#BLOGMAS: Fantastic Gifts & Where to Get Them

Every year, I always get asked by family and friends where and how I come up with innovative gift ideas that are well suited for just about anyone. I know that sometimes this can be quite the tricky venture for many of us since we don't want to come off as seeming like we put no effort into a gift. So this year, I decided to share some of my favorite gift ideas that are well suited for both ladies and fellows (and that won't break the bank)! 

A Travel Press

This gift is really a gift that keeps on giving, or should I say brewing? This travel press is a perfect choice for that coffee and/or tea lover in your life. It's perfect because it allows them to brew on the go and doubles as a travel mug. (This travel press also perfect for a certain girl who will be returning to college for her spring semester. You know, those of us who will be walking around downtown Pittsburgh, taking photographs for their internship during the chilly months of January and February. Mum, if you're reading this, hint, hint!)

Burt's Bees Fabulous Mini's Gift Set

Much like in my gifts list article from last year for Dose of Vitamin F Burt's Bees products are still one of my favorite gifts to give simply because they are practical and everybody can use them. This set in particular is great to fight the damaging effects of winter weather due to all of it's nourishing assets, which will keep your skin from getting rough and dry this season. This set includes travel sizes of the following: nourishing cream cleanser, intense hydration day lotion, soap bark and chamomile deep cleansing cream, naturally nourishing milk and honey body lotion,  coconut foot cream, and Shea butter hand cream. 

Wishing Ball

For those of you that don't know what a wishing ball is, it's a neat little decor piece that you can leave a small notebook by to write "wishes" on and then place them into the ball. However, this could also be used as a way for guests to leave kind messages and wishes of well being to the owner of the home that the wishing ball is placed in. The reason I feel this is such a great gift is because it spreads positivity and doubles as a great decorative piece.

A Watch

Firstly, in case some of my readers haven't entered my JORD Watch Holiday Giveaway yet, you can enter to win a watch of your very own as well as receive a 25% off e-code instantly just for entering! (You can get all the deets HERE, get your 25% off e-code HERE, and enter the contest HERE.) But really, the reason I feel any of JORD's watches would be a wonderful gift is because they are so well crafted and look beautiful for any occasion. Trust me, I got John this gorgeous timepiece for Christmas and he loves it!

Wine Tote (Glasses Included)

As my long time readers know, I love wine. Aside from scotch, it is actually my drink of choice, but that's not the only reason I feel this wine tote is an excellent gift. The reason I chose this wine tote is because I feel that the best gathering take place with loved ones around a dinner table at home. This being said, this tote is a very nifty way to serve guests their beverages. (I don't know about your families, but I know the Fesh and Barry households both enjoy their vino at family gatherings!!)


Lastly, this is actually a little gift I want to get myself when I return to college in a few weeks, (That announcement coming soon--though I won't be on campus until fall, I am taking a few online classes and have been accepted into a pretty big internship that starts January 1st! And if you follow me on Instagram, you know exactly what internship I'm talking about. *wink*) just to add some extra life to my room. However, the reason I say succulent plants are a great gift for anyone is because much like the wishing ball, these little plants make great decor pieces and are easy to care for too. 

What are some of your favorite gifts to give during the holiday season? Let's chat about it in the comments below or you can tweet me at @StarkRavingChic! Later babes.

Xx, Bree