COMPLEX: Runway Show

During my hiatus from writing this past summer, something I thought a lot about was what kinds of stories I wanted to cover when I returned to the blogging world. Yes, of course I still wanted to do my style posts, but I also needed things with more depth involving things that were not just about my personal style, things that would spark peoples interest or raise awareness about a cause.

Well luckily after stepping back into the blogging scene, I was fortunate enough to be thrust right back into the fashion world as well as the Pittsburgh public eye. Since returning I have had the opportunity to write about a charity event benefiting the the homeless, attended an exclusive press event for ModCloth, conduct two kick-ass interviews with the lovely Ilana Harkavy and Brian David, as well as attend two fashion shows as both press and as a V.I.P. guest. And for those of you who are wondering, yes, this article is about the second fashion show which was titled COMPLEX.

How I Got the Gig

Unlike Fashion Week Downtown which was just pure luck due to my friend Jeanette reaching out to me, for COMPLEX I was actually invited as a V.I.P. and press due to my coverage of Fashion Week Downtown. Lauren Long, the coordinator of the event, and TaRonda Brown the owner of the local Pittsburgh boutique Brown Sugar, were impressed by my work and decided I would be the perfect fit to cover the story, so they were kind enough to give my a free ticket in exchange for coverage. This being said I was so excited for an opportunity not only to attend another runway show, but to work with and meet more Pittsburgh designers!

Entertainment, Cocktails, and Shopping, OH MY!

The show itself took place at the Greater Pittsburgh Coliseum in Homewood North. It was a very neat venue and the crew did an awesome job of setting up both seating and the runway. Another unique aspect I liked about this show was that each of the designers had pop up booths set up so you could actually shop the runway during intermission, of if you were a V.I.P. even before the show. (Which I totally did and that post will be coming soon--hint: I got a gorgeous piece from Brown Sugar and will be styling it when John and I take our mini vacation over Thanksgiving!) 


Speaking of intermission, and let's not forget the V.I.P. cocktail hour prior the show, the first thing I have to say is DJ G-BO did an excellent job. The music selection was great and gave the event a very cool vibe. Then the audience got to enjoy talents of radio personalities DJ Mike Dean and DJ Duffy of Basketball Wives LA, who where the announcers for the show, they were absolutely spot on with their lovely personalities and great senses of humor. And this brings me to the last of the entertainment portion that did not involve clothing and models, the intermission. During intermission, rising star and Pittsburgh makeup artist Norman Freeman, hosted a catwalk competition for the women in the audience, which I participated in and (surprisingly) won! (I have to admit that it gave me some major confidence for the next show I will be attending and actually walking in on December 9th more details on that coming soon.) So needless to say the extra (and unique) interaction with the audience and music really made this event a blast! 

C O M P L E X 

Now for the part I'm sure everyone has been waiting for: the details about COMPLEX: Runway Show! 

The theme for this show was much different than that of Fashion Week Downtown which mainly focused on couture pieces and not so much urban fashion. COMPLEX on the other hand, though some designers featured some beautiful party dresses, really had a focus on urban/street style. The clothing I saw on COMPLEX's runway were definitely clothes every urban woman would love to style. This being said I'm sure come next year when I'm back in the city for college you'll see me donning some pieces, or at least ones similar, by these designers because when it comes to clothes and styling, I always try to stand out.

So you can see exactly what I am talking about, here are a few of my favorite shots from the runway in the photo reel below:

Designers: LACED Apparel, ORIGINAL CRACKAGE, L.O.U.D. Collection, Dirtgag Couture, Imihi Designs, Cherish by Cherie, Brown Sugar, Willie Gees, L'exito, and Eclectic Adonis

And if you would like to see ALL my work from this show, I now have a tab for it in my "PORTFOLIO" section, or you can just click here!

Final Thoughts

Much like Fashion Week Downtown, I had a wonderful time at COMPLEX Runway Show and would love to see more shows like each of them in the future. This is because they are such a great way to bring together the fashion community in Pittsburgh as well as shine light on the AMAZING designers that call this wonderful city home. 

What were some of your favorite looks from COMPLEX? Let's chat about them in the comments below, I would love to hear what you think!