Spring & Depop

So while fuelling my Twitter problem, I stumbled upon these two gems completely by mistake. They were actually both being advertised as one of those horridly annoying and sneaky Twitter promos (come on you hate those things too!) that catch you when you mis-scroll and take you straight to the App Store or somewhere else you don't want to go. But these two particular mis-scrolls left me presently surprised, this being said I think every fashion forward girl should have these on their phones. Here's why: 


The icon above is for Spring, and much like the apps description states it's like going shopping in Soho, but on your phone. It has so many quaint little "shops" and a ton of variety to choose from if you have a versatile wardrobe. It also has variety in other ways too, Spring doesn't only sell clothing but accessories, beauty products, and home decor, as well!

It also has many features that I adore such as being able to follow your favorite brands, like products (these save to your "My Loves" section), as well as a nifty tab titled "Discover" which is great for finding the newest products from clothes, to accessories, to beauty products! It's basically WeHeartIt for shopping. And to top it all off the app's appearance is visually pleasing and easy to use.  

The next app is called Depop and I will admit the icon for it is a little queer but if you are looking for it in the App Store this is the correct one: 



The reason I like this app is simply because it's incredibly useful and easy to use. But what does it do you ask? 

Depop is basically a market place app like ebay or amazon where you can buy and sell things but the kicker is this: it's set up like Instagram, I mean exactly like Instagram. Meaning you can like and comment on goods as well as buy them, and if you're anything like me, this means the shopping gods have answered your prayers. 

This app like Spring has it's own sweet features as well, other than being similar to Instagram this app also offers features to help keep your purchased goods organized, your shop organized (and if you take pretty pictures your items can be featured on the "Explore" tab), as well as private messages, the option to bookmark items you are interested in purchasing, and last but not least you can connect this app up with you PayPal account (which I hope that one was a given). 

But the main reason I love this app is because it makes shopping and selling goods fun. I love that gives you the personal interactions with people that wouldn't through any other shopping site. 

Want to follow me on Depop? Check me out  @starkravingchic

Want to follow me on Depop? Check me out @starkravingchic