#OOTD: Haute Mess (Feat. SheIn)

Normally, I am not one to hop on to fashion trend bandwagons quickly, and if I do (as I'm sure you remember from many of my past posts) I am usually anywhere from a season to a year late in doing so. This is honestly, because when it comes to my personal style, I am quite the creature of habit. Though my wardrobe is very diverse, I generally prefer to mix and match trends to my liking and don't worry about the hottest runway looks, because quite frankly in the past two years there have only been a handful that I was a fan of. However, 2017 has completely broken that cycle and I am thrilled that I have loved every new look I have seen coming from the runway this season-- especially because many of the looks contain pieces that are already in my wardrobe, and that are easy for everyone to style.

Bad Girls Club

As I mentioned in my last style guide post, two style trends that we will be seeing a lot of in 2017 are both slogan tees and loads of leather and moto style clothing. So for this look, I was excited to have the opportunity to style this "Haute Mess" slogan tee from my sponsor SheIn, along with some of my other favorite garments and accessories. To start off though, I have to say that like all of my clothes from SheIn, this tee is very soft and comfortable and it also fits perfectly. And the reason I thought this slogan tee was perfect for the trend this season was due to the fact that it is a just such a fun play on words.  

Like my purse? I received it complimentary from my sponsor  SheIn , and you can get it  here !

Like my purse? I received it complimentary from my sponsor SheIn, and you can get it here!

As I stated earlier, another trend that I'm very fond of this season, is the leather and moto style clothing trend. The reason I dig this look so much is probably because when I was growing up, my dad had a motorcycle and I always had a fascination with leather clothing, and throughout my teenage years I always had a knack for styling glam rock inspired outfits. I just love the "NTBFW" edge that they give and their cool rock n' roll vibe. Perhaps a small part of me will never grow out of that rebellious phase I had as a teen, or possibly, I just love the feeling of nostalgia that these pieces bring.  

Heels by  Christian Louboutin , purchased on  Tradesy . 

Heels by Christian Louboutin, purchased on Tradesy

To style this tee, I decided to combine the two trends together and paired it with my vintage Wilsons Leather bomber jacket (I've seriously had this jacket since eighth grade and it's honestly a mystery how it still fits me--but I'm not complaining!), my black PU Leather moto pants from SheIn, and a pair of patent leather heels. The reason I decided to style these two trends together is honestly, because I feel they go hand in hand, especially if you have a tongue-in-cheek slogan tee such as this one

To further style this look, I decided to accessorize this glam rock inspired outfit with some fittingly glam statement jewelry as well as some over-sized sunglasses. The reason I chose this silver metal collar necklace from Fascino to go with this outfit, was that I loved the clean lines and hard edges of it and felt that it added to this outfit's rocker chic vibe. I also liked that though it's a statement necklace, that it did not take away from the slogan tee at all, and in my opinion complemented it. 

One Last Look

Are there any trends from the runway this season that you love or that give you a feeling of nostalgia? Let's chat about it in the comments below or you can tweet me at @StarkRavingChic! Have a photo of one of your favorite runway looks that you're having fun styling this season? I'd love to see it so feel free to tag me on Instagram in either or post or your story at @StarkRavingChic. Later, babes!

Xx, Bree