Three Bottles, Three Reviews

Throughout my high school and college experiences I have tried every perfume under then sun. Everything from the light and airy Light Blue by Dolce and Dabbana, the fun and fruity P!NK by Victoria's Secret, the sultry and sensual J'adore by Dior, even the sickeningly sweet Can Can by Paris Hilton. (Cringe I know, I like to think that was a dark and less fashionable time in my life.) 

But now in my early 20's I have found a new taste and appreciation of the finer scents in life and have narrowed down my tastes to three absolute go-to faves! 

First up to bat was my first love, Daisy by Marc Jacobs:

Looking back now, though I still absolutely adore this perfume's scent, it's definitely more of a jeans and white tank-top kind of perfume. I would not be wearing this particular scent while dressed in my LBD to go to dinner at the Grand Concourse. But this scent is definitely one of my favorites to wear during the spring and summer to have a nice walk through downtown Pittsburgh, go to the museums, or to wear during a night out in South Side sporting my cutest jeans and crop top. What I mean is this scent is nice and subtle, to me it's not really a "WOW!" fragrance, but it's great for the social situations that I listed above because it's not overpowering.

Bottom Line: I would describe Daisy's scent as just sweet and simple, much like the flower it was named for.

Second (or should I say fifth-- Ha, bad joke!) is Chanel No. 5 by Chanel


This perfume is probably my favorite perfume in the entire universe, yes you read that right universe. There is just something down right magnificent about it, I mean it is world famous and iconic for a reason. It's a symbol of good taste and timeless chic. It's the perfume you wear on an elegant date night while in that awesome LBD from BCBG. But it also can be paired with jeans and a blouse, hell for that matter it goes well with no clothes at all--take it from Marilyn Monroe! 

Bottom Line: I can not explain what it smells like, and even if I could, it wouldn't do it justice anyways. It doesn't smell like anything on  this planet. Chanel No. 5 simply smells like Chanel No. 5.

Last but not least, Untold by Elizabeth Arden

Honestly, prior to receiving a sample of this perfume from my mother, I had always dismissed this brand as an "old lady" brand, but after my sample bottle from my mum ran out I just had to get a bottle of my own of this floral, fruity fragrance. When you wear it it simply fuses with your skin and creates such a beautiful, feminine, and sweet scent.

Bottom Line: For those of you who want to try a different perfume for this spring (though unlike Daisy, Untold can be worn year round in my opinion), give this one a chance, let it mingle with you... you maybe surprised and be leaving the perfume counter with this lovely perfume along with some change in you fabulously fashionable bag!