20 Tips to Keep Skin Glowing

Nowadays when it comes to having perfect skin, the struggle is real. Between all the crazy treatments and home remedies which ones actually work? Well I set out and turned to my beloved Pinterest and gathered all kinds of tips and tricks, and out of all the ones I tried these 20 are the ones that were kinda quirky, some were (hopefully) common sense, and ones that were just some good old money saving DYI beauty regiments-- but what really matters is they are the ones that really worked . So let's start the count down shall we?


 20. Cut Down the Caffeine   

Unfortunately caffeine can trigger acne so cutting back on your coffee intake (especially it with sugar or sweet creamers) will help with clearing up acne. 

 19. Wash Your Sheets Frequently 

As if you don't already do that, I know. But be sure to wash your pillow cases at least twice a week because the oil from your hair sinks into it therefore making you sleep on oil all night long. 

18. Always No Matter What, Wash Your Face Before Bed! 

Because when you do, it clogs your pores leaving you more susceptible to pimples. Really tired? Keep make-up removing wipes on your night stand as a reminder.

17. Grapefruit is a Superfruit 

Not only does it help burn fat and have other health properties, grapefruit is packed with antioxidants, so using skin care products containing grapefruit will make your skin feel revived and clean.  

  16. Applecider Vinegar

Applecider vinegar works as a toner to help clear your skin by balancing you pH level. Though in my opinion it tastes horrible, try drinking a tablespoon of it a day to cute acne from the inside out.  

 15. Green Tea: The best thing ever. 

Green tea is not only an awesome morning drink, but it's also packed with antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties. Try and drink a cup a day to fight off bacteria that can harm your skin.  

 14. Know what you're doing with your hair before anything else. 

During your morning beauty routine it's best to style your hair before doing your make-up, because if you are using any hot styling appliances the heat causes the make-up to melt and clog your pores, making your skin more susceptible to break outs.  

 13. Vaseline 

Contrary to popular belief, Vaseline does not does not prevent wrinkles if you put it on your face at night. However if you out a thin layer over damp skin before bed, the moisture will be sealed in your skin and it will be much smoother in the morning.  

 12. Wash you're face before and after heavy physical activity.

When you work out, beaure to was your face before and after you exercise. This is because leaving make up on your face while exercising means it will mix with your sweat and clog your pores. So starting and ending with clean skin is the best solution  

 11. DIY Tip 

If you're a do it yourself beauty queen, use the milk in your fridge and add a cup of it to your bath for silky smooth skin. 

 10. Sister Mary Merlot 

Wine, in moderation, is proven to help shield your skin cells from harmful UV rays and another bonus is it helps enhance muscle tone, so drink up! 


 9. Turn down the heat 

Steam and hot water will open pores while cold water and air will help close them. Never apply your make-up directly after a hot shower because when your pores are open they'll instantly absorb more make-up, resulting in the clogging of your pores. To avoid this wait at least 15 minutes after a shower to apply your make-up.

 8. All Natural 

Try going without make-up one or two days a week to give your skin a breather. 

 7. Try a mask 

Using a face mask about once a week can help tighten pores and leave skin smooth and fresh, just don't over do it (like everyday). 

 6. Aspirin  

Crush up aspirin and mix it into a small amount of water to form a paste, put it on your face and le it dry as a mask and rinse it off. By doing this you're drying acne at the source healing it more quickly 

 5. Cool it on the mixed drinks

Lowering your alcohol consumption in general will also help clear your skin, but cutting out mixed drinks altogether is even more beneficial because with all the sweet juices and alcohol together you might as well just be drinking pure sugar.   

 4. Warm showers not hot 

If you're taking a hot shower try not to linger, the heat can dry out your skin leaving it flaky and dehydrated. 

 3. Try a nice soak 

A rose water bath is both balancing and soothing for all skin types. It evens out redness and calms any irritation that could be happening. 

 2. Back it up and pull it back 

Sitting close to your laptop and letting your hair fall in your face can cause breakouts, so sit back from your screen and put your hair in a ponytail while working.  

 1. H2O 

Hydration is the key to clear skin. Dehydration causes breakouts because your skin over compensates and produces more oil than necessary which in turn clogs your pores leading to pimples. I recommend drinking 3 litres of water a day.