New Year's Eve Style Guide

I don't know about you, but for me December has seemed to have flown by within the blink of an eye. Perhaps I feel this way just because December has been quite the busy month for me, from modelling in my very first fashion show, to John visiting, and of course all the yuletide styling I've been doing on Instagram. With this being said, I have to admit that I've overlooked one holiday that everyone (myself included) enjoys making a fuss over, and that holiday is none other than New Year's Eve.

Like everyone else, year after year I tend to set my expectations for New Year's Eve incredibly high and later end up disappointed. From plans falling through, to not getting that kiss at midnight, there are quite a few things that can turn watching the ball drop into a total bust. However, over the years I have learned there is one thing that you can make sure goes right on New Year's Eve and that is having an on point outfit to ring in the new year! So in case everyone has been caught up in the Christmas whirlwind as much as I have been, I decided to make a quick style guide featuring perfect outfits to celebrate the coming of 2017 in. 

Shine Your Brightest

One big trend this year for holiday looks is definitely metallic material. Which when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. What better way to step into the new year than to gleam and glisten? So for my first pick, I chose this absolutely show stopping rose gold metallic gown from my sponsor SheIn. This gown, is the perfect choice if you and your beau decide to do something a little extra special to watch the ball drop this year. This gown would be perfect attire for a night of dinner and dancing at an upscale restaurant. Lastly, the pretty rose gold color of this dress also adds just touch of romantic flare which is more than fitting for a night out with your sweetie.



Of course, a gown as gorgeous as this one needs equally dazzling accessories. So the first accessory I chose to pair with this gown are these beautiful gold drop earrings. The reason I chose this pair of earrings is because I adored the mod look of them. I felt that their feminine shape and subtle edge was the perfect match for this gown. The reason these earrings work so well with this gown though is because though they are drop earrings, they are simple and not overly dramatic which means they will not take away from this rose gold gown's eloquent beauty.


The second accessory I chose to further style this gown with is this gorgeous gold choker. Originally, I considered a simple drop necklace due to this gown's plunging neckline but then thought better of it because I was concerned it'd be a little much. However, much like the earrings, this choker gives just the right amount of extra shine and looks incredibly sophisticated without taking away from the gown.



Lastly, to finish off this eloquent and romantic look, I chose these pretty, pink, fur toed heels to add even more of a dreamy and feminine touch to this gown. As you know from my last style guide, fur and velvet are huge this year for holiday looks. With that being said I thought that these heels would add a very soft and pretty touch to this dress.



Perfectly Sequenced Sequins

Another big trend you will be seeing a lot of this year for New Year's Eve is loads of sequins. Much like metallic fabrics, sequins are a perfect choice to wear for a night out on New Year's Eve due to their gorgeous shimmering. This dress however, is more suitable for a night out with friends and would be quite the conversation starter at a New Year's Eve party. This dress would also be a great choice if you and your girls decide to go to a club and dance until the New Year begins. (And then maybe even some for after!!) 



Though this shiny dress does not require a necklace, I thought these laid back metallic earrings by Elise M would be a perfect fit! The reason I chose these earrings (which you can find on my sponsor Rocksbox's site) is because I thought that the gold complemented the greens and blues of this dress but due to the black metallic center, wouldn't take away from the dress or make the outfit look too busy.




Of course, since you'd definitely be gearing up and heading out to a party of some sort in this wild sequined dress, you know you will need a trusty purse or handbag of some sort to keep your necessities in! So I chose this pretty gold clutch because the gold would stand out beautifully against the greens and blues of the dress and I just thought this clutch and this dress would make a lovely pair.



Lastly, you would need some fun and funky shoes to accompany this mini sequined dress, and I thought these gold metallic heels would do just the trick! Of course I naturally chose these heels because they matched the gold clutch and compliment the dress, but I also love the cut out design on them. These strappy beauties are the final piece of the puzzle for this sexy New Year's Eve party look. 



Red Velvet

For this next look, I decided I should add a less sexy look for a semi-formal New Year's Eve party at a relatives. So, for this look I chose this darling velvet and lace dress from my affiliate and sponsor, StyleWe. The reason I love this dress is because it has a feel of simple elegance and has a soft and pretty feel for a family gathering. The dress is a great choice for a gathering such as this because of it's modest length and because the sweetheart neckline paired with the three quarter length lace sleeves give this dress a timelessly chic feel. 



To add a little extra shine to this dress, I decided to pair it with this gorgeous pair of Elle burgundy earrings by Kendra Scott. The reason I chose this pair of earrings is because the gold frame of them pairs nicely with this dress' vintage feel and the gorgeous burgundy center matches the soft and pretty red velvet of this dress perfectly. 



Another great accessory to pair with this timeless dress, would be this simple Aida bangle by Gorjana. The reason this is, is because this bangle would add a touch of shimmer without being over the top.


To finish off this darling and sophisticated party look, I paired this cute classic dress with a classic type of shoe: the Mary Jane pump. Though this pump is a modern twist on the classic Mary Jane, it was still a no-brainer choice to me due to the the classic style of the dress. I mean really, what's a more classic shoe than Mary Jane's? This shoe also plays well off of the black lace at the top of the dress and also adds a sweet playful feel to the outfit due to it's fun cutouts and the buckle at the ankle.


The Cat's Meow

To finish off this style guide, the last look I chose was for those of us who will be attending a casual New Year's Eve bash with friends. For this final and more casual look, I chose this chic cutout jumpsuit. The reason I chose this jumpsuit is because of it's fun and playful (and strategically placed) cutouts. This is the perfect choice for a causal holiday party because it's just the right amount of sexy without appearing over dressed. This piece would also be a much more comfortable choice for a night in opposed to sitting around in a cocktail dress.




To further style this jumpsuit, I felt that these gold bead drop earrings would be the perfect choice. Much like the jumpsuit itself, these tassel earrings have a flare of playfulness. The black beading on them also tie in perfectly with the jumpsuit adding a nice balance. 




Of course, a playful outfit calls for a playful purse! So I paired this fun and fearless cutout jumpsuit with this adorable cat shaped purse! This little bag is perfect for a casual evening and will surely be the envy of your girl friends just because of how adorable it is! Obviously this purse is adorable but the reason it works so well with this jumpsuit is all because of it's playful nature. The gold face of this feline bag also compliments the tassel earrings that are part of this fun ensemble. Another reason why I loved this purse is because though it's a bit on the smaller side, it is also very spacious which would make it perfect for everyday use as well!




The last piece I chose to top off this look, as well as to add a pop of color, are these pink and gold glittery heels. Let's face it, though this jumpsuit is fun it could use some color to really make it pop to ring in the new year. So I figured what better way to do that than to pair this jumpsuit with some wild high heels? These heels are a great choice for a casual party due to their fun and funky vibe. The gold in these heels also play off of the gold on this outfit's purse and then the pink adds just the right amount of color to make this outfit really stand out.



So what are you going to be wearing to welcome 2017? I'd love to chat about it, so tell me all about your New Year's Eve style choices in the comments below, or you can tweet me at @StarkRavingChic. Have a photo you want to show off? Feel free to tag me on Instagram at @StarkRavingChic!

Also, if you're curious about what I'm wearing for New Year's Eve this year stay tuned for my holiday outfit of the day coming January 1, 2017! Later babes.

Xx, Bree

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