Wish-list Wednesday

Wow I can't believe it is almost mid August! It really feels like this summer has just been flying by. Then again perhaps this is because I've had so many things going on recently from working on the blog, my photography job, gallery shows, guest writing for A Dose of Vitamin F, and just all kinds of craziness! But I have to admit it has been fun and has felt awesome to be doing so many things I love at once. 

However now that all the nostalgia of my past summer is out of the way, summer coming to an end (quickly) has inspired me to do a "one last glimpse" post of some of my favorite summer styles (along with some favorite summer exercise clothes) before I dive head first into my favorite season of all: fall! 

Goodbye summer you will surely be missed.

The List:

  • Blue Paisley High-Waisted Shorts by WallFlower Jeans ($14.99)
    • As we all know I love paisley! Do you? Zulily
  • Aztec Bodycon Dress by Fascino ($32)
    • Nothing says summer like light pinks and oranges with a fun pattern. Perfect for a night on the town! Fascino
  • Twisted Front Cami Dress by Fascino ($32)
    • So simple and sweet, just like a LBD should be. Fascino
  • Midimaxi Dress by Fascino ($25)
    • The perfect combo of a sheer maxi dress and a short LBD, great for all occasions. Fascino 
  • I Run Because I Really Like Wine Tank on Etsy ($21.99)
    • I really like wine, enough said. Etsy 
  • Nightwater Hot Shorts by Marika ($14.99)
    • This just look great for running! Zulily
  • Fierce Pink Keyhole Sports Bra by Marika ($16.99)
    • This just looks so comfy for yoga. Zulily (unfortunately the pink is sold ot but that still have the grey one!)
  • Georgia Peach Monique Leggings by Balance Collection ($16.99)
    • I just loved the name and the look! Zulily
  • Black and Gold Party Dress by Fascino ($30)
    • Maybe it's because I'm a Pittsburgh girl but this black and gold dress is just darling. Love it? Fascino
  • Here Comes the Bride Dress by Fascino ($45) 
    • Even though domestic bliss isn't making Kevin and I hear wedding bells (yet) this dress is just so gorgeous and I can totally see me wearing it to some end of season outdoor parties or even for a end of summer tour through Old Economy Village. Get it here at Fascino
  • First On The Gleam Necklace by ModCloth ($29.99)
    • This rustic necklace is just a nice touch to any earthy outfit and I love the colors! ModCloth
  • Honeycomb Necklace by Fascino ($16)
    • I just adored how simple and bohemian this gold piece is. Fascino
  • Sleeveless High Low Dress by Fascino ($30)
    • I love high low dresses and the zig-zag cut out is just the right finishing touch. Dig it? Fascino
  • Dragonfly Away With Me Dress by ModCloth ($124.99)
    • This dress is just too cute for words! Perfect for a picnic by the lake. ModCloth
  • Ready, Steady, Float Dress by ModCloth ($89.99)
    • This floral maxi with a lace bodice just shouts summer chic! ModCloth

What are some of you favorite end of summer looks? Tell me all about in the comment section below!