Wish-list Wednesdays!

Hi everyone and happy hump day! In celebration of the middle of the week I've decided that I will now be featuring these little biweekly posts that I'll be titling "Wish-list Wednesdays" just as a little mid-week pick me up for myself and my readers!
So what's this all about? Well all it is, is a wish list ranging from 5-15 things (big and small) that I would like to add to my forever growing wardrobe and/or make-up collection. Also, these are things that I think my fashion forward readers will enjoy as well.
And for the kick off this week's wish-list of 14 items! (Just so you know: The photos in the grid below read left to right and "The List" names them and gives you info respectively.)



  • Mornings are for Mimosas Tank by Pink Tutu ($16.99)
    • Have a love of sweet champagne and OJ in the morning like me? You can get this top here at Zulily
  • Flower Kathy Peep-Toe Wedge by Top Moda ($16.99)
    • The reason that I've decided I absolutely need these shoes is because they are just so dainty and feminine, they would just be darling paired with my Modern Twist Dress from ModCloth. If you're digging having floral on your feet, you can get these kicks here Zulily 
  • Black & White Sailor Low-Rise Linen Blend Shorts by Express ($29.99)
    • These shorts are just so chic!  I would love to have them in my closet simply because with the heat of summer coming the breezy linen material will help keep you cool as well as stylish. Want 'em? Zulily 
  • Coral & Blue Abstract Pocket Dress by Dzhavael Couture & More ($66.99) 
    • I really adore this dress because it mixes boho and classic so well (two of my favorite styles) it also has pockets, I mean where can you go wrong with a dress with pockets?! Zulily 
  • Alfresco Afternoon Top from ModCloth ($44.99)
    • Ahh! The perfect top for a stroll in the park or a picnic with your boo! The playful gingham pattern just brightens up any summer get together, and the little heart buttons add some extra cheer. Love it? ModCloth 
  • Black Print Visa Sandal by Top Moda ($9.99)
    • These sandals are simply rad. I love the tribal print and basic black and whites, also I truly do need a new pair of sandals and for $9.99 who could pass these dolls up? You agree? Zulily 
  • Lucca Baldi Red Tassel Leather Hobo by Italian Leather Statements ($124.99)
    • This bag has made the list because of it's versatility. It makes for a great pop of color for any wardrobe and any season. Are you a style chameleon like myself and would love to give this bag a home? Check it: Zulily 
  • Blue & Beige Paisley Shorts by Express ($24.99)
    • So I'll admit it, I'm a bit of a flower child considering I was raised by hippies (hi mum, hi dad!) so I've always had a thing for paisley but the reason I particularly like these paisley shorts is because of the asymmetrical pattern and the light and airy colors. Dig them? Zulily 
  • Coral Ella Wedge by Top Moda ($19.99)
    • Honestly these shoes just caught my eye due to the funky coral color and I thought they'd look rad with the Blue & Beige Paisley Shorts mentioned above. Perhaps I'm just starting to plan an outfit of the day while trying to get through editing loads of Under Armor apparel images at work. But I'm not complaining. Zulily 
  • Let's Make a Zeal Dress from ModCloth ($59.99)
    • I like this dotted little dress simply because it's darling. I think the collar is adorable and the pleated bottom just adds a girlish touch. Are you a girly girl? ModCloth 
  • What's the Espadrille-io? Flat from ModCloth ($49.99)
    • These flats just look perfect for kickin' it on a summer day around the city or even a museum and dinner date. With the airy sides of the shoes they'd definitely keep your feet from getting too toasty and not to mention they're absolutely adorable! ModCloth 
  • Black & White Patch Ruffle Dress by Dzhavael Couture & More ($69.99)
    • Oh man this dress! Much like the other Dazhavael dress on this list I love it because it combines boho and chic so well however This one will definitely be ordered my next pay simply because it is just to lovely to pass up. My favorite thing about it? Let's just say I'm all about that fit & flare. Zulily 
  • Pink & White Oversize Plaid Button-Up by Express ($24.99)
    •  This piece is just so chill and simply that I can't help to picture myself strolling down the beach wearing it along with some white shorts and a big sun hat! Want to add it to your beach wear collection? Zulily 
  • Tickling the Ivories Dress in Creme from ModCloth ($59.99)
    • If you are looking for a dress for an upcoming summer soiree, look no further!  This little beauty gives you just the right amount of elegance without making you look to formal. (And again, I really do love fit and flare.) ModCloth