Wish-list Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everybody! I hope everyone is having a great week so far. For this month's wish-list I'm featuring styles from my sponsors SheIn and Rocksbox as well as one of my recent collaborators Besbelle. A lot of the pieces I chose this time around are a little conflicting, and that's because some of them (E.g. coats, wraps, etc.) are for styling up here in the 'Burgh while the others are for whenever I go visit John down in Delray Beach! So let's take a look shall we?

1. Burgundy Jacket, SheIn

  • Honestly, not that I need another jacket, I just adore the color of this one and really love the detailing.

2. Yellow Lapel PU Leather Jacket, SheIn

  • Though I already have a beloved leather jacket, I'm in the market for a colored one for next fall. Why next fall you ask? Well if you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed that I was accepted into Point Park University's Psychology Program for Fall 2017! So, needless to say I'm already staying on top of trends to keep my stylish on campus next year.

3. Color Block Coat, SheIn

  • So though I have a ton of jackets, I don't have many full length coats, which can be a problem when running around downtown Pittsburgh in the winter. (A life lesson I learned during my 4 years at Art Institute and living on Mt. Washington.) And the reason this coat made the list is simply because I love anything color block!

4. Apricot Asymmetrical Print Trench Coat, SheIn

  • The reason this coat made the list is because I think the detailing and color are gorgeous. Also it would be nice to switch up my coat every once in awhile!

5. Art Deco Lever Back Earring, Besbelle

  • These earrings are just simply gorgeous! And as I stated in my last post about Besebelle, I just am really digging the art deco trend right now. It's just so elegant and pretty.

6.  Perry Street Adaline Necklace, Rocksbox

  • I've had my eye on this necklace ever since my sponsor Rocksbox released it earlier this fall! I just love the design and think it would look lovely paired with a few of my blouses.

7. Perry Street Eve Necklace, Rocksbox

  • Like my Agate Spear Cuff Bracelet, this necklace has been on my wish-list FOREVER. (Might have even been on one of my former Wish-list Wednesday posts!) So Alyssa, if you're reading this, please send me this necklace soon if you can!

8. Pave Geometric Bangle, Besbelle

  • As I've mentioned, something I would like more of is bracelets. I am slowly but surely growing my collection but this one is has definitely made the cut. I simply love the geometric pattern.

9. Boho Print Bikini, SheIn

  • Though I love my bikini from Victoria Secrect, with how much I have been going the beach when I visit John, I feel like I should have a few more swimsuits. Hence why this adorable boho bikini from SheIn has made the list.

10. "Royal" One Piece Swimsuit, Swim Classy (Exciting news!)

  • Though I will be doing a post on this around Thanksgiving when I head down to Delray Beach to see my beau, I'm happy to announce that I have a new sponsor and that is the New Jersey Swim Shop, Swim Classy! More details will be coming soon, but for my sponsored post for them Milly, their CEO, sent me this darling Mika One Piece to promote. But that's not all! If you want to check out their shop and all of their gorgeous swimsuits, you can receive 25% off your order when you use my special promo code "starkravingchic25" at check out! 

11.  Elephant Printed Dress, SheIn (Boutique Collection)

  • Okay, I'm guilty of once again buying a piece prior to my wish-list post. But some on this dress is gorgeous! And it's perfect to wear to Thanksgiving dinner with John's family. (OOTD coming November 26th)

12. Black Cape, SheIn

  • For some reason, ever since I was little I have always loved capes. To me they are just so timeless and chic, this being said I can't believe I don't already have one in my wardrobe!

13. Navy Studded Heels, SheIn

  • Though I'm not a fan of wearing shoes, they are however a necessity, so they might as well be cute right? I fell in love with these heels and just think they'd pair very well with some of my party dresses for West Palm night life.

14. Retro Black Pumps, SheIn

  • These shoes would just be perfect for around the office, and considering the retro trend is something I'm on board with, I fell like they'd make a great addition to my wardrobe.

15. Apricot Faux Pearl Heel, SheIn

  • I just love how cute and quirky these shoes are! The little pearl detailing is just so girly and I love the color combination and rounded toe. I think it would be a conversation started in both the office or when I head back to college.

16. Gold Ankle Boot, SheIn

  • Again, I love anything that glitters. And what else can I say these boots just look fun!

What are some items you're wishing for this month? Let's chat in the comments below or you can tweet me at @StarkRavingChic! Have a granted wish that you want to show off? Snap a photo and tag me on Instagram @StarkRavingChic

Xx, Bree

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