SheIn Spring Sale!

Hi everyone and happy April 1st! As we all know, spring is officially upon us meaning it's time to revamp our wardrobes and fine tune them for the upcoming warm weather. So of course I have to mention that my sponsor SheIn is having a spring sale that runs through the end of April, that is HUGE! I'm talking saving you some serious cash. Just so you know the sale includes things that are 50-80% off, along with free shipping on orders over $30, and believe me with prices as low as they are, you can get a ton of stuff for $30. So, this being said we know what I'll be doing this weekend, and I figured I should share some of the awesome stuff I'll be buying (hint, hint: Most are from previous wish-lists)!

1. A plain black beanie

Okay, I know that typically beanies are for the fall and winter but this spring and summer I plan on rocking a few grunge inspired looks that simply wouldn't be complete without this piece. Also I've been in the market for a black beanie since some jerk stole my Zero Friends on back when I was in college, HOW RUDE. So obviously, when I seen this adorable beanie it was the first thing to go into my shopping cart! (You can get it here for $10.99 while supplies last)

2. A couple pair of cool sunnies

Ahhhh, one of my style weaknesses: sunglasses. I tried telling myself I didn't need any (come on Bree, you have TWELVE pair!) but with these two gems I couldn't resist! The first pair were just perfect for the 90s grunge inspired looks I've yearning for since mid winter, while the second pair are just a show stopping set of sunnies. Being an Aries, I simply just needed them. (I got these here  for a total of $24.99)

3. Cute & Quirky Graphic Tees

Something I've been lacking in my wardrobe are some awesome graphic tees. I don't know why but ever since I've gotten into the corporate world, the tees in my wardrobe have been dwindling, hence this season I'm making it my mission to stock up! (I got these here for a total of $24.78)

4. New pair of skinnies

Though I'm generally into boyfriend jeans come spring, some of my skinnies are starting to look ratty, so due to the super low prices SheIn is running right now, I decided to pick up this pair! (You can shop all kinds of denim here! You can get these jeans for $21.53)

5. Some awesome grunge inspired booties

I just absolutely fell in love with these boots! So naturally when I seen there was only 1 pair left and they were in my size, I took it as a sign that I should just get them! (And they were only $15.67!)

The total damage I've done? $97.96, and if you ask me, 7 versatile pieces for under $100 is a pretty sweet deal! Not to mention these will give me loads of new material for some Outfits of the Day!

Have you went over to SheIn and checked out their sale yet? Tell me about it in the comments below or tweet me at @StarkRavingChic! Wanna show off? Snap a photo and post it on Instagram and tag me @StarkRavingChic.

Later babes, happy shopping!

Xx, Bree