JORD Wood Watches: Holiday Campaign

As we all know the holiday season is just about upon us, which means two things: 

1. Style minded individuals like myself are beginning to plan all of our outfits for holiday events, regardless of the fact it's weeks to months in advance.  

2. Pretty much everybody is trying to figure out the perfect gifts for their loved ones. 

This being said, though I will be sharing some fun styling ideas later this month for all the seasonal events I will be attending, today I am thrilled to announce that I have partnered with JORD Wood Watches for their holiday campaign!

JORD Wooden Watches

Before I dive into the details about the campaign and giveaway (yes giveaway!) first I'd like to tell you a bit about JORD as well as showcase the beautiful watch that their representative Stacy sent me to review and keep free of charge! 

Image Provided by  JORD , watch pictured:  Dover Series, Zebrawood & Dark Sandalwood

Image Provided by JORD, watch pictured: Dover Series, Zebrawood & Dark Sandalwood

Firstly, JORD is a watch company based in St. Louis, Missouri specializing in luxury, handmade, wooden watches. Their watches are beautifully crafted and are made of the finest materials including a vast selection of different woods, several different skeletons, and lastly the faces of the JORD watches are made of sapphire glass, along with custom engraving services. JORD also has a year long warranty for any repairs that you may need and also offers repair services after a year. And lastly, though JORD is based here in the USA, they ship internationally so my international readers can get in on the goods too!

My JORD Watch: The Frankie Series

As I stated earlier, JORD representative Stacy, was kind enough to reach out to me to collaborate with JORD for this campaign. And in order for me to fully participate, they sent me an absolutely gorgeous watch from their Frankie series

  Image Provided by  JORD , watch pictured:  Frankie Series, Dark Sandalwood & Emerald

 Image Provided by JORD, watch pictured: Frankie Series, Dark Sandalwood & Emerald

The first thing I noticed when I unpackaged my JORD watch was not only was the watch itself beautiful, but the box that it came in was remarkably crafted as well! The watch box was quite heavy and had a beautiful JORD stamp on the top of it. The watch was clearly packed with extraordinary care and was securely placed in the box with an extra touch of packing foam to guarantee its safety while traveling. 


Then when I carefully began to inspect my new timepiece, I was not surprised to find that the quality of this watch was impeccable. Obviously there wasn't a scratch on it, the links fit together perfectly, and the clasp is an incredibly easy to work with design--especially compared to my Movoado. 

Wanna see more from my Instagram stories? Feel free to check me out on Instagram  @StarkRavingChic ! 

Wanna see more from my Instagram stories? Feel free to check me out on Instagram @StarkRavingChic

The face of the watch is a very deep emerald green which looks absolutely stunning against the dark sandalwood body. Also the gold accents of the numbers and hands are dazzling and glimmer gorgeously when in sunlight, and also make the watch easier to read due to the contrast.

In my most recent outfit of the day post, you can see that I styled this watch with a nice, casual look. Though in that post, the details may be over looked so in this post, I've decided to include a few close up photos just so you can see for yourself how lovely the watch is. 

For the outfit I recently styled it with, I just felt it paired beautifully with the khaki color of my skirt and earthy tones of the rest of my attire. It gave the watch a fun feel for all.  

And then, the second outfit I styled it with (which will be live on the 22nd, along with another announcement about another awesome collaborator I've been working with!)  was a more street style based look just so I could show this timepiece's versatility, which all my readers know is a very important thing to me. 

Shopping Guide 

Considering this campaign is geared towards the holiday season, I thought that I would give you some tips on what kind of watches would be good for every person in your life. Also, it's a nice perk that JORD has so much variety, considering anyone can find something they like! And with that being said, especially with the giveaway JORD is hosting (the details are below I promise!), why bother going out for Black Friday when you can just shop from home in your pajamas? 

Women's Watches  

The three watches below are my top picks out of JORD's women's watches. The reason I chose these three specifically are because I thought they were the most unique and each are perfectly geared towards three main styles I feel the women purchasing them would fit into and those are: professional, classic, and bold.

The Professional Powerhouse:

The Sidney model is prefect for the professional woman in your life. This traditional design with the added accents and rose coloring of the wood gives this piece the perfect balance of style and business. 

The Classicly Chic:

This Cora Series timepiece is perfect for the classicly chic lady. This piece has hints of romanticism with it's accents as well as a very feminine vibe due to it's rose gold face.  This is one watch that is perfect for the Audrey Hepburn's of the world.

The Bold Beauty: 

Do you have a wild child in your life? If so I'm sure this loud, but beautiful, Frankie Series plum colored watch would definitely be a staple accessory to any of her outfits. From the eye catching gold accents to the rich color, you can't go wrong by gifting this timepiece to the bold beaut in your life. 

Men's Watches

Much like when choosing my top picks for the women's watches, my choices for men where also the most unique but still geared to the most popular style niches for shoppers. These in my opinion were the traditional, the luxurious, and the modern.

The Strictly Business: 

Do you have a loved one who is a workaholic or just prefers a traditionally styled watch? If so the Conway Series model is the perfect choice for him! It's traditional design makes is a stylish choice to any business man who would like a distinguished look. 

The Sharply Dressed: 

If your guy is anything like mine, this Frankie Series watch is the perfect choice for him. As an early gift this year, I bought John this timepiece because he's had his eye on this model since I received my frankie watch! And though he hasn't received it yet (sorry beau, you have to wait 'til I come visit on the 24th!) he is very excited because it suits his classic, but laid back style very well. 

The Modern Man: 

This Dover Series watch is definitely a timepiece for the modern fashionisto. It's trendy, gorgeous, and incredibly modern. So it is perfect for the man who want's to stand out in a crowd. 


FINALLY the part of this post I am sure you have all been waiting for: THE GIVEAWAY INFORMATION! 

First, this giveaway starts today (Thursday, November 10, 2016) and is running through Saturday, December 16, 2016, so everybody has a little over one month to enter the giveaway. And just to be clear, the date's this giveaway is running are as follows:

Starts: Thursday, November 10, 2016

Ends: Friday, December 16, 2016

Now that you have the dates, you should also know that JORD ships internationally so ALL of my readers can participate! So what will you get from this giveaway? Well compliments of JORD everyone who enters will instantly win a $25 e-gift code that they can use to shop from JORD. To sign up for this part of the giveaway, just click the photo below and it will take you to JORD's sign up page:


Now, though I will still be giving away a JORD watch, this part of the giveaway is strictly on me considering I always try and personally host a holiday giveaway for my readers because I love you all! This being said the reason I am pairing my personal giveaway with JORD's is simply because I was so impressed with my JORD watch that I thought my readers would love one too, so here is what I am awarding one lucky reader:

Since John and I adore our Frankie Series watches so much, I will send ONE lucky reader a Frankie Series watch (including the Frankie 35s!) of their choice. There are seven "Frankie" to choose from and you can find them HERE. And then there are four "Frankie 35" to choose from which can be found HERE.

My giveaway will be running for the same dates as the JORD sponsored giveaway, and to enter this part of my  giveaway all you need to do is comment below with your name, email, and which Frankie Series watch you would like to try and win. Then bright and early on December 17, 2016, after everyone has had a chance to enter, I will announce the winner in the comments and promptly email them to get the necessary information to place their order (e.g. Wrist size, which I will send you a PDF so you can take your measurement, and of course I will need your mailing address so I can send you your gift!) and ship their watch to them, which I will also be shipping internationally as well. 

Final Notes: 

To all of my readers, I would like to wish you all good luck and I can't wait to see who wins! Also, to those of you who also enter the JORD sponsored part of this giveaway (which you all should because they're a great company and you get $25 towards ANY watch of your choice!) I cannot wait to see what you purchase and how you style it!

And lastly, I just want to say THANK YOU to all my readers, from the longtimers who have been with me from the beginning to the newbies who might have only came here for this post. All of you though are wonderful and I would not have this success or be able to work with such great companies like JORD without you. So thank you so much for your support, and again good luck.  

Xx, Bree