Amika: Spoil Your Hair!

I'm not going to lie, before trying this hair routine I was quite skeptical for a few reasons one being I had never heard of these products or brands and considering I am very fussy about my hair I was concerned that they could possibly be too intense and damage my hair, second I adore my pink and purple locks, but they do take quite the upkeep to keep the color from bleeding and fading as well as keeping my hair looking shiny and healthy. Lastly, I received them as a thank-you package for one of the photo shoots I did for Dick's Sporting Goods, so naturally I pondered "What could Field & Stream possibly know about hair care?" 

But as it turns out stranger things have happened and I was pleasantly surprised. I mean this Amika stuff is a miracle cure for dry and damaged hair, this routine truly makes you're hair feel like you stepped out of the salon every time you step out of the shower. Yeah, its that good. 

Amika Spoil My Hair Kit

  • Firstly I want to say if you would just like to sample this product instead of spending big bucks on 16 ounce bottles of it, I recommend getting the Amika Spoil My Hair Kit (pictured above) just because by doing so, you'll save yourself about $53.00. And though these bottles maybe little, they really give you your money's worth is used correctly. 

Whats In The Box?

  1. 3.38 fl oz of Balancing Shampoo
    • This contains Sea Buckthorn Berry with Argon Oil. What this does unlike other shampoos in my opinion, lathers very nicely and left my hair feeling silky and smooth without even conditioning it! I would be fibbing if I said I ever experienced this  before due to the fact my hair takes loads of abuse due to the color treatments and the styling. 
  2. 3.38 fl oz of a Nourishing Hair Mask (same ingredients)
    • How's it work? Like all conditioners you apply a hearty amount to it and massage it into your scalp and hair, but for the full effect leave it sit in your hair for 5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. For me this step made my hair feel soft and hardly damaged at all. 
  3. 3.38 fl oz of Leave In Cream
    • As the name implies, this is a leave in cream that you apply to damp hair and leave it. I personally do this step right when I get out of the shower and let it sink in while my hair towel dries. Honestly at first I didn't feel or see the difference this step made other than it smells absolutely amazing, but then after drying my hair, I realized this cream really brings on the shine! 
  4. 1.01 fl oz of Amika Oil Treatment 
    • This is just basically the icing on the cake my friends, you simply just apply this step to slightly damp or dry hair just for that extra silk and shine. 

Now you're probably wondering why these products work so well. I'd say because of the main ingredient, Sea Buckthorn Berry: 

Just a little visual for those of who are curious as to what the hell it is, because I know I was!

Just a little visual for those of who are curious as to what the hell it is, because I know I was!

The reason the oil from this plant hydrates, smooths, and repairs your hair so well is because it is a super fruit! So with all those antioxidants and health properties, I'll slather my hair with it forever because it really does make my hair feel that amazing and extremely healthy.

Last but not least, another nice thing about this product is it hardly fades colored hair (As you know I do love rockin' my Ramona Flowers-esque hair style, loud colors included!) so it was nice that after three weeks of washing, my pink-purple ombre as hardly faded at all and feels phenomenal to boot!

Ready to try this pampering treatment yourself? Here's where to get the goods:

Spoil My Hair Kit, $39.00

Balancing Shampoo (13.35 fl oz), $18.00

Nourishing Mask (16.9 fl of), $24.99

Leave In Cream (8.5 fl oz), $21.95

Oil Treatment (3.38 fl oz), $34.00

Now go pamper yourself!

P.S. Note that this company IS cruelty free and does not test any of its products on animals.