Get a Little, Give A lot

With spring in full swing and summer right around the corner (here in Pittsburgh you know 'tis the season when everyone starts complaining how hot it is!) you're probably starting to think of revamping your wardrobe after all that spring cleaning. Well, when you're out shopping looking for those styles that make you heart pitter-patter -- you know that fabulous dress, cozy v-neck tee, all those nice shiny statement piece jewelry items -- just ponder on this for a minute: what if those awesome clothes and accessories you're buying  could do some good for someone else too? 

Well that's the idea behind this entry. The following 22 designers are literally the coolest because they give back to the less privileged when you purchase their duds! Wanna see what rad stuff they have in store for you? Check it out in the slide show below (and for all the deets on the designer, the item, and the website, just hover your cursor, or finger if on mobile, over the image):