Wish-List Wednesday Special: All About That Rocksbox

Hello babes, I hope everyone's week is going great thus far! And if not just think it'll all be over soon and we will have our weekend to revamp! So for this particular wish-list Wednesday, in honor of my recent sponsorship by the company Rocksbox (You haven't heard?! Learn more here!), I decided to share a few of the jewelry items I'm wishing for! Please note, that this wish-list is a special edition therefore I will not be listing links along with the item description. However if you want to check it out for Rocksbox for yourself a monthly subscription is only $21/month but you can get your first month of unlimited jewelry FREE just by entering the code "starkravingchicxoxo" when you sign up! Rad right?

1. Anuja Tolia, Crystal Bib Necklace

  • I just thought this necklace was absolutely gorgeous. Though it wouldn't be for every day wear, it'd definitely be divine for special occasions.

2. Kendra Scott, Skylar Earrings in Turquoise

  • I just thought these earrings would be the perfect pop of color some of my work outfits need for spring! I've been such a fan of my other Kendra Scott pieces in the past, these seemed like a no brainer.

3. Jenny Bird, Moonsong Cuff in Silver

  • I just though this simple patterned silver cuff would go so nicely with my more casual pieces. And considering the last cuff I kept was a gold one, I figured I could use a gold one!

4. Jenny Bird, RiRi Collar Necklace in Gold

  • Since I loved my Frida collar, I decided I would love to try another necklace by Jenny Bird. Though this necklace is a little plain, I just loved the subtle edge to it.

5. Melinda Maria, Jennifer Ring in Gold

  • Fun fact: I love rings. And I just thought this one was a perfect everyday, right hand ring!

6. Perry Street, Cicily Necklace

  • I've had my eye on this necklace for sometime now and I have to say I'm impatiently waiting and hoping for it in my next box! The detailing is just so pretty and ornate and the color is so lush. (Lisa, if you're reading this pleaseeee try and get this baby for me!)

7. Gorjana, Layla Small Cuff

  • Okay, so I know I already said I owned a gold cuff, but come on! This one is just to pretty to pass up!

8. Robyn Rhodes, Agate Spear Cuff in Black

  • I'm sure most of you know this by now but in case you don't, I have a deep love for all things nature-y. So needless to say, this rough and rugged cut stone cuff is just calling my name!

9. Kendra Scott, Rayne Necklace in Bright Red

  • As soon as I seen this necklace, I needed it. Being a fire sign, it's no surprise that this gorgeous bright red pendant caught my eye! This is definitely a piece I would not send back with the rest of my box!

10. Loren Hope, Starburst Reverse Cuff in Gold

  • The reason I loved this gold and bronze colored cuff is because I though I would be perfect for both work and play. For work it'd just add enough sparkle to any outfit, and for play the design is just perfect.

11. Sophie Harper, Pavé Circle Drop Earrings

  • Normally I'm not one for pavé jewelry however these earring are just so pretty! I thought they would be great for an around the office look as well as for date night.

12. SLATE, Spiked Out Necklace in Silver

  • Another necklace I just have fallen for. This rocker chic necklace has just the right amount of edge to be paired with my leather jacket and moto pants!

Have you fallen in love with any of the Rocksbox pieces I've chose? Tell me about it in the comments below or tweet me at @StarkRavingChic! Also, don't for get when you sign up with Rocksbox (Come on, you know you want too!) use my promo code "starkravingchicxoxo" to get your first month free, and please, I'd love to see your first free box, so go ahead, snap a pic, and tag me in it on Instagram @StarkRavingChic!