This just in: I'm A Glossybox Ambassador!

Firstly, I want to apologize that this post is a bit late! I was supposed to have this completed for March, however with Justine (my collaborator over at Glossybox ) being crazy busy, receiving my box late, me having an awful flu, and then my grandfather having major health issues, the second half of March was rough!!

But nonetheless I am thrilled to announce that last month I became an official Glossybox Ambassador! Meaning, I got my March box  free of charge to review and share my thoughts with you all! And I have to say, after receiving and trying out my first box, this is definitely a subscription box I'll be signing up for! (Sorry, the March box is no longer available but you get the April box here!)

Photo compliments of Glossybox.

Photo compliments of Glossybox.

What is Glossybox?

Much like Rockbox, Glossybox is a subscription box you receive once a month containing 5 luxury beauty products, only costing you $21/month. 

How does it work?

The great thing about Glossybox is, again much like Rocksbox, works in 3 easy steps! First you just choose one of three plans which are as follows: Monthly Plan: $21/month, Biannual Plan: $126/six months (equaling the same as the monthly plan, only you pay the $126 twice opposed to the $21/month), Year Plan: $222/year (Meaning you get a deal on your boxes and would only be paying $18.50/month opposed to the $21/month). I should also mention that unlike Rocksbox, you get to keep everything within your Glossybox free of extra charge, how sweet is that?

Then once you choose your plan, you then receive (and of course unwrap!) your Glossybox. Lastly after trying out and enjoying all the awesome products if you feel like it you can do a review of them!

Thoughts on my first box

The fist thing I noticed when unboxing my new goods was the box its self was made of a durable, smooth, cardboard. Not that this is that surprising but I just thought it made a very nice appearance.

The next thing I noticed was the obvious amount of care that went into packing each box. You can tell that they are hand packaged which to me just gave it that extra touch of human connection that I like. I also liked the fact that Glossybox includes a list and detailed description of each product, which I personally thought was great because I'm not one for using beauty products willy-nilly.

What's in the box?

Firstly I have to say I was impressed with the variety of products that my first box contained. I felt that it had not only great products, but also ones that I would actually use! These products are:

  • Vine Vera, Resveratrol merlot moisture day cream (Full Size, 1.83 FL. OZ., $146 value)
    • The first thing I noticed about this moisturizer is that it was light and I didn't feel like there was a thick layer of gunk on my face like I have experienced with other moisturizers in the past. The cream also claimed to protect from outdoor skin damage and I have to say for the 2 weeks I've been using it my skin has improved tremendously. It has been much more soft and less red from being out in the cold Pittsburgh weather. (*sigh* I thought we were done with the snow.) 
  • Luxie Beauty, Rose gold large angled face brush 504 ($16 value)
    • I have to say I absolutely love this brush and it was a great addition to my collection! The bristles are so soft and are perfect for contouring.
  • I Love...Cosmetics, Super soft hand lotion (Full Size, 2.5 FL. OZ., $6 value)
    • If you need a burst of summer scents, this hand lotion is the way to go! I loved the coconut aromas of this soothing hand lotion. Just what the doctor ordered to keep your hands soft and moisturized! 
  • Too Faced, Melted liquified long wear lipstick in chihuahua (Full Size, 0.40 FL. OZ., $21 value)
    • As we all know I love Too Faced cosmetics as well as lipsticks! This lipstick was a great add to my neutral colors collection. It has the longevity of lipstain but without the cakey feel that comes with it. It also has the intense color of lipstick and high shine of a gloss. And the subtle color is perfect for everyday wear.
  • Eyeko, Eye do liquid eyeliner (Full Size, 0.07 FL. OZ., $20 value)
    • This is definitely has potential to turn in to my go to liquid liner. With it, I'm able to get the perfect winged look every time. 

Over all Glossybox Experience? 

Overall, I have to say I honestly love Glossybox! So much so I've decided I will be signing up for their subscription box. So expect more of these beauty review posts!! 

Have you ever tried Glossybox?? Tell me about it in the comments below, or tweet me your favorite products you've received from them at @StarkRavingChic

Xx, Bree