Hey Everyone I'm a Guest Writer!

Hello, everybody! I am thrilled to announce that I am now not only writing for my own blog but have been granted the honor to work with another blog called A Dose of Vitamin F. Now don't worry this doesn't mean Stark Raving Chic is going to fall by the way side, it just means that I will now periodically (biweekly starting this month) be featuring a description of the articles that I write for Tenelle (she's the owner of Dose) along with a link to said article so you can read it there, and of course check out the other cool articles and chic boutique that Dose of Vitamin F has to offer!

So before I dive into my upcoming article description on Dose, let me tell you a little bit about it. Dose of Vitamin F (established February 1, 2011) is a fashion blog as well as e-boutique ran by the lovely Tenelle. Tenelle is an accomplished member of the fashion industry ranging from having a Masters Degree in fashion design as well as being a successful fashion designer, stylist, and entrepreneur. This all being said, I think it goes without saying that her blog is pretty sweet.

Dose covers a wide range of topics ranging from fashion, lifestyle, music and beauty meaning that the blogs versatility is welcoming to all readers! So seriously, put this blog on your reading list, as if you already hadn't.

So what's my upcoming article on Dose of Vitamin F going to be focusing on?

For my upcoming article I wrote a DIY beauty article with 5 different types of baths you can soak in that do all sorts of different things from softening your skin to relieving aches and pains! Wanna read more? Check it out  here.