuletide craziness, I sometimes forget to just chill out and take a breather. That's why for this blogmas post I thought I would share the top 14 things that help me stay sane-- I mean relax, throughout the season.

Yankee Snowflake Cookie Candle, Lush Golden Wonder Bath Bomb, Victoria Secret Hydrating Body Lotion, and loads of lip balm. (Because everyone can use some pampering!)

Aerie "Oh What Fun" sleep shirt, Flannel Boxers, and Snuggly Star Robe. (So you can be cozy reading by the fire.)

Ugly (but warm!) Ralph Lauren sweater, fleece lined leggings, fleece lined slipper socks, and a fuzzy blanket. (These are the essentials for when you visit your aunt's house that always seems to be freezing--come on, you know we all have that one relative!)

Good Reads (For when you are bored because you're snowed in.)

And finally for when you're home and unwinding: Festive mugs, hot chocolate, Pinnacle Peppermint Bark Vodka (to spike the hot chocolate), and lastly for that sugar rush, and in my opinion the best winter sweets, candy canes!

How do you keep your cool (and stay warm) during the winter season? Tell me about it in the comments below or Tweet me at @StarkRavingChic!

Also just a reminder: In honor of the holiday season, I am hosting a giveaway and you can still enter up until December 25th for some very pretty prizes. To get all the details see my last post!

Until next time babes, keep it chic!

Xx, Bree