Pinrose Fragrances + Giveaway

Ever since I was a tween, I've been obsessed with perfume. Though I'll be the first to admit that back in the day, I didn't make the world's wisest fragrance choices. However, recently I was thrilled to have been contacted by Pinrose and sent some samples of two of their newest scents in honor of their recent launch at the South Hills Village Sephora! And I have to say both scents are pretty awesome.

So what is Pinrose?

As I'm sure you have guessed, Pinrose is a company that specializes in fragrances. However, unlike other companies, they go above and beyond to make sure they pair you up with the perfect scent for you! How do they do this? Well the one thing that stood out to me was they actually have a quiz (take it here) you can take to find out your scent personality, based on imagery, colors, shapes and even sounds that you like! By doing this Pinrose can find the perfect personalized scent for you. Another cool thing Pinrose does? Well they also have "scent pairings" to help you make your scent even more unique! If you ask me, that's some seriously good marketing. Now let's get to the reviews of the scents I received and that giveaway info.

Gilded Fox

"Sips like: Spiked hot cocoa"

The sips like description says it all about this pretty sultry scent. With aromas like cocoa, buttered rum, and vetiver, this scent is perfect by itself for a romantic date night with you're beau. Wanna turn up the heat a little more? For a bombshell blend, layer with "Secret Genius". Or you can even down play this scent a bit and give off a girl next door vibe by pairing it with "Wild Child".

Wild Child

"Sips like: Cosmopolitan"

Don't get me wrong, the Gilded Fox was a very nice scent, but this one was just way more me. This flirty and playful scent just goes so well with my bubbly personality I couldn't help but fall in love with it! Luckily Pinrose was kind enough to send me a whole 1oz bottle to keep, which is perfect because with spring being here and summer approaching right around the corner, I need to embrace my inner wild child and go with a more energetic and up beat fragrance! For a girl next door vibe, you can layer it with "Secret Genius", and if you want to turn up the heat with a sexy scent, the perfect pairing would be Tambourine Dreamer.


That's right everyone, I've had the opportunity to partner with the fabulous Pinrose, and since I loved the fragrance Wild Child so much, they agreed to give me an extra 1oz bottle so I could give it away to one of my lucky readers!

So, considering this post is mainly to raise awareness about Pinrose's recent launch in the South Hills Village Sephora this giveaway is for my local Pittsburgh babes only (other readers don't fret, you can still enter my blogiversary giveaway, ending April 3, 2016, here). To enter just leave your email in the comment section below. Note, this giveaway will be running for two weeks (Today, March 29, 2016 through April 11, 2016)  so you have plenty of time to enter and get this sweet fragrance for spring!

Already love Pinrose? Feel free to tell me about your favorite scents and what they "sip" like in the comments below, or tweet me at @StarkRavingChic, and be sure to tag @Pinrose!