Fascino: Charm Yourself

It’s Thursday evening, about 8 p.m., and my interviewees are fashionably late because lets face it: Finding a decent parking place in Pittsburgh’s South Side on “Thirsty Thursday” is like finding the holy grail.

The pub where this meeting is taking place is a quaint little spot called “The Urban Tap,” and as I take a look around I note that it’s a stylish little place which I have to admit is fitting, considering I was there to meet with Kelly Williamson and Stephanie Christiana, two up and coming personal stylists, and if that’s not cool enough, check this: They own a kick-ass boutique by the name of “Fascino,” where you can find loads of unique and stylish clothes.

When Stephanie and Kelly walk in the door, the first thing I notice is how on-point their outfits were. Kelly was wearing a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans, black heeled strappy sandals, a black top, along with a gorgeous white stone necklace. While Stephanie kept it simple with a black floral print romper, a slightly-heeled nude pumps, and I was stoked to learn that both the ladies’ wardrobes came from Fascino.

As they approach the table, both girls are very bubbly. We say our hellos and, almost in unison, the girls say, “So we are basically wearing each other’s styles this evening.” Stephanie goes on to explain that her style is normally more classic with lots of neutrals and statement jewelry, while Kelly’s is normally very colorful and girly. Upon talking with them some more, I notice that they are very in-tune with one another, which is obviously why they are so well-matched to run a business.

So how did these two ladies meet? Well the two met at Bigham Tavern, where they both worked as waitresses. Whilst talking to one another they both agreed that they were wanting to do something more creative and fulfilling to their interests, and it just so happened that both these women helped out their friends a ton when it came to fashion, styling, and choosing outfits!

So the girls got a “crazy” — but not really crazy — idea: Why don’t the two of us start a boutique?

I suppose the first thing about starting a boutique is “What do we name it?” So the girls explain that they name their boutique Fascino because it means “charm” in Italian, and considering that their slogan is “charm yourself,” it’s pretty damn fitting!

Another perk about the girls and the boutique is that they are willing to personally help you shop for your shape and style, and they do it for FREE! The reason they do this is just to be charitable, and because they want to give women confidence and make them feel good about themselves. (At least as of now they would like to work out a way to keep this feature, but as we all know, time is valuable!)

The next thing I loved about their shop is that they have a large variety for a very large demographic, stemming from 18 to 40, and it seriously works! My mom, in her 50s, loves and rocks their clothes as much as I do. (I guess you can say I got my sense of style from her.)

Lastly, I want to tell you about Fascino’s trunk shows simply because there's one coming up this Sunday, May 31st1:00 to 4:00 p.m., Bigham Tavern, Mount Washington, PA. Yup, that’s where they met!

What to expect from this? 

  • First off loads of surprise items exclusive to trunk show attendees only (until after the show of course!) 
  • Refreshments including mimosas and appetizers 
  • And of course loads of shopping, and basically playing dress-up!

Come on! What more could you want?!

Also please take notice that if you want a trunk show of your very own, just check it out here to set it up and see what its all about! 


Last notes:

The girls (and me of course!) want to say thank you for reading about them and supporting them. All three of us hope to see you at the trunk show Sunday (I will be there mingling as well as photographing the event!), and we want you to know that Fascino is here to stay!

#OOTD follow-up shoot coming soon I have Stephanie's romper in white! And just a random note: God I wish I had Kelly's curly locks! 

#OOTD follow-up shoot coming soon I have Stephanie's romper in white! And just a random note: God I wish I had Kelly's curly locks! 

Wanna shop? Just click Fascino