Versatile Blogger Award

Hi everyone and happy Friday!

I want to start off by saying that I am absolutely thrilled to have been nominated for another award! A big thank you to Zel Black for awarding me with The Versatile Blogger Award! (If anyone knows this blogger please send me her link because in the email I received with my nomination did not list her blog, so I'd just really love to be able to post it here and of course check out her stuff.)  

So what is The Versatile Blogger Award? This award, much as the name suggests is given to bloggers who are versatile in their writing, so when awarding someone with this you should always consider the quality of writing, the uniqueness and versatility of the subjects covered, the amount of what I like to call "personality" in the writing on the blog, and of course the quality of pictures. Needles to say, I am very honored to have been nominated/awarded and to have my blog thought of in this way, so again thank you so much, Zel!


The rules to this award are simple: 

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. If you are provided with a link to their blog, place it with in the post.
  3. Pick 15 excellent blogs that you follow and nominated them.
  4. Let the nominees know that they are nominated. 
  5. Post 7 facts about yourself. 

Sweet, right?

Seven Facts About Me

1. My favorite color is neon orange and honestly for the strangest reason: while growing up as a child in South Western Pennsylvania, I can remember always liking the large orange construction barrels peeking out of the snow I always thought they gave our dull, grey, and long winters some color. Now my feelings towards them are much different, considering they generally mean loads of delays, however the fondness of the color still remains til this day.

2. I am pretty much addicted to caffeine. From my beloved venti iced Americano, to zen tea, even extending to diet coke. Very rarely will you spot me without one of three.

3. I am ambidextrous.

4. I love cooking! My favorite dish to make is chicken Marsala with mashed potatoes. (I make a mean salmon Alfredo as well!)

5. I prefer books to movies because I like to envision the character's and scenery myself rather than having an actor, actress, or dictate what they look like. I have a crazy active imagination and I feel this helps me exercise it.

6. I am a Fannibal, as well as part of the GoT, AHS, and OITNB Fandoms, I also love Archer, Bob's Burgers, South Park (Butters being my favorite character), and [old] Spongebob.

7. About 3/4 of my body is covered in tattoos.

My Nominees:

  1. A Messy Bun Day
  2. That Pale Girl
  3. Wallflower 
  4. Jenna Rose Colored Glasses
  5. Living Boldly
  6. We Wear Silver
  7. Cafe Sombre
  8. Bath Time Bed Time
  9. Stash Of Sass
  10. Tom Cox 
  11. Dolly's Disco
  12. The Silver Feline
  13. The Cat Said
  14. Heide Boston
  15. Tarte Tanya

Thanks for reading! I appreciate all my readers, you're the best! 

Xx, Bree