Dose of Vitamin F: 10 Fun & Creative Date Ideas

Ah, February is upon us and everyone knows what that means: Valentine's Day. And though I personally don't commemorate the holiday by going on a date (Okay, maybe if James and I were on the same continent I would but that is not the case, though in all fairness I'm sure him an I will be having a Skype date.) I know most of us do. This leaves many of us pondering what we could possibly do to make the night special, and that doesn't include going to dinner and a movie.

So for my most recent article on Dose of Vitamin F, I decided to compile a list of fun and creative dates that you can try out this Valentine's day! Looking for something fun to do with your other half this Valentine's Day? Head over to Dose and check out my list here!

Love any of these date ideas? Tell me about it in the comments below or in the comments on Dose