#OOTD Romping Around Town

Ahhhh, firstly I have to say after a week hiatus it's good to be back in the groove! Also sorry for missing my weekly post, I recently moved to be closer to my job as well as the city, so  I have been nesting (this has also given me some great ideas for this weeks upcoming wish-list Wednesday post)! However more on that subject will come on Wednesday, because this post shines the spotlight on what I think is a total go to summer outfit: The Romper. 

Romper from  Fascino

Romper from Fascino

Okay, so I know a romper can be a bit of a pain if you need to use the ladies room but that's literally this piece's only down fall. I mean it's absolutely perfect for a nice afternoon out about town. So why is this piece so great? Well for one I love rompers in general because they are breezy and cool for the ridiculously hot and humid summer weather. I also love this one in particular because of it's unique cut, I mean lately other than on Fascino I have had trouble finding long sleeve rompers that I really liked. Another bonus about this piece is the material is so soft and flowy therefore not leaving you uncomforable or constricted while bee-bopping around.


Of course I won't leave you hanging on some of my other fave pieces. And as always these accessories really make the outfit! The first essential? Shades. 

I love these shades for two reasons:

  1. They remind me of a cross between Andy Warhol's and Audrey Hepburn's sunglasses. So they are artsy and chic. Who wouldn't dig it?
  2. I got them for $0.99 at Myrtle Beach. Awesome right?!

Not to mention, they go with just about everything.  

Next up is my nude bag that I actually purchased at TJ Maxx. I adore this purse because it is structured with metal ridges that double as a track to lock your belongings inside along with having a soft but industrial look.

And lastly my taupe Tahari heels. The reason I chose these lovelies is due to the fact I had a dinner engagement following this shoot, there for these heel's were just the thing to dress this playful look up a bit, all the while keeping it fun!

One Last Look:

Rompers love them or hate them? Tell me what your feels on them are below!

Xx, Bree